Consolidation of council laws needed: Mayor

Redland City Council has called for a consolidation of legislation impacting local government, to reduce red tape and save ratepayers money.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council in its submission to the Office of Best Practice Regulation had urged consolidation in areas such as delegations, authorisations, administrative processes, powers and enforcement tools.

“Different pieces of current legislation include different processes and heads of power for establishing delegations and authorisations and this causes delays for councils,” she said.

“One piece of legislation providing for all necessary delegations and authorisations would be very useful and save councils time and money.

“I believe common elements of different legislation could be determined and streamlined.

“Creation and maintenance of delegation instruments is extremely time-consuming and where delegations are not maintained and updated appropriately there can be significant consequences when enforcement action is required.

“It seems unnecessarily onerous to have to create and maintain an exhaustive register of delegations. Our submission questions the need and the value of these delegations.”

The RCC submission also calls for: Removal of need for state government referrals for development assessments Removal of unnecessary licensing requirements Simplifying contracting rules under the Local Government Act Increased flexibility with approved contractors Reduced compliance information requirement in annual reports Review of complaints handling process

The Mayor said she was committed to reducing red tape within Council.

“I am heartened by the Newman Government’s determination to slash red tape for councils and businesses,” she said.

“Redland City Council strongly supports the Local Government Association of Queensland submission to slash regulatory burdens for councils and we are happy to take up the Government’s invitation to lodge our own submission.

“The end result of slashing government-imposed red tape will be that councils will be able to pass on to the community long-term savings and/or increases in service delivery.

“That’s a win-win – a win for councils, and a win for ratepayers.

“One of my priorities is to slash red tape and Council will be guided in our own red tape reduction by the outcomes of the current review by the government.”