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Council agrees new meeting structure and red tape initiative

Redland City Council has endorsed new Council meeting arrangements removing the current Standing committees, establishing a Cleveland CBD Revitalisation Special Committee and reducing red tape for routine matters and decision making.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the changes to begin in February 2013 will allow Councillors to focus on strategic matters rather than routine operational matters.

“I want to empower councillors and allow them to be able to spend more time in their communities and on important strategic issues, a view shared unanimously by all my colleagues.

“These changes followed a review of the existing committee structure over the past six months and a report to Council that looked at the current best practice in other local governments.

“The report prepared for councillors showed there have been at least 131 reports to Council meetings that could have been dealt with outside formal meetings.

“Reducing the amount of routine matters being presented to committee and consolidation of the six standing committees into one standing Coordination committee does not mean less openness or transparency.

“A key outcome of this change is to allow full report debate during the Coordination Committee meetings to be held as part of fortnightly General Meetings.

“Councillors will be nominated to one of ten portfolios as spokespersons to chair and lead discussion in open public forum.

“Three South-East Queensland Councils are now successfully operating this portfolio approach and meeting structures without traditional standing committees.

“These changes are about being more efficient and effective representative of our community and will be monitored and reviewed over the next year to gauge their success” Cr Williams said.

“The establishment of the new Cleveland CBD Revitalisation Special Committee is a measure of the major importance to Council of the revitalisation of Cleveland as a business and community centre.

“It will meet at least once every two months and operate from February to December 2013.”

Pensioners and low income to benefit from SMBI Translink

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams says pensioners and low income earners will benefit from the Translink go card extension to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI).

“Based on the predicted 2013 go card fares, fares will be at least 30 per cent cheaper compared to the cost of a single paper ticket with a further 20 per cent saving for off-peak use.

“Aside from the free inter-island travel for island residents under the agreement, pensioner go-card holders who make two go card paid journeys in a single day will travel for free for the rest of the day.

“A resident concession holder, taking on average two inter-island return trips per week, will save over $200 per year.

“Even when the proposed rate levy is taken into account, a single SMBI pensioner ratepayer making one weekly return trip to Weinam Creek would be close to break even while a pensioner couple would be ahead.

“Travel savings will also extend to those visiting family and friends on the islands, encouraging more regular travel and helping to reduce social isolation for island retirees and seniors.

“I would encourage SMBI residents to make their own calculations on the costs and benefits rather than accept some of the current fare speculation.

“Helpful fare and Q&A information will soon be available on both Council and the Translink websites, in addition to Translink community forums planned for SMBI in the New Year.

“While the proposed levy contribution certainly helped to break the deadlock for this agreement, Council will review all SMBI rates and infrastructure charges when framing next year’s budget to minimise the impact on island ratepayers.

“The high cost of SMBI Island transport has long been a major brake on the SMBI economy, employment and the social welfare of islanders.

“I am very excited about the possibilities now available for the SMBI community.

“The reduction in SMBI public transport costs at last offers the prospect of a real boost to SMBI property values, business, tourism and employment,” Cr Williams said.

“The state member for Redlands Peter Dowling MP has been instrumental in helping to achieve this outcome,” Cr Williams said.

“Peter has rightly noted that the proposed transport rate levy on SMBI land owners of approximately $7 per month or $22.00 per quarter is an investment in the future.

“Council is looking forward to working with the SMBI community in the new year to fully leverage this investment.

Act quickly on concealed water leaks and save money

Council is helping residents save money by sending out courtesy letters to notify people of higher than normal water usage at their property.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams urged residents to take notice of the letters and quickly fix any leaks or plumbing issues by engaging a licensed plumber.

“If you suspect a leak yourself or if you receive a letter advising that you may have a leak, act immediately so you are not paying more than you should be,” said Cr Williams.

“You can do a quick overnight test yourself to check for leaks and then call a licensed plumber to carry out any necessary repairs.”

“If your plumber can confirm the leak was concealed you may be eligible for reimbursement for part of the cost of the estimated water loss.”

Council considers a concealed leak to be a burst pipe either underground, under or within concrete or underneath a building – where the occupant could not reasonably be expected to know of its existence.

After fixing the leak, please send Redland Water:
1. An invoice or report from a licensed plumber to confirm that the concealed leak was repaired
2. A completed Concealed Water Leak application from Redland Water (available from Council’s website

To do an overnight test for leaks, before going to bed:
1. Turn of all household and garden taps
2. Read and record both black and red numbers on your meter
3. Take into account if a toilet is flushed (approx 9 litres)
4. Read and record the reading first thing in the morning

If any of the numbers have moved, this indicates that you may have a leak and you need to contact a licensed plumber.

For more information contact Redland Water:
Ph: 1300 015 561

Local businesses gain stronger Council support

Redland City Council is expected to ratify a newly revised purchasing policy this week to provide stronger support for local businesses.

It follows the request in October by Redland City Mayor Karen Williams for a review of the policy by the end of the year to maximise local businesses support.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council’s new policy will award primary status to local businesses operating from a Redland business address, to give them first preference to supply.

“This is a big win for local businesses. It gives local businesses better opportunities and will support investment in our community,” Cr Williams said.

“Not only will it put money back into our local economy but it helps to provide local jobs, reduce environmental impacts and promote a stronger sense of community.

“All contractors who operate outside of the Redlands will be given secondary status when evaluating tender submissions.

“Value for money will remain a key priority in tender evaluations to continue to improve Council’s efficiency.

“Council already supports the procurement of local business services with more than $40 million each year spent in the Redlands.

“We want to help local business thrive and make them more competitive.

“I also encourage residents to support local businesses, especially during the festive season, to dine, shop and experience all the Redlands has to offer.”

For more information on Councils’ policies visit the corporate website or contact Council on 3829 8999.

Volunteers spread Christmas cheer

The Redlands Community Wildlife Care Network meeting transformed itself into Santa’s workshop to create Christmas hampers for local veterinarians.

Local Santa, Paul Barnes, and four of Santa’s little helpers filled hampers with a range of donated and unused medical supplies, handmade pouches and goodies to say thank you to local vets.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said our volunteers and vets tirelessly care for our local wildlife with a generous Christmas like spirit all year–round.

“The volunteers of the Redlands 24hr Wildlife Rescue received over 5,300 calls this year and provided rescue and assistance for more than 4,700 animals. One in five rescues are for our local urban koala population,” Cr Williams said.

“Our local veterinarians provide an immense contribution in support of the Redlands Wildlife Rescue service through generous donation of their time and skills to care for our sick and injured native neighbours.

“The work of our community volunteers ensures there is always someone on hand to take calls from concerned residents and protect our wildlife.”

The Redlands 24hr Wildlife Rescue service is coordinated by Redland City Council and is operated by passionate and dedicated volunteers who make sure that the service runs every day of the year to help our native wildlife, including Christmas day.

If you see a sick, injured or orphaned animal contact the Redlands 24hr Wildlife Rescue on 3833 4031.

Islanders to save millions in Translink coup

Southern Moreton Bay islanders will save millions of dollars in travel costs a year under a
deal struck today by Redland City Council and the State Government.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve
Minnikin said successful negotiations to link the SMBI to the Translink network would
deliver huge savings and social benefits to islanders who used water taxis, buses and
trains from 1 July 2013.

“Based on 2013 fares the annual savings on a variety of travel options for SMBI residents
will potentially range from over $200 for a single student to up to $6000 for a family of
four,” Cr Williams said.

“The savings from this agreement will be in the millions of dollars.

“This is fantastic news for islanders. The extension of GoCard for travel to and from the
islands is long overdue and deserved recognition that island residents should be able to
access the same public transport concessions as the rest of South-East Queensland.

“GoCard travel will be at least 30% cheaper than the cost of a paper ticket, all travel is
free after the ninth paid GoCard journey in a seven-day period and islanders can save
another 20% by opting for off-peak travel.

“One of the greatest outcomes of our negotiation is free travel for island residents
between the SMBI, giving greater access to facilities, schools and services at no cost to
the traveller.”

The Go Card service will be trialled for two-and-a-half years from 1 July 2013 until 1
January 2016.

Council at a special general meeting today (Monday 17 December) formally endorsed
the trial agreement and a SMBI ratepayer contribution of approximately $88 towards the
cost of the service in 2013-14.

“For this very small investment residents will get not just savings on travel costs but
better employment opportunities and access to facilities and services on the mainland or
other islands,” Cr Williams said.

“A working adult commuting daily to work from SMBI to Weinam Ck can expect to save
over $1000 a year.

“A single adult working in Brisbane’s CBD will potentially save close to $2000 a year.

“GoCard will have significant social and economic benefits for nearly 7,000 people living
on the islands, reducing barriers to social isolation, particularly for the elderly and those
on limited incomes who can now travel free between the islands to visit friends and

“This is very welcome news and I am delighted the State Government has acknowledged
the travel cost disadvantage long experienced by island residents.

“This announcement has come after long and intensive lobbying by myself and Council
and has only been possible in the end after Council agreed to a SMBI community
contribution towards the cost of the service.”

Assistant Minster for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said he was delighted Redland City
Council and the State government have been able to reach an agreement that will mean
cheaper travel for the residents of Redlands.

“For the first time go card equipment and technology will be available for passengers on
Bay Island Ferries integrating the islands into south-east Queensland public transport,”
Mr Minnikin said.

“Visitors and residents can take advantage of GoCard discounts, including free travel
after nine weekly journeys.”

An estimated 100,000 SMBI passenger ferry trips are taken each month, including 1750
return trips a day. In addition, there are a total of 10,000 bus trips through Weinam Creek
each month using Translink.

Corgold Pty Ltd fined $21,000 for illegal land clearing

Redland City Council has successfully prosecuted a Queensland company for the illegal clearing of approximately 12,200 square meters of protected vegetation.

The vegetation was subject to a Vegetation Protection Order under Local Law 6 and to an Open Space zoning.

The Cleveland Magistrate Court has fined Corgold Pty Ltd $21,000 plus costs for the offence that occurred in May this year.

Council’s court submission highlighted the fact that the defendant was previously informed by Council not to clear the vegetation without an approval.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the successful prosecution and the Court decision was an important reminder that all members of the community, whether individuals or businesses, need to follow the law and due process.

“It is essential that protected vegetation identified as having broad value for the community remains protected against wilful damage.

“The Magistrate Court judgement should send a clear message about Council’s willingness to prosecute environmental offences such as this” Cr Williams said.

A revegetation order will now be issued to Corgold Pty Ltd requiring the replanting of vegetation on the cleared land to make good the damage.

The court heard evidence that a bulldozer was used to damage predominately native vegetation on the property at 67-85 Kinross Rd Thornlands that included species of brushbox, melaleuca and eucalypts.

The cleared site was within a Bushland Habitat Overlay for an area zoned Open Space as part of the adopted Kinross Road Structure Plan area in the Redlands Planning Scheme.

The area was also a designated Enhancement Corridor and part of the koala habitat linkage in the area.

High Tide Warning – Be Alert

Redland City Council is urging residents and visitors to be alert and take care along
coastal areas, especially on North Stradbroke Island, during the next few days due to
severe weather high tide warnings.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a severe weather warning for abnormally high
tides had been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology and further updates and information
is available on their website at or by calling 1300 659 219.

“The forecasted weather conditions could see water levels on the high tide exceed the
highest tide of the year,” Cr Williams said.

“Powerful surf and high tides may lead to strong currents, beach erosion and local
inundation of low lying foreshore areas.

“The warning advises the conditions will occur late morning high tide for the next few
days, peaking on Saturday.

“If you live in foreshore or low lying areas, by rivers, or near a creek, be prepared for some
localised flooding.

“North Stradbroke Island residents and visitors, especially beach area campers, should
be extra vigilant.”

Be High Tide Alert:

  • Stay well away from the water’s edge
  • Avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters
  •  Keep clear of creeks and storm drains
  •  Stay tuned to the Bureau of Meteorology and the media for updates
  •  Always follow instructions provided by emergency services.

For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.

Follow updates provided on social media channels Facebook and Twitter by SES at or Always contact 000 in a life
threatening emergency.

The following high tides for the morning are expected around the Redlands:

  • Location: Thurs 13 Dec // Fri 14 Dec // Sat 15 Dec // Sun 16 Dec
  • Point Lookout: 8:00am // 8:49am // 9:37am // 10:24am
  • Dunwich 9:31am // 10:20am // 11:08am // 11:55am
  • Cleveland Point: 9:33am // 10:22am // 11:10am // 11:57am
  • Wellington Point: 9:14am // 10:03am // 10:51am // 11:38am
  • Victoria Point: 9:34am // 10:23am // 11:11am // 11:58am

Mt Cotton Biomass – Originating Application – Permissible Change

Cleveland Power has filed in the Brisbane Planning and Environment Court a permissible change application to vary their Approval issued by the Court in 2007. The application proposes to make changes to both the approved plans for the biomass power plant proposal, and conditions imposed on the approval by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (formerly the Environmental Protection Agency). The Application will be determined by the Court in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act, in particular whether the proposed changes are permissible or not under section 367 of the Act.

The Application is listed for mention before the Planning and Environment Court at 9.15am on 13 December 2012. Council is reviewing the application and encourages the community to consider the proposal. At this stage no other material has been filed in support of its Application. As material is filed it will become available on the Court website, accessible below.


Originating Application 4856/12 [PDF 279KB]


Redlands volunteers celebrated

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and councillors will host a celebratory barbecue for hundreds of the city’s volunteers tomorrow to thank them for their contribution to the Redlands community.

Volunteers from across the community will join the Mayor and councillors for the barbecue at Norm Price Park- Redland Showground and presentation of certificates of appreciation to the Redland SES and Regional SES Member of the Year, Gersualdo Lo Presti.

“Volunteers are our community’s most valuable asset and a thread that binds so much of our community together,” the Mayor said.

“But their self-effacing character means there are limited public opportunities to say thank you, so it’s a great delight to have this opportunity to do so.

“International Volunteers Day celebrations this week have been reminder that volunteer contributions across Australia are now estimated to be worth more than the mining industry.

“But the true value of the contribution by our city’s volunteers to the lives of thousands of people in our community is inestimable.

“It is visible every week in the hours of work put in by hundreds of sporting club volunteers who are shaping the health of our community and our younger generation.

“It is evident in the tireless efforts of the nearly 300 highly trained Redland SES volunteers who were appropriately recognised last month as the best Regional Unit of the Year for the third time.

“Our city’s bush care, IndigiScapes and catchment volunteers have been major contributors to the Redlands again winning the title of Queensland’s Most Sustainable City (2012).

“They have also contributed to marked improvements in the health of our waterways, bays and catchment in this year’s South East Queensland Ecosystem Health Report Card.

“Whether it is cancer fund raising, Meals on Wheels or the life saving and community support efforts of SES volunteers, we are very grateful and truly humbled by the efforts of all our volunteers.

“I am sure all of the Redlands will join us in saying thank you and wishing all our volunteers an especially safe and happy Christmas and New Year.”