2013–14 Budget – clarification

Council would like to clarify the Page 5 article in the Bayside Bulletin on Tuesday 2 July 2013, relating to Redland City Council’s 2013-14 Budget.

Some information under the heading “What’s gone up” is incorrect. All fees, charges, levies and rates have not increased 1.43 per cent, as per the article.

The headline rate i.e. the rates revenue, including utilities charges, increased 1.43 per cent – the lowest such increase of comparable councils in South East Queensland. The average owner-occupier mainland residential ratepayer will pay an average 1.1 per cent more in rates and utility charges – again a far smaller rise than other councils.


Council is absorbing several millions of dollars in costs imposed by other levels of government (carbon tax, bulk water and electricity charges) rather than passing these on to ratepayers in the form of higher rates.

Council will also deliver – for the first time in many years – a small surplus.

The article also incorrectly reports the TransLink levy for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands has gone up $34.80.

A special charge of $85.46 is being imposed for the first time, to raise revenue for the contribution demanded by the State Government. The impact of the special charge will be offset by a similar reduction in the accelerated infrastructure component of island residents’ rates.

Council is very aware of the cost of living pressures on residents. It struck the 2013-14 Budget to provide where possible cost of living cost relief.

The article does correctly report that Council has reduced quite dramatically its utilities charges, by $96.

Council has also reduced the environment levy by $34.80 to further reduce the impost on ratepayers.