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Coochiemudlo dredging update: 30 September

Council has just been advised by the contractor that dredging will occur near the Coochiemudlo Jetty this week.

Swimming in the immediate vicinity, including jumping from the jetty, is not permitted, due to safety reasons. Stay safe and obey the signage.

The dredging has been brought forward and will now take place closer to the jetty this week than originally planned as a result of less work required in the deeper area.

Pulse eNewsletter – September 2013

Mayor in Asia
Get Ready Redlands – fire alert
Squashing litterbugs!
Council projects make the grade
Feedback on priority projects
Koalas counting on you
Game on


Mayor in Asia

The Redlands’ “open for business” strategy has been drawing strong interest during my trade mission to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

The positive feedback I have been receiving shows that our City has much to offer, particularly in terms of tourism, investment, education and, of course, our lifestyle.

Ties also have been strengthened with our sister city Qinhuangdao, which I believe will lead to greater opportunities for economic development in tourism and education, as well as our marine industry.

In Qinhuangdao, encouraging talks have been held with senior education officials keen to further exchanges with our schools.

A major investor and developer has also shown keen interest in the Redlands’ priority development areas and will visit our City for site inspections and further discussions.

Other consortiums also have shown interest in seeing the Redlands for themselves and are planning to send delegations here.

China has rapidly become Queensland’s second-largest international market … and that growth is accelerating.

The Redlands is now better positioned to capitalise on China’s massive investment potential and demand for the quality services we have to offer – something that will help reinvigorate our local economy, boost local businesses and create local jobs.

This investment also is vital as we strive to make the most of the Priority Development Area status granted to both Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek transit hubs, which link the mainland to our City’s beautiful islands.

I am encouraged that potential investors from Asia as well as from within Australia and the Redlands have already shown interest in these projects and we will be reporting back to residents on this shortly.

There is little doubt that Redlands is now on the map. I will be attending and speaking at the Urban Development Institute of Australia Encouraging Urban Development in South East Queensland breakfast with other SEQ Mayors on October 11 and have been asked to deliver the keynote address on our two Priority Development Areas to the Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane on 23 October.

Get Ready Redlands – fire alert

Tinder dry conditions have put the Redlands on high fire alert with Redlanders urged to ensure they are bushfire ready.

Redland City Council and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service have been closely monitoring conditions and increasing personnel and equipment in high risk areas.

They have also completed 14 planned burns to back burn 40 hectares of vegetation to minimise the bushfire threat.

You can check where and when there are hazard reduction burns by logging on to the Council’s Disaster Hub by going to, clicking on “About Redlands”, then “Disaster Management”.

Residents need to be mindful of the heightened fire danger and ensure they have a family emergency plan and emergency kit at the ready; including a first aid kit, protective clothing, medication and a battery-operated radio.

You will find more details at


Squashing litterbugs!

In-car litter cameras are being rolled out in the Redlands as Council works to protect our beautiful environment by deterring litterbugs.

The cameras will provide evidence to then be used by Council to prosecute people who show little regard for the City.

The technology is designed to not only capture isolated incidents of littering but also the larger problem of illegal dumping.

Fixed cameras will keep watch over key illegal dumping locations to catch out people who think it is fine to trash our environment.

Mayor Karen Williams says the move is in line with Council’s policy to guarantee the Redlands’ character is maintained and wonderful wildlife protected.

Meanwhile, Council officers will continue proactive patrols and educating people about issues such as illegal dumping and littering.

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Council projects make the grade

School drop-offs and pick-ups will be made safer at four local schools thanks to just over $210,000 in Redland City Council projects.

Part of Council’s ongoing commitment to community safety, the projects are jointly funded by Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Construction commenced on the first of the four projects during the recent September school holidays and will see a 270 metre new path constructed at Star of the Sea School in Cleveland. Work is expected to be completed by mid October.

Three more projects will then be constructed at other schools during the Christmas school holidays.

The future projects are:

  • New 220 metre path along Vintage Drive and crossing point for Bayview State School
  • New 330 metre path along Syracuse Street and Caswell Street near Redland Bay State School
  • Upgrade of signage and road/path markings for Birkdale South School.

Work has been timed to occur during school holidays to lessen the impact on schools and the community.


Feedback on priority projects

Recent residents meetings, forums and surveys have produced a wealth of good ideas for Council’s Priority Development Area projects at Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour.

These prime waterfront projects are a partnership between Redland City Council and the State Government and have sparked plenty of community interest.

You can now go online to check out what residents said about what they would like to see at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek – check out the feedback.

This information is now being turned into practical planning options, from which two proposed development schemes will be released for public comment late this year and early next year.

A new website has also been launched as an online resource for developers and investors.

The site showcases the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek projects, explaining the Priority Development Area process and investment benefits, as well as what makes each of these sites unique from a development perspective.




Koalas counting on you

Residents can help our koalas while having a fun family day during the annual Koala Action Group koala count-a-thon on October 19 and 20.

The weekend event, supported by Redland City Council, encourages locals and visitors to report all koala sightings to help us better protect these special Redlanders.

In addition to providing vital information, family koala spotting can be a fun and rewarding activity and a great opportunity to explore the City’s wonderful parks and bush environment.

October is the ideal time for the survey as it coincides with koala breeding season, when koalas are most active.

Participants will be asked for the exact location of the koala, whether it looks healthy, the type of tree it is in (eucalypt or other) and whether they can identify the sex.

Sightings can be logged by:

koala 10 SMALL


Game on

Locals may spot some very athletic types in the Redlands in the lead-up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Six countries from across the Caribbean and Africa have shown interest in visiting the City as they prepare for the big event. And there are indications more nations might accept the city’s offer of a convenient relaxation and training zone as part of their visit to Queensland.

It’s the brainchild of Redlands’ Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards, who wrote a personal invitation to the organising committees of other Commonwealth states, offering hospitality and support to athletes, coaches and officials.

“The idea is to help lessen the financial burden involved in bringing overseas teams to the games, to provide appropriate training facilities and accommodation and strengthen the bonds between countries,” Cr Edwards said.

What started as an idea to show-off the Southern Moreton Bay Islands soon gathered momentum and now has potential for the whole of the Redlands to showcase its great facilities and natural environment.

Pulse will keep you posted.

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Coochiemudlo Island dredging to begin

Redland City Council has assured the Coochiemudlo Island community that the proposed beginning of dredging work next week for the islands new jetty will be conducted in a manner to minimise any impacts on recreational activities.

The dredging contactor is expected to set up operations on the site on 30 September following Notices to Mariners from the Brisbane Regional Harbour Master which sets out an exclusion zone for the dredge operations.

Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett said Council has been advised that the dredging contractor will only begin working at the furthest end of the dredging boundary in the coming week.

“This means the dredging operation will start 100 metres away from the beach low tide mark during the last week of the school holidays and 75 metres out from the end of the jetty,” Cr Hewlett said.

‘Main beach, which has a tidal zone 20 metres wide, will remain totally open during dredging operations with signs erected to advise boat users and swimmers of the dredging exclusion.

“The dredging exclusion zone will also be clearly marked by yellow buoys’.

“The timing of the dredge operation has had to factor in a range of issues including the availability of a suitable contractor and expected marine and weather conditions.

“The completion of dredging work at this time will avoid less favourable tidal and weather conditions later in the year and allow the dredging to be completed in time for the new jetty construction to begin early in 2014.

“The predicted tidal and weather conditions in the coming week are expected to help minimise the limited potential for any inconvenience to recreational users during the holidays, with no fast running tides and suitable wind directions predicted.

“This means that swimmers will continue to be able safely use the beach and recreational boat users will have clear access around the designated dredging zone.

“As always swimmers are encouraged to swim in the designated areas when the beach is patrolled by volunteer surf lifesavers.

“The conditions of the dredging permits also provide for monitoring of dredge operations and the dredge operator will also work in conjunction with the ferry timetable so there will be no disruption to ferry services.”

Council welcomes Barro “Call-in” decision

Redland City Council has welcomed the announcement by Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney to “call-in” the decision on the Barro Quarry expansion proposal.

Mayor Karen Williams said the “call-in” meant the Government would now reassess the approval process and re-determine the proposal.

“Council had formally advised the Minister of the grounds for its refusal of the application in its formal submission to the Minister in August 2013,” Cr Williams said.

“These included significant impacts on existing environmental habitats, close proximity to existing rural residential houses and local businesses such as nurseries, cafés and guest houses, as well as road safety concerns.

“Council’s decision to refuse the Barro application was a clear expression of strong community opposition to the proposal and we asked Mr Seeney to reassess the decision-making process.

“The announcement means the Minister now has the final say on the application.

“I am confident Mr Seeney will seriously consider the council’s submission, as well as the views of community members, in determining this application.”

Councillor Julie Talty said she supported Council’s vote in June against the quarry expansion proposal in response to the strong opposition of the community and the clear impacts on Mt Cotton businesses and community members.

“The Mt Cotton area includes award winning tourism and environment based businesses that will be directly impacted by the quarry expansion,” Cr Talty said.

“I acknowledge the difficulty of this decision for the Minister, but I also encourage the Minister to look at all the factors presented by Council against the expansion of the quarrying activity in this location.

“Mt Cotton’s award winning wineries, guest houses and gardens are important part of the visitor attraction of the Redlands and future tourism.

“It is also home to a strong community who have been united in their opposition to expansion of this particular activity right on their doorstep.”


Economic Development eNewsletter – September 2013

In the September 2013 issue:

Asia beckons
Driving development
Great potential
Development going digital
Free workshop ‘Know your I.T. Systems’
Information session with Graham Leishman


Asia beckons

Mayor’s trip to China – investment attraction

Welcome to the September edition of Redland City Council’s Economic Development Newsletter.

I write this message from Asia where I am currently based as part of a mission to attract investment and business to Redland City.

I was one of eight South East Queensland Mayors who joined Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk on the mission to China and Taiwan, the highlight being the Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The Summit attracted more than 80 Mayors from around the region, as well as Taiwanese investors and businesspeople.

I told delegates we had great investment opportunities and were seeking investment for our two Priority Development Areas at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek, in our CBD master plans for Cleveland and Capalaba.

The interest shown by delegates was very positive.

I travelled to Redlands’ sister city Qinhuangdao in China, where I met the new Mayor Shang Liguang and business, investment, tourism and education figures.

I told them Redland City wanted to strengthen relationships and highlighted our willingness to share our marine expertise in development slated for the seaside city.

Qinhuangdao is destination of choice for 20 million visitors a year – it is gaining a name as the summer capital of China.

During the visit I was able to meet with chiefs of the planning and education bureaus.

During my trip I have delivered presentations to more than 2000 international delegates, spoken separately with more than 40 key contacts and handed out more than 100 of our Open for Business and Investment prospectus documents, translated into Chinese.

I hope there will be many positive outcomes for our city from my trip but, like any strong relationship, it takes time and effort.

Already there has been interest in developing stronger educational and business relationships with the Redlands.

China and the Asia region is a burgeoning area of growth and development. There is much we can learn from each other. 

Infrastructure and investment in our City, our State and our Country is much needed and desired to deliver the lifestyle and opportunities that people always talk to me about.

Read more about these opportunities here

To deliver on such requests in these times, without dramatically increasing the cost of living requires us to think outside the box, build partnerships and learn from others experiences.

Mayor Karen Williams on her Asian mission to attract investment and business to Redland City.

Mayor Karen Williams on her Asian mission to attract investment and business to Redland City.


Driving development

Major projects director coup for Redland City

Redland City’s two Priority Development Area (PDA) projects will receive a boost with Council attracting a senior Queensland Government officer to drive them.

Peter Kelley’s secondment as Project Director PDAs is a major coup for Council and for the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek projects, two of the first three PDAs declared by the Queensland Government.

Peter, or PK as he is known, comes to the Redlands from Economic Development Queensland, part of the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, and before that the Urban Land Development Authority and major property development companies.

His wide experience in the development industry across the residential, commercial, retail and industrial sectors will prepare him well for the new challenge ahead, which includes responsibility for the Cleveland Central Business District Rejuvenation Project.

Peter worked on the Macarthur Centre project in Brisbane, was senior development manager for the Commonwealth Games Village, consulted on the Fitzgibbon Chase UDA for Brisbane’s northside and was development manager for the Mining Centre of Blackwater.


Peter Kelley


Great potential

Good consultation on Priority Development Areas

Great progress has been made gathering stakeholder and community views and information for the Redlands’ two special interest areas.

The Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDAs) projects are a partnership between Council and the Queensland Government to create local jobs and economic growth.

Recent community engagement meetings, forums and surveys have produced a wealth of good ideas for both of these prime waterfront areas. This information is now being turned into practical planning options, from which two proposed development schemes will be released for public comment early next year.

Possible suggestions for busy Weinam Creek include improved parking and traffic control, ‘drop in’ facilities for cruising boaties, shopping and eating precincts, adjacent health hub and an artificial beach.

At Toondah Harbour, our gateway to North Stradbroke Island, feedback has suggested that facilities such as boating facilities, and a mix of entertainment and hospitality facilities must fit with the local environment while allowing residents to continue to enjoy cooling bay breezes.

Wide ranging community engagement is critical to these projects to ensure the outcomes have long term economic and community benefits in line with the Economic Development Act 2012.

Under the Act, planning schemes for each project must be adopted by the State Government within 12 months (that is by June 2014), with development activation expected to occur within a three to five year period.

The PDAs remove red tape and offer a range of benefits to developers including:

  • streamlined application and approval process for development
  • no third-party appeal rights on approved development
  • clearly defined timeframes for each stage of the application process and less time on development applications overall

Read more about our PDAs

Toondah Harbour

Toondah Harbour


Development going digital

PDAs at your fingertips

A new PDA website is now live as an online resource for developers and investors.

The site showcases the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek projects, explaining the Priority Development Area process and investment benefits, as well as what makes each of these sites unique from a development perspective.




Free workshop ‘Know your I.T. Systems

This free workshop will explain the ins and outs of I.T systems and provide a refreshing approach to getting a better non-technical overview of your I.T. systems.

One of the most critical parts of a business, some people find I.T. overwhelming or confusing; but this hands-on business workshop will provide the information you need to make your I.T. work for you.

Date: 16 October 2013
Time: 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Location: Redlands IndigiScape Centre, Runnymede Road, Capalaba 4157
RSVP: or call 07 3829 8507.


Information session with Graham Leishman

Learn the secrets of business success from local businessman Graham Leishman.
Graham has grown one of the most successful transit businesses in the land moving over 80,000,000 passengers annually in Perth and Adelaide.

Locally Graham operates the Big Red Cat from Cleveland to Stradbroke and is also involved in other ports such as Gladstone ferrying miners to Curtis Island.

Along with partner Ross Campbell, Graham is also involved in the Retirement Village industry developing Renaissance Retirement at Victoria Point. He is also involved in student accommodation Uniresort in Brisbane and recently opened a storage complex.

Graham will share some of his philosophies for business success at this informative session.

Event details
Date: 31 October 2013
Time: 7.00am for 7.15am start – concludes 9.00am
Location: Cleveland RSL – 8 Passage St, Cleveland QLD 4163



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Residents urged to be bushfire ready

Redlanders have been urged to get bushfire ready as continuing dry conditions increase the risk of fires.

The heightened level of bushfire risk has led to Wildfire Alert 2 status being declared and Redland City Council and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service increasing personnel and equipment in preparation.

Council’s Community and Environmental Health and Wellbeing spokesperson Cr Wendy Boglary, said that while the deployment of extra fire crews was precautionary, residents in bushfire-prone areas needed to ensure they were ready.

“The community can be confident Council and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service are taking all the necessary precautionary steps including undertaking 14 planned burns to back burn 40 hectares of vegetation and minimise the bushfire threat, ’’ Cr Boglary said.

“The QFRS has maximised its personnel and equipment on North Stradbroke Island for the next 24 to 48 hours and Council has responded in kind with two units deployed to the island and staff on high alert.

“Extra resources also have been deployed to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and a careful watch is being kept on high risk mainland areas.

“All residents need to be mindful of the heightened fire danger at the moment, particularly with a forecast for the hot and gusty winds to be followed by lightning storms.’

“We would ask that people not light fires, including burning off in their backyards and should be mindful of disposing of cigarette butts safely during these hot and dry conditions. People should also listen to the radio for news of fire bans in their area.”

Cr Boglary said residents needed to ensure they had a family emergency plan and emergency kit at the ready; including a first aid kit, protective clothing, medication and a battery operated radio.

“If you intend to stay and defend in the event of a fire, ensure you have expert advice; if you intend to leave, have an evacuation plan and somewhere ready to go,’’ she said.

“Don’t wait until a fire to make these decisions – there is no better safeguard than being informed and prepared, so ‘Get Ready Redlands’.’’

More information including how to prepare an emergency plan and emergency kit is available at or

Preparing an emergency kit:
1. Battery operated radio (with spare batteries);
2. Torch (with spare batteries);
3. First aid kit and manual;
4. Mobile phone and charger (where possible, spare batteries as well);
5. Personal hygiene and toiletry supplies;
6. Copies of home and medical insurance policies;
7. Copies of important family documents (birth certificates, passports and licences);
8. Contact numbers for emergency services, family and friends.

Looking forwards looking back

Artists from the Coochie Art Group have come a long way since they strung their paintings between trees on the island for their very first exhibition in 1973.

This month they are celebrating all the creative energy and successes in between as part of their Then & Now: Coochie Art Group 40th Anniversary Retrospective, opening at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland on Friday 27 September.

Redland City Council arts, culture and innovation spokesperson Cr Paul Bishop said the exhibition would be a rare treat for local art-lovers – bringing together the work of 24 talented Coochie artists and 12 of their tutors, as well as profiling 34 years of prize winning works.

“Not only is this their first retrospective exhibition, but it is also the first time members of the group have exhibited with distinguished tutors from across Queensland and interstate,” he said.

“The end result will be a stunning vision of old and new, over 100 works of art celebrating the long history, diversity and vitality of this passionate group, brought together by a tremendous love of creating art.”

 Hilary Wakeling coochie art

Divisional Councillor for Coochiemudlo Island (Division 4) Cr Lance Hewlett said the Coochie art collective was a small but active group on the local art scene.

“There is a great creative vigour generated in regularly working together,” he said.

“This group has the full gamut of talent from emerging to more established artists, producing everything from landscapes to still life and more abstract work. Many of them work in watercolour, which is a nice connection for an island art community.”

The Coochie exhibition will be officially opened by contemporary Australian artist Donald James Waters of Jacobs Well at 6pm on Friday 27 September 2013 at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, with entertainment by acoustic blues and jazz duo Mama Juju. All are welcome.

The exhibition will be open for a month until Sunday 27 October 2013, with a special session of floor talks and morning tea from 11am on Sunday 29th at which a Coochie group member and a tutor will discuss their art and other works in the exhibition.

Coochie Art Group’s annual exhibitions are always very popular and well supported by the local Redlands community, with about 2000 people expected to visit the gallery during the month-long exhibition. The majority of work will be available for sale, and gallery visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece in the exhibition’s 2013 People’s Choice Prize.

Good trees for bad weeds

Here’s a good deal for the garden – free native trees in exchange for bags of weeds!

Redland City Council’s IndigiScapes environmental centre is running its popular Trees for Weeds Day on Saturday 5 October to raise awareness of plants that are bad for the environment and local wildlife and encourage residents to replace them with species native to the area.

Environment spokesperson Cr Paul Gleeson said people could swap shopping bags of weeds for up to five plants between 10am and 4pm on the weed awareness day.

“This Council event is a great way for people to combat the spread of weeds in the local environment, while at the same time getting some new plants for their home garden,” he said.

“There’ll be free weed advice from Council experts and the native plant nursery will also be open for sales.”

Cr Gleeson said all weeds brought in would be accepted but this year four noxious plants in particular were being singled out.

“There’s an old saying that a weed is a plant in the wrong place. In the case of Easter Cassia, Climbing Asparagus, Mile-a-Minute and Black-eyed Susan this is very true,” he said.

“Residents are probably familiar with these weeds. They are all invasive plant pests, not only a nuisance in the garden but they do a lot of damage outcompeting native species in the natural environment.”

While Easter Cassia was a shrub with long seed pods and masses of bright yellow flowers commonly found in local gardens, Cr Gleeson said the others were all aggressive climbers.

“Climbing asparagus fern is a classic example of a garden plant wreaking havoc in the bush. It’s a nasty, prickly Declared Class 3 weed that smothers native trees and plants and scrambles along the ground when there’s nothing in its path to climb,” he said.

“Mile-a-minute is an equally noxious trailing vine with purple flowers and five-fingered leaves
while Black-eyed Susan is a creeper with heart-shaped leaves and is immediately identifiable for its bright gold flowers with a striking black centre.

“If you have these pests in your yard, do yourself and the environment a favour and root them out.”

No bookings are required to take part in the Redlands’ Trees for Weeds Day, just turn up at IndigiScapes nursery, 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba after 10am and before 4pm on Saturday 5 October.

For he’s a jolly good fellow

Redland City Council’s General Manager Organisational Services Nick Clarke has been honoured by his Queensland local government peers for his outstanding contribution.

Better known in the community as the fund-raising pilot for Angel Flight and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Nick has been made a Fellow of Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) Queensland for his services to the organisation and the local government sector above and beyond the call of duty.

Local Government Managers Australia Queensland Chief Executive Officer Peta Irvine said Nick was well-regarded as an enthusiastic advocate in local government circles.

“He is an outstanding operator within Redland City Council as well as being a great champion of wider local government issues and interests. For more than 10 years he has given his time and experience far beyond his roles in Council and the Board of LGMA Queensland,” she said.

“This is why his efforts were recognised with a prestigious Fellowship at the LGMA Queensland annual meeting on September 4.”

As well as serving Queensland as LGMA QLD president and nationally as a LGMA Board director, Ms Irvine said Nick Clarke regularly represented the interests of local government officers in meetings with Ministers and other stakeholders.

“He has also played a big part in the development of local government policy and regulation and   shares his expertise presenting sessions at a wide range of local government conferences and events,” she said.

“Nick is also being recognised for showcasing the sector in a positive light through his considerable fundraising work, including his recent charity flight around Queensland in his tiny Foxbat plane.“

Nick said “I am really honoured to receive this recognition.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my work with LGMA and the wonderful people who work in and with the local government industry.  I am very grateful to Redland City Council for its continuing support for my broader local government commitnments.”

Redland City Council General Manager, Nick Clarke

Redland City Council General Manager, Nick Clarke

In-car litter cameras

People littering in the Redlands may be captured on camera thanks to new in-car litter cameras being rolled out.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the in-car cameras would enable Council officers to regulate against littering while they are driving around the community.

“People should be aware that some Council vehicles are fitted with these dash-cams, which film while they are driven around the community,” she said.

“This footage can then be used as evidence to fine people who were observed littering.”

Cr Williams said the technology was designed to not only capture isolated incidents of littering but also the larger problem of illegal dumping.

“The Redlands is known for its environmental character and is lucky to have vibrant wildlife, so we are keen to ensure this is maintained,” she said.

“Council will also be installing fixed cameras in key illegal dumping locations to catch out people who think it is alright to dump large items or loads of rubbish.

Cr Williams said the new technology would support the existing work undertaken by Council officers.

“This technology does not change the work of Council officers who are still out there undertaking proactive patrols and educating people about issues such as illegal dumping and littering; this technology is an extension of the great work our officers do.”