Council decision supports Redlands’ ageing community

A new facility providing housing for the elderly and those with special needs will be built in the Redlands following Council approval today (Wed 12 Feb). 

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the 123-bed facility continued Council’s objectives of providing community and health services in the Redlands.

“The Redlands has an ageing populating, so it is important we provide the infrastructure to support the community’s future needs,” she said.

“With about a third of our population being over the age of 50 and more than 6,500 people identifying as needing some support due to disability, projects such as this are vital to the future of the community.

“This facility will provide a range of accommodation for the elderly and those with special needs and will be built near the Redlands Hospital and existing aged care facilities.

“The location is in line with Council’s objectives of creating a health services precinct in the Redlands, an objective we have lobbied other levels of government and private enterprise to support.

“The Redlands is already home to a specialist medical educational facility with the University of Queensland/Mater Clinical School and this latest facility proves the interest there is in health care here.

“The project will also be located near public transport, providing connectivity with key health services and community facilities.”

Council’s planning and development spokesperson Cr Julie Talty said the project would also create employment during the construction and operation of the facility.

“This not only includes construction jobs, but also jobs for doctors, nurses and other health specialists,” she said.

“An extra 40,000 people are expected to call the Redlands home by 2030, so the need for aged and special needs housing will only increase.

“This means it is vital a long-term view is taken, which is what Council has done by approving this application today.”