Council moves to fast track SMBI footpaths

Redland City Council voted today to accelerate spending for footpath construction on Southern Moreton Bay Island (SMBI).

Divisional Councillor Mark Edwards said the decision would allow Council to respond to safety issues that currently existed on the bay islands.

“We will now begin scoping costs for accelerated infrastructure, which importantly includes footpaths, as residents have voiced that this is a clear priority for the future of the bay islands,” Cr Edwards said.
“This is a safety issue, something needs to be done and today’s decision will allow us to do something sooner rather than later.

“Council voted today to continue the existing SMBI levy and also to pay back borrowed funds in the SMBI Capital Reserve over a four year period, rather than three years, essentially freeing up more money for us to spend now on the islands.

Cr Edwards said that Council was looking at innovative ways to build the footpaths so they can happen as quickly as possible.
“Once these costs are determined, we will start staged construction of works in line with identified priority works and available funding.
“While exact areas for improvement are still being determined, we expect to include works to footpaths on High Street, Russell Island moving south to increase connectivity with Minjerriba and Centre Roads.
“It is my hope we will have some of these works completed within this financial year.”