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New wastewater treatment plant for Point Lookout

Construction on a $12.8 million, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant on North Stradbroke Island will commence before the end of the year with leading Australian engineering contractor Downer Tenix appointed to build the plant.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Downer Tenix had been awarded the contract to design and construct the new wastewater treatment plant on the site of the existing plant at Tramican Street, Point Lookout.

“Having built a number of similar wastewater treatment plants in coastal locations with fluctuating seasonal populations, including the Whitsundays and Bega, Downer Tenix are well-placed to manage this project,” she said.

“Detailed design is now underway, with construction expected to commence in November this year and the project completed by early 2017.”

Cr Williams said technology had improved considerably since the original plant was built and the new plant would protect the island’s unique environment through its high quality wastewater treatment methods and improved odour control.

“The existing wastewater treatment plant at Point Lookout was built more than 30 years ago and no longer meets the needs of the community, particularly during the peak tourism season,” she said.

“Council has undertaken extensive environmental and engineering modelling, as well as consultation with the key stakeholders to determine the best location, treatment option and wastewater disposal method for the new plant.

“One of the key considerations in the plant design is odour control; we are committed to ensuring odour nuisances are mitigated for the community.

“The new plant will use Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, proven technology that will provide the best outcome for residents and the environment in terms of the quality of effluent treatment, the operation and maintenance of the plant and minimal odour for neighbouring residences.

“As well as the environmental benefits, the new plant will provide economic benefits during construction and support seasonal population changes well into the future.”

Division 2 Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Craig Ogilvie said six pump stations at Point Lookout had been upgraded in the past six months to improve their reliability and performance in preparation for the new treatment plant, which will have capacity to meet expected future sewerage connections.

“In addition to being more reliable and environmentally friendly than the current plant, the new plant will also allow the Point Lookout sewerage system to be expanded in the future, which is a huge benefit to residents still on septic,” he said.

Visit for more information and to sign up for regular updates about the project.

Prayers for Redlands school chaplaincy programs

More than 200 people attended the 13th annual Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast at Wellington Point this morning to pray for the community and raise funds for school chaplaincy programs across the Redlands.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the popular annual event brought residents, business and community leaders together in prayer and surpassed last year’s fundraising effort, raising about $14,000 for school chaplaincy programs in the Redlands.

“The Mayoral Prayer Breakfast is a very special event for the community and a great way to help young people in the Redlands by supporting our local school chaplaincy programs, which make a real difference to our students and schools,” she said.

“The chaplaincy programs supported by the breakfast have the potential to change lives by providing guidance and helping local students fulfil their potential as well as opening the door to spirituality, which is important in all aspects of our lives.

“This year’s special guest speaker was business educator Wez Hone, one of Australia’s leading ‘faith in business’ thinkers who has successfully brought spirituality and Christian ethics to business, merging religious strategies with the practicalities of running a successful business.”

Mr Hone spoke about the importance of businesses looking at how to contribute to help society.

“Can you imagine a world where everybody prospers? I think that business has a big role to play in helping to achieve this,” Mr Hone said.

“It doesn’t matter if the business is a local fish shop – what’s needed is for everyone to play a part.

“School chaplaincy programs are close to my heart as my wife was a school chaplain.

“School chaplains offer students a supportive, non-judgemental, safe environment where they can talk about what is going on in their world, which is information they don’t always share with their peers.”

Cr Williams said chaplaincy is a powerful and positive force that makes a positive difference in the lives of students, schools and our community, and research shows just how successful school chaplaincy programs can be in supporting young people.

“A recent study conducted by the Research Centre for Vulnerable Children and Families at the University of Western Australia found that 96 per cent of students, teachers, parents groups, and education and mental health professionals supported the work of school chaplains,” she said.

“The research found they unanimously agreed that the work of chaplains was valuable as part of a student support team, with 82 per cent of principals and teachers involved in the study believing the social and emotional support provided by school chaplains had a real positive impact on students.

“The overwhelming view was that the programs run by school chaplains helped to develop self-esteem in students and found chaplains were particularly helpful for students who were experiencing grief and loss, or who were facing relationship difficulties.

“The compassionate, trusting and non-judgemental support of our chaplains is undoubtedly helping young people develop self-esteem, become more resilient and deal with the issues in their lives; they promote the importance of spirituality and that can only bring good for any community.

“Thank you to the many generous sponsors, including the event’s major sponsors Lee’s Liquid Waste Services and Renaissance Retirement Living, guests and organising committee who help make this event such a success each year.”

The Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast 2015 was supported by:
• Lee’s Liquid Waste Services
• Renaissance Retirement Living
• Certified Roofing
• Redlands Sporting Club
• Remax Bayside Properties
• Calm Event Management
• The Good Guys Capalaba
• Champions Church
• Vision Christian Media
• Beautiful Illusions
• Elevated Photos
• Horizon Property Holdings
• Magill Mowing
• Redland City Choir
• Australian Air Force Cadets AAFC – 217 Squadron.

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Final board directors appointed to Redland Investment Corporation

The two remaining external board directors have been appointed to Redland Investment Corporation (RIC), Council’s new investment arm established to generate new revenue streams and minimise rate increases.

Council financial services spokesman Cr Mark Edwards said now the board directors had been appointed, the company wholly-owned by Council could get on with spurring on investment in the Redlands.

“I welcome the appointment of Greg Kempton and Mitch Nielsen to RIC’s board as both men have 30-plus years’ experience in the development and construction industry and will provide steady direction to RIC,” Cr Edwards said.

“Mr Kempton has been a senior executive of some of Australia’s largest construction and property development companies and has demonstrated the ability to make businesses more profitable.

“When he recently retired from Watpac’s Managing Director position, the publicly listed contracting business had grown from $120 million to $1.5 billion in revenue under his stewardship.

“Mr Nielsen has qualifications in engineering, project management and finance and has been involved in delivering property projects across a wide range of formats, which will serve the corporation equally as well.”

The appointment of these two experienced directors follows Philip Hennessy being appointed chairman of the board.

Mr Hennessy has a track record of driving good governance for boards and maximising returns from non-performing assets. He has worked as Queensland chairman of international accounting firm KPMG and sits on the board of the University of Queensland, Metro Mining Limited and Mater Hospital Foundation, among others.

Since commencing a non-executive career three years ago, Mr Kempton has held directorships in the education, mining services, power, construction and transport industries.

He was Baulderstone Director for Queensland from 1993-2001 and Watpac Group Managing Director from 2001-2012, where he successfully managed large property portfolios.

While at Baulderstone, Mr Kempton managed delivery of the iconic Teneriffe woolstore apartments in Brisbane, teaching him best practice principles for developing waterfront precincts.

“The Teneriffe woolstores was a hugely successful project that became the catalyst for developing the rest of Teneriffe,” Mr Kempton said.

“Managing the conversion of the old, historic woolstores and new apartments into a stylish precinct along 800 metres of Brisbane River frontage showed all stakeholders how well the old and new could be integrated to achieve results.

“This experience will be invaluable as Redland Investment Corporation moves into managing the development of Redlands’ Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek Priority Development Areas on behalf of Council.”

Mr Nielsen is Managing Director of Indigo, a privately owned development group with diversified experience in all property sectors.

“I have worked with construction and property development companies since completing a Bachelor of Engineering in the mid 1980s,” Mr Nielsen said.

“My skills run across the whole gamut of land development and upvaluing, so I will be able to help analyse the underutilised land parcels RIC is managing and suggest ways to realise maximise value for the benefit of the Redlands’ community.”

Mr Kempton and Mr Nielsen were appointed as directors at RIC board meetings held on 30 July and 27 August respectively.

RIC’s charter is to identify alternative revenue sources for Council and uplift some underutilised land.

Establishing RIC follows in the footsteps of neighbouring Councils, like Brisbane City, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich, that established investment arms years ago to keep the financial benefit resulting from uplifting land for the community, rather than handing it on to private developers.

For more information on RIC visit

Redland City Council to review events fees

Redland City Council will investigate cutting fees for events held in City parks.

Councillors today agreed to a call by Cr Wendy Boglary (Division 1) to look at ways to either reduce or eliminate fees and charges where the event organisers can show they have economic or social benefits.

“The level of fees and charges could be make or break for those looking to host smaller community and public events and celebrations in Council’s parks, particularly the many community groups and charities run by volunteers,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“While the Redlands is growing as an events destination, it is important that we do what we can to ensure Council’s cost structure is not a barrier to very worthy smaller events.

“Through this investigation, we will look at how we can help events that are shown to benefit the greater local community both economically and socially.’’

Cr Boglary said the options open to Council would be evaluated at a councilor workshop before recommendations were made to Council.

“The results can then be included in Council’s events strategy to ensure we are helping the smaller players who are part of the backbone of our community,’’ she said.

Redland City Council’s supportive events strategy has attracted a variety of new destination-based events to the City this year.

“Council already helps organisers though a comprehensive Event Management Kit which includes all the relevant forms and we also can take people through the step-by-step process of running an event to ensure all goes smoothly,’’ Cr Boglary said.

To check out what’s on in the Redlands or add an event of your own, go to

Redland City Council to study community panels

Redland City Council has ordered a report on how the power of community panels can best be harnessed to inform decision making.

At its meeting today, Council agreed to a call by Deputy Mayor Alan Beard for a report on best practices in local government world-wide on the use and application of community panels as reference, advisory and review groups.

The report, which is due to be delivered to a councillor workshop in November this year, will also provide guidance for councillors on the legal and legislative implications.

“While we already utilise reference groups in some areas, we want to see how the world’s best local government practices in the use of community panels can be applied in the Redlands on a range of issues,’’ Cr Beard said.

“Such groups can provide greater comfort to the community in the knowledge that a panel of independent and impartial residents have the opportunity to review Council decisions and provide feedback both to Council and the broader community.”

Cr Beard said today’s decision was not necessarily about setting up more community reference groups but rather how to make sure these groups supported an open and informed Council process.

“Council already has 29 community and business reference groups across a range of topics from housing to domestic violence with these groups providing plenty of expert guidance and community direction,” he said.

“The report will look at the experiences of local governments which successfully use community panels, including the financial implications and how to ensure such groups support Council’s objectives and community expectation.

“It should give us plenty of food for thought, providing valuable insight into how we can set up the right groups and apply the information they provide to help Council deliver on the expectations of the greater community.”


Community invited to Amity Point township meeting

North Stradbroke Island residents are invited to have their say at the next Straddie Township meeting, to be held at Amity Point Saturday 29 August.

Including Redland City Mayor Karen Williams, Councillor Craig Ogilvie and the Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson, the meeting will discuss wide ranging topics from transport to the future of Straddie post sand-mining.

“Straddie is going through some significant changes at present and these regular township meetings are an important forum for Council to share information and hear what is important to residents,” Cr Williams said.

“Items to be discussed at this meeting include the need for a plan for Straddie’s transition away from mining, transport planning for the island and updates on Straddie specific projects.

“This meeting is specifically for the Straddie community so residents are encouraged to submit agenda items so they can get the information they need from the meeting.  Agenda items can be submitted by visiting Council’s website.”

Division 2 Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Craig Ogilvie said community meetings were an important communication forum for Straddie residents.

“Straddie is a unique place, and being an island means there are different challenges and opportunities to those experienced by mainland communities,” he said.

“The township meetings aim to foster a collaborative approach between government, community and the business sector and deliver feedback, partnerships and action on island issues.”

There is no need to book, but for more information, visit Council’s website.

Straddie Township meeting:

Locals are invited to join Mayor Karen Williams, Councillor Craig Ogilvie and the Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson at the next Stradbroke township meeting:

When: 10am-12pm Saturday 29 August

Where: Amity Point Community Hall, 16 Ballow Road, Amity Point

The North Stradbroke Island Township Meetings are a chance for residents to discuss their issues and views with all three tiers of Government.  Islanders are encouraged to pre-lodge agenda items or questions for discussion by visiting Council’s website or call 3829 8999.


New exhibitions at Redland Art Gallery

Two new exhibitions at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, will showcase Australian culture from different perspectives, with one featuring iconic local island architecture and a second profiling traditional Japanese art techniques inspired by the Australian landscape and way of life.

Straddie Style: Redesigning the beach shack and Wabi Sabi: The beauty of impermanence will be on display from Sunday 23 August to Sunday 4 October 2015.

Redland City Council’s cultural spokesperson Cr Lance Hewlett said it was wonderful to see a fusion of international techniques and quintessential local design concurrently on display in the Redlands.

“Curated by Dr Robert Riddel and Stephanie Lindquist, Straddie Style: Redesigning the beach shack is an evocative exhibition that profiles the unique and distinctive history of beach houses on North Stradbroke Island,” he said.

“From the humble origins of the fibro beach shack in the 1930s to today’s contemporary beach architecture, the exhibition integrates models, photos, sketches and plans to illustrate how each building responds to the challenges of material and spatial constraints of an island location.

The exhibition and its publication feature twenty beach houses by leading Australian architects including Gabriel Poole, Chris Hills and Donovan Hill, among others, and is sponsored by Discover Stradbroke, with support from Dave Dwyer Video Productions.

Wabi Sabi: The beauty of impermanence is an exhibition of work inspired by the Australian landscape and way of life and created with traditional Japanese techniques and processes, including floral arranging, shibori, woodblock printing, ceramics, irogane and tsumami zaiku.

“Held in conjunction with the Australian Shakuhachi Festival and featuring Australian and Japanese-Australian artists, the designs exhibited in Wabi Sabi push the boundaries of Japanese tradition, with each artist creating a unique style inspired by cross-cultural influence.”

Cr Hewlett said the exhibitions were a unique opportunity to see contrasting perspectives of Australian culture and encouraged everyone to visit the exhibitions.

To celebrate these exhibitions, an official opening will be held on Friday 21 August from 6pm, followed by a morning tea and floor talks on Sunday 23 August from 11.30am.

Join Straddie Style guest curator Dr Robert Riddel for a full day architectural tour of Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, on Saturday 5 September to learn more about the history and architectural heritage of the island, as well as recent innovations in contemporary beach house design. The walking tour costs $80 from Cleveland or $65 from Point Lookout, including transport and lunch.

A Tsumami Zaiki: Kanzashi flower brooch making workshop with Wabi Sabi exhibiting artist Mabina Alaka will be held on Sunday 30 August, with participants creating their own brooch or hair pin using fabric sourced from Japan. The workshop costs $10 and advance bookings are required.

RSVP for the official opening by Wednesday 19 August or reserve a place in the walking tour or workshop by calling (07) 3829 8463 or emailing:

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland is located at the corner of Middle and Bloomfield Streets, Cleveland. Visit for more information on this and other Redland Art Gallery exhibitions.


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Join the yarn at Aboriginal Speakers Forums

Redland City Council will host its first ‘Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn’ Speakers Forum on Saturday 22 August as part of the inaugural Quandamooka Festival celebrations.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the day, to be held from 11am at the Learning Centre in Dunwich, would focus on Aboriginal arts, heritage and storytelling in three sessions with noted panellists and local experts.

“The Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn Speaker Forums are an opportunity to bring people together in diverse discussions about Aboriginal culture and issues – they are for the whole community, open to all and everyone is welcome,” Cr Williams said.

“The first forum at 11am ‘Art- yes it is my story’ will be anchored by noted artist Avril Quaill with fellow artists Craig Tapp, Megan Cope and Judy Watson adding their knowledge to the discussion about the processes, challenges and identity of Aboriginal art.

“Each of these artists has received national and international acclaim for their works and brings a wealth of experience to the interactive discussion.

“For those wanting to learn about North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah’s history, the 1pm forum ‘Aunties Yarnin’, will be a rare opportunity to listen to Quandamooka Elders Aunty Rose Borey, Aunty Margaret Iselin and Aunty Dorothy Dart sharing their personal stories about growing up on the island.

“It will be a special experience and a highlight of the event, hearing firsthand stories that can’t be found in books because they belong to the Aunties.

“The afternoon’s 3pm ‘Tellin’ Our Stories Our Way’ forum will be hosted by ABC Radio Presenter Rhianna Patrick, who will be joined by author and activist Dr Jackie Huggins AM, author Bernice Fischer and performer and educator Nadine McDonald-Dowd in a discussion about writing and sharing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories.”

People are welcome to join one or all of the day’s forums, with general community admittance on a first come, first seated basis.

The Learning Centre is located at the corner of Welsby Street and Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island.

A second day of ‘Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn’ forums, covering sports, politics and performing arts will be held on Saturday 12 September with panellists including Uncle Bob Anderson, Che Cockatoo-Collins, Minister Leeanne Enoch MP, Redland City Mayor Karen Williams, Kelly McKellar-Nathan, Dorinda Stone, Kaleenah Edwards and ABC Presenter Nance Haxton.

Please note that these panels are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, including cultural observances. For details and updates, visit Council’s ‘What’s On’ calendar or download the Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn Day One Speakers Program.

Council to entice sporting elite to the Redlands

Redland City Councillors today supported a request from Cr Mark Edwards to encourage athletes and officials from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to visit the Redlands while they are in South East Queensland for the event.

Cr Edwards said the city’s proximity to the venues hosting the Commonwealth Games provided an ideal opportunity to profile the Redlands to an audience who may not otherwise visit the region.

“The Commonwealth Games is set to bring considerable economic and social benefits to South East Queensland and there is a huge potential for positive flow-on effects for the Redlands,” he said.

“To achieve this, Council today voted to establish a liaison committee to coordinate opportunities and relationships between Commonwealth Games teams and our local community.

“Council will prepare a report and recommend a structure for the proposed committee, which is expected to include representatives from Council, State Government, industry bodies, local sporting organisations and the community.

“With more than 6500 athletes and team officials visiting the region for the event, plus spectators from all over the world, today’s decision will look at how we can maximise these benefits from a tourism, economic and community perspective.

“We want to support sports teams and officials, encourage them to visit our beautiful city and provide opportunities for the community to engage with sporting greats.

“Today’s decision reflects Council’s commitment to fostering an active and vibrant local community while providing opportunities for athletes and officials to see our beautiful part of Australia.

Cr Edwards said the initiative followed him writing to Commonwealth Games countries in 2013 inviting them to stay in the Redlands as a low cost location during their competition.

“That invitation was mainly targeted at countries whose athletes may not be able to afford accommodation at the Gold Coast, with six countries showing interest,” he said.

“The 2018 games on the Gold Coast is one of the biggest sporting events to be staged in Queensland since Brisbane hosted the games in 1982 and this presents significant economic and social opportunities for the Redlands.

“Having international athletes based in our city will also inspire our local kids by exposing them to the Commonwealth Games sporting elite.”

Council to reopen damaged South Gorge stairs

Redland City Council has allocated $180,000 to rebuild the popular South Gorge stairs on North Stradbroke Island, which were washed out during heavy rain in January.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the funding allocated during today’s General Meeting was an interim measure while a permanent solution was designed.

“The South Gorge pedestrian walk is a popular attraction for tourists and residents taking in the beautiful Straddie vistas and this funding will allow us to reopen it quickly and safely,” she said.

“Storms in January resulted in larger than usual stormwater runoff eroding the ground under the timber stairs, undermining the integrity of the pedestrian access, so it had to be closed for safety reasons.

“Due to the terrain a long-term solution may be expensive and take time, so today’s decision is important to providing access to residents as soon as possible.”

Division 2 Councillor Craig Ogilvie said the South Gorge pedestrian stairs were popular with wedding parties looking for that perfect photo opportunity.

“Unfortunately bookings at South Gorge had to be cancelled while the stairs were closed because it was just too unsafe, but now we have the green light to repair the stairs and reopen them as soon as practicable and continue looking at a permanent fix,” he said.

“There were concerns that if we didn’t provide safe access, the community would make their own access putting themselves at risk, so today’s decision is also important from a community safety perspective.

“The works will include stabilising the embankment, improving stormwater drainage and repairing the timber stairs.”

Cr Ogilvie said the works would ensure the Gorge Walk will remained one of South-East Queensland’s most acclaimed tourist attractions.

“People come from all over to walk the Straddie gorge with it providing a great place to spot marine life such as whales, dolphins and turtles,” he said.

“Council has invested about $2 million into this popular walkway, including more than $700,000 last year for stage three and today’s decision continues our commitment to maintaining it for residents and visitors.”

Council had to consider the Coastal Marine protection Act and heritage reserves in planning the project.