Redlands gets real-time weather reports

Redlanders finally have access to real-time weather information with a national Bureau of Meteorology observation station opened today.

The automatic weather station, funded through a $150,000 grant from the State Government’s Natural Disaster Mitigation Program, was launched by Redland City Mayor Karen Williams, who had lobbied for its funding.

“Until now real-time weather information hasn’t been available for Redland City, with reports ‘approximated’ for the Redlands from information delivered from the Brisbane Airport around 40km away,’’ Cr Williams said.

“But our population growth and planned expansion of our transport hubs at Toondah Harbour and Redland Bay’s Weinam Creek had highlighted a real need for more accurate local information for both the community and emergency services.

“This station will now provide us with timely and accurate weather information, which will greatly assist us in being prepared for the worst nature can throw at us and, therefore, help to ensure that we can be a more resilient City.

“I thank the State for responding to our requests for this service.’’

Cr Williams, who is also chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, said the station would also provide contemporary information to the broader Southern Moreton Bay area, Southern Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

“The Local Disaster Management Group in the Redlands and neighbouring areas will benefit from real-time weather observations of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction and rainfall,’’ Cr Williams said.

“But while it will be of enormous value when we are threatened by severe weather events, I suspect it will show what locals have long known – that the Redlands has the best weather in Queensland,’’ she said.

Council provided land for the station, which was built by the Bureau of Meteorology, at the Cleveland Waste Water Treatment Plant.