Get the facts: Response to City Plan availability

The Redland City Bulletin has today wrongly stated in headline that the City Plan Due Out This Week and further stated that the City Plan 2015 ‘are (sic) expected to be released this week’. (Note the Draft City Plan 2015 was also submitted for State approval for public release in November 2014 not February 2015 as stated).

• Council has yet to formally meet and consider the release of the plan and the period for public consultation. A Special Meeting of Council on Thursday 3 September is expected to decide on both issues.

• The Public display of the Draft City Plan 2015 will depend on the date Council decides to begin public consultation.

• The full plan will be made publicly available on the date when formal consultation begins.

• Once the City Plan 2015 consultation period is agreed, there will be community wide advertising of public consultation opportunities including extensive City Plan website details and supporting information and advertised City Plan public consultation activities at venues across the city.

• Until then, those interested in the City Plan are encouraged to keep an eye out for public notices in the media and on council’s website and to visit the draft plan website to view background details and register this interest in receiving future details on the plan consultation.