Council to remove and prune diseased trees

Redland City Council will remove a large diseased Norfolk Pine at Cleveland Point to ensure the safety of residents using the popular location.

Redland City Council CEO Bill Lyon said an arborist report showed the tree was a hazard to residents meaning Council had no choice but to remove it.

“The arborist report says this tree is beyond saving and is in danger of falling.  Considering it is over 26 metres tall and close to a popular playground, car park and restaurant Council has to remove it in the interests of public safety,” he said.

“It is a shame as this is one of those iconic trees that plenty of locals would recognise, but public safety is our focus so the tree will be removed over the next week or so.  We will be replacing the tree with another Norfolk Pine.

“A second large fig tree at Cleveland Point is also in poor health and will be heavily pruned with the hope of saving it.

“The arborist report says that while this tree has obvious signs of decay there is a chance of it recuperating, so we will cut it back and try to nurse it back to health.

“With storms already impacting the Redlands this year we are conscious of undertaking the necessary work as soon as possible and we expect it to take place in the week commencing 16 November.

“Because they are such large trees there will be quite a bit of machinery in place so residents should take care while the work is being completed.”