Redlands investigates aquaculture options

Untapped potential for aquaculture industries in Redland City will be examined following a decision today by Redland City Council.

Division five Councillor Mark Edwards, who put forward the notice of motion calling for a feasibility report to investigate possible aquaculture industries and their potential to create new and diverse economic opportunities for Redland City.

“The Redlands is perfectly situated to take advantage of the surrounding marine life and today’s decision means Council will look at all options for making the Redlands a location of choice for aquaculture businesses,” Cr Edwards said.

“It includes looking at collaboration with existing aquaculture businesses and investigating development opportunities on Council’s own landholdings.

“We have already been approached by at least two businesses recently wanting to invest in aquaculture and the aim of this report will be to look at city-wide options for economically and environmentally sustainable ventures.

“We need to know what industries may be possible, the infrastructure required to support these, their level of community support and whether there is sufficient business interest to make aquaculture a viable local industry.”

A report on the city-wide feasibility of aquaculture industries will now come back to Council in March 2016.

Today’s decision follows a notice of motion brought to Council in September by Cr Craig Ogilvie to investigate possible collaborations with an existing aquaculture business.

Cr Ogilvie said there are many advantages to helping aquaculture get off the ground in the City.

“This could provide diversity in our economy and there is enormous potential to see aquaculture thrive in Redlands –we know the interest is already there,” Cr Ogilvie said.

“The hope is that if aquaculture proves a viable industry for our City, in future years we won’t be known only for the marine life in Moreton Bay, but also the sustainable Redlands’ fish farms.”