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Redlands war hero to be reinterred

Residents are invited to a reinterment ceremony on Monday 6 June for Warrant Officer Class II Kevin George Conway, the first Australian soldier killed in action in the Vietnam War.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Warrant Officer Conway was a highly decorated soldier, military adviser and the only Australian serviceman attached to a US Special Forces team that was attacked by the Viet Cong during the Battle of Nam Dong in July 1964.

“Born in 1928, Conway grew up in Wellington Point and enlisted with the Second Australian Imperial Force in 1947, where he served with the first Australian War Crimes section in Hong Kong.
“Discharging from the Army on 18 February 1949, Kevin Conway worked in farming and on the railways before reenlisting on 19 November 1952. He saw active service in the Korean War and Malaya with the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, before deploying to Vietnam in November 1963 with the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV),” she said.

“A highly-skilled specialty officer, Conway was the only Australian serviceman attached to a United States Special Forces team A-726 stationed at Camp McBride, Nam Dong, which was attacked by a force of more than 700 Viet Cong in the early hours of 6 July 1964.

“Along with US Master Sergeant Gabriel Alamo, Conway fought off the attackers from a mortar position just outside the main gate of the camp, however, both were found dead at their posts following heavy attack from small arms rifle fire and hand grenades.

“Described by the camp’s commanding officer as ‘the most experienced guerilla fighter at Nam Dong’, Conway was a highly decorated veteran including a recipient of National Order of Vietnam (South Vietnam’s highest Award) and the rare Campaign Service Medal with Clasp (South Vietnam).

“A recommendation that WO Conway receive the Victoria Cross for his actions in the Battle of Nam Dong was ultimately denied because Australia was not officially at war at the time.”

Cr Williams said Conway’s family had welcomed the public ceremony and Council was more than happy to help organise the event, in consultation with the family and the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs.

Warrant Officer Conway’s niece Kathy Woodford said a number of people had played a key role in the repatriation of the Australian veterans.

The “Bring them Home” campaign by the AATTV Northern Territory was instrumental in last year’s offer by the Australian Government to repatriate the remains of 35 service personal from Terendak, in Malaysia and Kranji in Singapore, as were the veterans associations and strong representations behind the scenes by people like Major General David Ferguson.

“The family is extremely grateful to the Hon Tony Abbott, the then Minister Michael Ronaldson and Bob Shewring from the “Bring them Home Campaign”  for making this happen as well as Redland City Council for all their dedication and help through all the planning of Kevin’s ‘final’ burial.”

Deputy Mayor and Wellington Point Councillor Wendy Boglary said bringing Kevin back to the Redlands after 52 years was important for his family and the city, “which is proud of all of our service people”.

“Initially laid to rest in South Vietnam, Conway’s body was exhumed and interred at the Ulu Pandan Cemetery in Singapore, then moved to the Kranji War Cemetery in 1975 and will now be brought home to his final resting place in the Redlands,” she said.

“Conway spent his youth around Wellington Point, an area rich in military history with the United States Navy operating a gunnery school there from 1943 to 1944.

“Our city is home to many current and returned servicemen and women and there is growing membership of the local Australian Defence Force cadet units.”

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell encouraged residents from across the Redlands to attend the ceremony and for veterans and members of uniformed services to wear their medals.

“The Redlands has played a significant role in military history, hosting the US Army’s radio signal base at Birkdale during World War II, which was the first place in Australia to learn that war was over,” he said.

“The Cleveland Cemetery, where Warrant Officer Conway will be reinterred, also hosts a memorial to the four brave airmen who tragically died while practicing air fighting tactics over Moreton Bay in 1942.”

The ceremony will take place at the south-west corner of the cemetery on the corner of Clarke and Coburg Streets, Cleveland. Special parking will be available on Clarke Street.

Public reinterment ceremony

Kevin Conway photo (2)

Warrant Officer Class II Kevin George Conway at right.

When: Monday 6 June, 10:15am for 10:30am start
Where: Cleveland Cemetery, Russell Street, Cleveland

Redlanders encouraged to have their say on blueprint for South East Queensland

Residents are encouraged to be part of South East Queensland’s future by taking part in a State Government engagement opportunity coming to the Redlands on Monday 6 June from 6pm to 7.30pm

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said it was critical Redlanders took part in the Shaping SEQ  program which will help inform a review of the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan.

“The State Government will be reviewing the SEQ Regional Plan and this is an opportunity for residents to share their great ideas on what they want to see included in this review,” she said.

“The proposed SEQ Regional Plan will for the first time include a 50 year strategic vision for the region as well as more detailed provisions until 2041 which will guide many of our local plans, so it is important residents are part of this conversation.

“With city planning being such an important topic in our City, I have no doubt locals will be interested in attending this session which will feature a presentation from New York City’s Project for Public Spaces, Senior Vice President, Ethan Kent.

“Ethan will share his extensive knowledge and experience on place-making and how it can shape South East Queensland’s future.

“The State Government will also be holding a series of information booths over the next six weeks, including at Wellington Point on Sunday 19 June and everyone should stay up to date by visiting Shaping SEQ.

Cr Williams said with the south east corner being one of the fastest growing regions in Australia the Shaping SEQ conversation was vital to balancing this growth with all the things people love about the region.

“According to State Government forecasts there is expected to be an extra 2 million people in SEQ by 2041, with an extra 900,000 more dwellings needed to accommodate these people,” she said.

“Although the Redlands is expected to see only modest growth in the near future compared to our neighbouring cities, there is no doubt the wider South East Queensland landscape will affect us, so we need to be part of this important conversation.

“Following the six-week engagement period the State Government will use the community feedback to inform the review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

“Once finalised this plan will provide the blueprint for South East Queensland, helping to plan for projected growth and how it is accommodated both in our City and across the Region. The only way to ensure the Redlands is front of mind is for us to have our say.

“The regional plan review will look at important topics such as the type of housing that will make up our cities in the future, access to employment and proving better access to open space and recreation.”

Cr Williams said she had been lobbying the State Government to ensure residents received the opportunity to have their say on the review of the SEQ Regional Plan.

“I cannot overstate how important this plan is for the future of our region and city.  It not only guides local plans, it also ensures our future needs are identified and on the radar of other levels of government,” she said.

“I wrote to the State Government last year expressing my concern about the current performance based planning approach and the need to better educate the public about planning.

“Deputy Premier Trad responded by acknowledging my concerns and committing to undertaking this education as part of the State Government’s regional plan review.

“I commend the State Government for responding to my requests and encourage all residents to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the regional plan review and the broader planning process in Queensland.

“As a city we cannot sit back and hope the State Government gets it right, we are passionate about our city and we need to use that passion constructively by being part of this conversation.”

Details of Redlands Shaping SEQ engagements:

Thought leadership session:

Monday 6 June
Cleveland Library
Corner Bloomfield and Middle Streets, Cleveland Qld 4163
RSVP here.

Information booth:

Sunday 19 June
Wellington Point Reserve
Come and see the project team between 10 am and 2 pm at the Wellington Point Reserve. Main Road, Wellington Point (Main Pavilion)

About Ethan Kent – Senior Vice President, Project for Public Spaces, New York City

Ethan Kent works to support place-making organizations, projects and leadership around the world. During over 18 years at PPS, Ethan has travelled to more than 750 cities and 55 countries to advance the cause of place-making and public spaces. Ethan has been integral to the development of place-making as a transformative approach to economic development, environmentalism, transportation planning, governance, resilience, equity and design. Click here for further information.

Government faces acid test on Straddie mining transition

The Palaszczuk Government must back its North Stradbroke Island mining decision with funding in its coming Budget to start the transition, says Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.

Cr Williams said while the decision of Parliament to re-commit to ending mining by 2019 ended uncertainty about the cessation date, it also presented enormous challenges.

“This is the Government’s action, their legislation and their silver bullet and they now must take full responsibility and get serious about properly funding the transition,” she said.

“We have already lost three years with the back and forth in State Parliament and we cannot wait until 2019 to put the building blocks for the new economy in place – we need to do that right now. To wait until 2019 would be to invite an economic disaster.

“North Stradbroke Island is an isolated community and the impact of the end of sand mining in 2019 is already being felt.

“The loss of mining jobs on Straddie and the hit on the local economy deserves the same level of commitment that we have seen from the Government in responding to the demise of Queensland Nickel in Townsville.”

Cr Williams said while she welcomed the Government’s promised $20 million for the transition, much more would be needed.

“This is a mere fraction of what is needed to ensure the transition does not spiral into an economic disaster,” she said.

“Redland City expects this political decision to be reflected in the next State Budget to prove the Government is serious about softening the impact and planning for the future.”

Cr Williams said the Government must commit to funding infrastructure if tourism was to become the alternative industry to sustain the island in future years.

“Tourism is touted by the Government as the silver bullet and there is no doubt it will play a vital role in providing jobs and economic opportunity on the island,” she said.

“We need to see something in the budget that adds connectivity of the island and to the island.

“The end of mining decision reinforces the importance of the Toondah Harbour development and the need for a comprehensive transport and infrastructure plan for Dunwich to the island through our city.

“The $1.4 billion Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area project will be a catalyst for Straddie to stake its position as a leading tourism destination.

“Council will stand side by side with the Government, the Traditional Owners and the island community to ensure transition is a success, but the Government now must back its words with dollars.”

Straddie decision reinforces need for Toondah project

The decision to end sand mining on North Stradbroke Island by 2019 reinforces the importance of the Toondah Harbour development, says Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.

Cr Williams said the $1.4 billion Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area project would be a catalyst for Straddie to stake its position as a leading tourism destination.

“But the transition from sand mining to an alternative economy must be properly funded by the Government if we are to prevent a potential economic disaster,” she said.

“While the decision of the Parliament to re-commit to ending mining by 2019 finally put an end to previous uncertainty about the cessation date, it brings with it enormous challenges.

“The Government must acknowledge that this was its decision, and that they are responsible for providing the necessary funding for the transition.

“Council will stand side by side with the Government, the Traditional Owners and the island community to ensure transition is a success, but the Government now has a clear obligation to back its words with dollars.

“There can be no short-changing.  To do so will be to invite an economic disaster.”

Cr Williams said the decision to end sand mining on Straddie provided certainty for the island’s residents, Traditional Owners, business and wider Redlands community.

“We now have a clear date to work to but everyone must realise 2019 is just three years away – and much work and planning must be done before then,” she said.

“We have already lost three years with the back and forth in State Parliament and we cannot wait until 2019 to put the building blocks for the new economy in place – we need to do that right now. To wait until 2019 would be to invite an economic disaster.

“Everyone knew sand mining would end on Straddie at some time, but we need to acknowledge the huge impacts this decision will have on the island and the wider Redlands economy.

“You only have to look at the situation in Townsville with the closure of Queensland Nickel to see how the loss of large operations can affect the local community.”

Cr Williams said while she welcomed the Government’s $20 million transition package, it was a down payment.

“We need a lot more – and we need it now,” she said.

“With a State Budget fast approaching there is no better time for the Government to provide that financial security.”

Korean council representatives welcomed to the Redlands

The Redlands’ relationship with trade and investment partner the Republic of Korea has strengthened after Council hosted a delegation of Yong-in City Council representatives this morning.

The Yong-in City Council group headed by Yong-in City Council Vice Chairman Mr Kee Joon Kim and Chairman of Welfare and Industry Committee Mr Won Sik Choi included six Councillors Ms Nam Sook Park, Ms Jeung Hye Lee, Mr Chi Young So, Mr Min Seok Shin, Mr Woong Chul Kang and Ms Hee Young Kim, and city officials.


The Yong-in City Council and Redland City Council teams

Yong-in City has had a close relationship with Redland City since 2008 when the two Councils signed a friendship agreement.

Hosting the Yong-in City delegation today enabled Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and Councillors to strengthen ties and discuss potential future trade, tourism and education opportunities.

Redlands celebrates National Reconciliation Week

10517 Nat Reconciliation Week image

This Friday marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week (NRW), celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and promoting respect and friendship in our community.

Don’t miss these Council events

Visit Cleveland Library from 20 May to 10 July to see ‘Our Island, Our Story, Our Art- Quandamooka artists from the Redland Art Gallery Collection’. This exhibition by Redland Art Gallery and Redland Libraries presents works by 15 Quandamooka artists, spanning 35 years (1981 – 2016).

For some relaxing fun, from 1-2pm on Saturday 28 May Cleveland Library is also hosting an Indigenous-themed colouring session for adults as part of its ‘Keep Calm and Colour’ series.

NRW Community events

Community Organisation Open Minds also host their annual free National Reconciliation Week celebration from 10am – 1pm Friday 27 May at Raby Bay Harbour Park (opposite Cleveland Train Station) with music and activities.

For more information on National Reconciliation Week, visit Reconciliation Australia



Improved parking at Weinam Creek jetty

Parking around the Weinam Creek jetty will be reviewed following a decision by the Redland City Council today to support a request from Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards to improve accessibility for residents.

Cr Edwards said his request to review timed parking zones around the Weinam Creek jetty came after calls from the community for more equitable and accessible parking.

“Finding a car park around the Weinam Creek jetty has long been a problem for residents and the community is asking for immediate improvements to the functionality of existing facilities,” he said.

“Parking in the area is already at critical capacity and the review will assess whether the existing time zones make best use of the available parking and are correctly located for the needs of the community.

“As the number of vehicles using the car park increase, people are being forced to park further afield where there is limited signage noting time zone restrictions, which has led to some users inadvertently parking in prohibited areas and receiving parking fines.

“The Weinam Creek precinct is a Priority Development Area for the State Government and this review is intended to improve parking in the interim until it is redeveloped.”

Cr Edwards said Council had also endorsed changes to parking on Russell Island during today’s meeting.

“From 20 June, parking at Jock Kennedy Park will be limited to a maximum of four days, to prevent vehicles and boat trailers being left there for months on end and restricting the availability of parking for the rest of the community,” he said.

“Council has no intention of introducing timed parking restrictions around the Wahine Drive boat ramp.”

A report on the review of parking at Weinam Creek jetty will be returned to Council in June.

Click here for further information or call 3829 8999 to learn more.

Redlands Cycling Festival

Cleveland will be the scene of fun and entertainment when it hosts Queensland’s first night cycling criterium on Saturday 21 May from 4:00pm – 9:00pm.

Up to 2000 people are expected to watch over 200 competitive cyclists race around a closed criterium circuit comprising Doig, Queen, Wynyard and Middle Streets, Cleveland.

As well as highlighting the Redlands as a popular cycling destination, the Cleveland Criterium will provide markets, rides and other family fun activities in Bloomfield Street.

Come for the race stay for the entertainment – everyone is welcome!

Learn more about the Redland Cycling Festival here.

Crit Image (3)

This event will involve progressive road closures and detours (see below for detail) from 3:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday 21 May
•3:00pm progressive road closure begins
•4:00pm to 9:00pm Roads closed,
•Car parking on course progressively managed from midday.
•Cars parked in the Woolworth’s car park will exit the course via marshal assistance onto Homer Street. There may be delays.
•4:00pm Heats commence
•7:15pm Final race
•8:00pm Event close
•9.00pm Roads to reopen

cycling map

Forestry inspires new art exhibition

A new exhibition exploring patterns of commercial forestry will open next week at Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba.

Created by Brisbane artist and university art theory tutor Glenda Orr, LOG: Filter, Frame, Forest will showcase more than 15 sculptural installations, fine art prints and drawings from Saturday 14 May to Saturday 9 July 2016.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the exhibition explored how science, art and commerce shape the ecosystems of forests and affect how we value and interact with them.

“In this exhibition, Orr unmasks our understanding of nature by presenting complex ecosystems in a pattern of repeated straight lines,” she said.

“The straight line is a predominant feature of manmade environments, with forestry a classic example, yet there is rarely a perfectly straight line in nature so it’s fascinating to see how Orr simplifies environmental processes by presenting them in a frame, graph or grid.

“Even though scientific models are growing in sophistication, they remain relatively simple compared with the complexities of nature and as a society, we tend to solely focus on the quantifiable patterns and overlook the unquantifiable nuances of nature.”

Cr Williams said the exhibition coincided with two eco-inspired exhibitions at the gallery’s Cleveland location, with Renata Buziak’s Medicinal Plant Cycles and Ground/Passage: Poetic mapping of Russell Island by Sharon Jewell on show until Sunday 5 June.

Meet artist Glenda Orr and enjoy a free afternoon tea on Saturday 4 June at 2pm.

Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba, is located at Capalaba Place, Noeleen Street, Capalaba. Learn more about the gallery and its exhibitions here.

LOG_by_Glenda_Orr (1)

Glenda Orr, Wooded X-Y axes (detail) 2015, plant material collected at Bimblebox Nature Refuge cast in epoxy resin. Courtesy of the artist.


Choose your own adventure in the Redlands this month

Redland City will come alive with action aplenty in May with a calendar of adventure and sporting events.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the fun would begin with the endurance event Tough Mudder being held at Sirromet Winery this weekend.

“This is an event for anyone with an adventurous side with the new 2016 course promising plenty of undulation, thick mud and a gauntlet of world-class obstacles that is sure to test all competitors,” she said.

“This is a very popular event that is expected to attract thousands of hardened athletes as well as first-timers from across South East Queensland.

“The fun and energy is set to continue next weekend with North Stradbroke Island hosting the Straddie Salute; Queensland’s newest destination triathlon that will see participants swim, ride and run in the natural playground that is Straddie.

“This month will also see the Redlands host two other competitive sporting events with the Arthur Davis touch football competition and the Redlands Cycling Festival set to draw athletes from across the region.

“The Redlands Cycling Festival is Queensland’s first night criterium cycling race and will be held in the heart of Cleveland on Saturday 21 May. In addition to the race, there will also be markets, rides and other family activities located in an entertainment zone on Bloomfield Street, with the spectacular event expected to attract up to 5000 people.”

Cr Williams said that while adventure events were the flavour of the month, it wasn’t all bruises and Band-Aids.

“This month the Redlands will also host important community events like the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Run for the Redlands and Koala Fun Run, both of which carry important environmental, social and animal welfare messages,” she said.

“There is also the Redlands careers and wedding expos for those who prefer to stay indoors.

“The Redlands boasts a growing calendar of events each month, which are part of Council’s goal of fostering an active and vibrant local community while developing the city as a location of choice for events, which bring economic and cultural benefits to the region.”

Visit our What’s On calendar to learn more about these events or post your own event.

koala fun run

Competitors at the Koala Fun Run