Public Notice: Adoption of administrative and minor amendments to the Redlands Planning Scheme (RPS)

Notice is given under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 that:

  • Council resolved to adopt Minor Amendment Package 01/2016 on 8 June 2016.
  • Under delegated authority, the Chief Executive Officer resolved to adopt Administrative Amendment Package 01/2016 on 31 May 2016.

Part 1

Minor Amendment Package 01/2016 will result in changes to the following sections of the RPS:

  • Heritage Places Register
  • RPS Zone mapping
  • Bushfire Hazard Overlay
  • Flood Prone, Storm Tide and Drainage Constrained Land Overlay
  • Habitat Protection Overlay
  • Heritage Place and Character Precinct Overlay
  • Waterways, Wetlands and Moreton Bay Overlay
  • Landslide Hazard Overlay

Part 2

Administrative Amendment Package 01/2016 includes changes to the RPS document and Planning Scheme Policy 5 – Environmental Emissions. These changes include:

  • Correct the numbering under section P3.1 of the Commercial Industry Zone Code
  • Update the Assessment Criteria for an Apartment Building in the Local Centre Zone Table of Assessment
  • Update the Flood Prone, Storm Tide and Drainage Constrained Land Overlay Code to:
    • replace out-dated references
    • clarify in the self-assessable development provisions that any building works proposed in the Storm Tide Area of the overlay map will trigger an application to Council for assessment against the overlay code
    • clarify the assessment criteria applicable to self-assessable development in the Tables of Assessment
  • In Habitat Protection Overlay Code, clarify:
    • the level of assessment for defined uses not listed in column 1
    • the terms ‘Enhancement Areas’, ‘Enhancement Corridors’ and ‘Enhancement Links’
  • Replace the redundant term ‘Private Waterfront Structures’ with ‘Canal and Lakeside Structures’ in the Canal and Lakeside Structures Overlay
  • Update references to current legislation in the Child Care Centre Use Code
  • Update inconsistent numbering in the Dwelling House Use Code
  • Update Planning Scheme Policy 5 – Environmental Emissions to reflect current legislation and standards and replace a redundant term
  • Update the Planning Scheme Notations

The amendment packages will take effect as part of Redlands Planning Scheme Version 7.1 on 17 June 2016.

The amendments can be viewed and purchased at Council’s Customer Service Centres and online at Council’s website.

For further information on the planning scheme amendments, please contact Redland City Council’s City Planning and Assessment Group on (07) 3829 8654.