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Redland City Council wants Local Governments to unite against domestic violence

Redland City Council will use October’s Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Annual Conference to call on Queensland councils to unite against domestic violence as well as lobby the State Government for tighter regulations around community residences.

The two motions were supported by councillors at yesterday’s General Meeting after being nominated by Redland City Mayor Cr Karen Williams and Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary. They will now be tabled at the 121st LGAQ Annual Conference in Gladstone, 16-18 October.

The first motion calls on the LGAQ to provide greater leadership in preventing domestic and family violence and increased support for councils dealing with domestic and family violence in their communities.

Cr Williams said she hoped the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence motion would encourage councils from across Queensland to become leaders in their respective communities in standing up to and eliminating domestic and family violence.

“Local governments are closest to their communities and I passionately believe we should all be playing an increasingly important and vocal role in leading, educating and supporting our communities to eliminate domestic and family violence,” Cr Williams said.

“We are also seeking stronger advocacy to other levels of government through a unified state and nation-wide approach to domestic and family violence.”

The second motion, which seeks improved governance and greater oversight of Community Residences, follows Council first raising concerns about Community Residences with the then Newman Government in 2013.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Cr Wendy Boglary said the three-point motion called on the LGAQ to lobby the State Government to review the present provisions around community residences.

“We are particularly concerned with accommodation facilities providing transitional services such as drug rehabilitation and parole support and reintegration for past offenders,” Cr Boglary said.

“While recognising the need for these community residences, we’d like to ensure they are located close to public transport and areas of employment, address the impacts on existing residences and are established in consultation with the local government to ensure consistency with local planning policies.

“The community has raised a number of concerns regarding these residences, particularly those in residential areas; so we will again be asking the LGAQ to request the State Government conduct an urgent review to provide greater oversight, monitoring and transparency of these services.”

Mayor Karen Williams will be joined by Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell at the 121st LGAQ Annual Conference in Gladstone in October.

Site compound marks start of $8.5m Macleay Island foreshore work

An onsite construction compound established today at the Macleay Island foreshore marks the beginning of $8.5 million of Council works to improve the foreshore.

Redland City Acting Mayor Wendy Boglary said civil construction group Pensar Civil Pty Ltd had been awarded the contract for the construction of the upgrade of the Macleay Island foreshore precinct and had established the work site.

“This is a huge project that has taken enormous effort to bring to this stage, with years or community representation, and negotiation and planning discussions with multiple agencies and stakeholders,” Cr Boglary said.

“The proposed work for the site was publicly notified for comment, including island notification display from 16 July to 4 August 2016, prior to the State Government’s approval of the project on 7 October 2016 last year.

“Major project outcomes include a new seawall and sealed car park, associated road works and marine infrastructure, a new two-lane recreational boat ramp, a third lane for a future floating walkway, and access stairs,” Cr Boglary said.

“A key element of the State Government approval for the project design is the entombment of an asbestos contaminated land site that will provide for safe management of the pollution and the added benefit of additional parking.

“While Council included in its plan capping and recovering with sand an area of beach beside the boat ramp, the State Government did not approve this.”

Cr Mark Edwards said the redevelopment would provide additional car parks and improved safety for residents.

[Link: Macleay_Island_foreshore_project_update]

“This will be a major outcome and benefit for the island community who have waited a long time for these improvements.”

The Queensland Government has also advised it would contribute more than $1.9 million towards the construction of the new recreational boat ramp from the Marine Infrastructure Fund.

A full Environmental Management Plan has been completed for the construction works including inspection and monitoring, staff training, fibre monitoring stations, equipment decontamination, and wash down procedures.

Every effort will be made to ensure minimal disruption driving construction including no loss of existing parking and the safe completion of this project for the future benefit of the community.

Raised fire alert level a call to action for Southern Moreton Bay Island residents

Redland City Council is calling on residents of Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra Islands to help ‘spring clean’ their properties, with the region’s fire alert level raised to 2 on Tuesday.

The increase in the fire alert level to 2 means temperatures are increasing, humidity is decreasing, and fuel levels are drying out, which could increase the risk of wild fires should a fire break out.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had brought forward its annual fire maintenance schedule on the SMBIs in response to the recently released Queensland Fire and Emergency Services report reviewing fire management in the Redlands.

“Council has carried out controlled burns and fire maintenance such as slashing on Russell Island in the past two weeks to help reduce fuel loads before this year’s fire season,” Cr Williams said.

“The recently released fire management review analysed how the risk of fire is managed on the and recommended Council and residents work together to make the community safer.”

Mayor Karen Williams said Council was encouraging residents to undertake maintenance of their properties to protect themselves in the lead up to bush fire season.

“Council is reducing fuel loads on all Council-owned land, but we need residents to help us by ‘spring cleaning’ their own properties and clearing them of fire hazards,” Cr Williams said.

“We’ve also been busy reviewing fire maintenance plans and access trails.

“Under Local Law 3, residents and landowners must clear overgrown allotments and unsightly accumulations of objects and materials, and fire hazards must be reduced or removed.

“Council is keen to help residents comply with the Local Laws.”

Division 5 Councillor, Mark Edwards said Council had taken a proactive approach to maintenance as recommended in the fire management review, and wants to work with residents in the lead-up to bushfire season to ensure their safety.

“The results of this review have reinforced our commitment to fire mitigation and preparation, including reducing illegal dumping and improving residents’ disaster preparedness,” Cr Edwards said.

“But we can’t do it alone. We need residents to help by cleaning up their properties and maintaining them on a regular basis.

“It’s also important to lend your neighbours a hand if you see they need help.”

Residents can dispose of their green waste at the island waste transfer stations. View the waste transfer station opening hours.

Residents can do many things to help themselves and their neighbours in the run-up to bushfire season.

Clear overgrown vegetation:

  • reduce vegetation loads along access paths
  • mow your grass regularly
  • remove excess ground fuels and combustible material (long dry grass, dead leaves and branches)
  • trim low-lying branches surrounding your home to two metres from the ground.

Maintain your house:

  • clear leaves, twigs, bark and other debris from the roof and gutters
  • buy and test gutter plugs so you can fill your gutters with water in event of a fire
  • enclose open areas under decks and floors
  • install fine steel wire mesh screens on all windows, doors, vents and weep holes
  • point LPG cylinder relief valves away from the house
  • do maintenance checks on pumps, generators and water systems
  • seal all gaps in external roof and wall cladding.

Provide access in event of a fire:

  • display your house or lot number prominently in case it is needed in an emergency
  • ensure there is adequate access to your property for fire trucks – four metres wide by four metres high, with a turn-around area.

Protect your personal safety:

  • check you have sufficient personal protective clothing and equipment
  • relocate flammable items away from your home, including woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets and garden furniture
  • check the first aid kit is fully stocked
  • make sure you have appropriate insurance for your home and vehicles
  • review and update your household Bushfire Survival Plan.

Visit the Redlands Disaster Plan website for more information to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from a disaster.

Wellington Point mural to welcome visitors from near and far

Wellington Point is now home to a new larger-than-life mural in Oceanic Street, capturing some of Redlands’ most dedicated annual visitors.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the mural, entitled ‘We visit every year’, featured bird species that migrate to Redlands, and would highlight Wellington Point as a place of leisure and visitation.

“Queensland artist, Deb Mostert has done an amazing job capturing the essence of Wellington Point with her playful and insightful take on the area’s popularity,” Cr Williams said.

“Mostert’s image explores ideas around migratory birds on an island with a vintage suitcase referencing holidays, travel over water, islands, tourism, locals, returning visitors, regulars and the bay.”

Cr Wendy Boglary and artist Deb Mostert at the newly installed We visit every year mural.

Deputy Mayor and divisional Councillor for Wellington Point Cr Wendy Boglary said the mural design had followed community consultation and was the latest in a series of public art commissioned by Redland City Council to revitalise Wellington Point Village.

“We have been gathering insights from the local community about what they would like to see in Wellington Point, and public art has been high on this list,” Cr Boglary said.

“Murals such as this boast visitation, tourism and economic growth for the area as well as raising environmental awareness.

We visit every year will add further vibrancy and colour to our streetscapes, drawing new people to the area, while celebrating some of nature’s most amazing and dedicated visitors.

“Deb went through a research process to develop her concept, spending time with the Queensland Waders Group studying local migratory species in Moreton Bay.

“The mural depicts five different wader species including the threatened Curlew Sandpiper and the Eastern Curlew which both live for six months of each year in Moreton Bay and may be seen in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands Reserve, not far from the mural site.

“These birds are a unique asset to Wellington Point, travelling thousands of kilometres across the ocean to return to their homes on our inter tidal wetlands.”

The Wellington Point Village mural project has been curated and managed by CreativeMove as part of Creative Arts Redlands’ Public Art Program.

Mural creator Deb Mostert’s arts background includes drawing, painting and small sculpture and she has an interest in photography (trivial objects, small wares, trifles).

“We need to have art that shows us that beauty, grace and truth still exist. I feel I am searching for ways to talk about these themes using gentle, offbeat narratives and a crisp aesthetic.”

For more information on arts initiatives in Redlands, visit the Redland Art Gallery website.

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Breakfast boost for Redlands school chaplaincy programs

More than 220 people attended the 15th annual Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast this morning, raising another $15,000 to support school chaplaincy programs in the Redlands.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the popular annual event, which brought the community together in a spirit of generosity and prayer, had now raised more than $115,000 since its inception.

“The Mayoral Prayer Breakfast has become a very special event for our community since it began in 2003, helping to make a real difference for local youngsters through the work of our school chaplains,” Cr Williams said.

“The chaplaincy programs provide a wonderful source of guidance and support for Redlands students to fulfil their potential, as well as opening the door to spirituality. They really do change lives, particularly for students experiencing grief and loss or those who need a hand overcoming life’s difficulties.

“It makes me proud that this annual breakfast has done so much to support that work.’’

This year’s guest speaker was Pastor Neale Collier, a chaplain at Cleveland District State High School and pastor of Mt Cotton Community Fellowship, who spoke about the value of giving our young people opportunities to develop and show compassion.

“I believe becoming an outward-facing, compassionate person is the key to overcoming adversity and gaining a sense of fulfilment in life,” he told the gathering of business leaders, government representatives, community members, local church and school leaders and students.

Pastor Collier told the stories of three local children whose lives have been transformed by their involvement in the Library Project, through which much needed books and resources are collected and shipped to schools in Vanuatu.

Cr Williams also praised the backing of local businesses and organisations, many of which continued to support the event year after year.

“Thank you again to our many generous sponsors, especially our major sponsors Lee’s Liquid Waste Services and Renaissance Retirement Living, as well as the organising committee who help make this event such a success,” Cr Williams said. “Our sponsors, like all who attended, are involved because they are invested in our community’s wellbeing.”

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams with guest speaker Pastor Neale Collier (seated) surrounded by school chaplains serving at state schools throughout the Redlands.

The 2017 Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast was also sponsored by:

  • Certified Roofing
  • Redlands Sporting Club
  • Frederik’s Accountants
  • Remax Bayside Properties
  • Beautiful Illusions
  • Vision Christian Media
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Redland Seniors Week celebrates ‘Inspiration for all ages’

Seniors Week is here again, and this year’s theme is designed to encourage older residents to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said this year’s activities, running from 17 – 27 August, were as diverse as ever.

“Events range from a 10 kilometre walk to a free variety concert showcasing Redlands’ talent, to an Awards Ceremony to recognise our most inspiring seniors for their contributions to community life,” Cr Williams  said.

“I encourage seniors to explore the programs, services, events and activities available this year.”

These include IT workshops at Council Libraries, a darts competition, a Seniors’ Golf Day and variety shows.

Seniors Week is held each year to improve attitudes to older people and ageing, get seniors involved in community life and to enhance community connections and intergenerational relationships.

“Because our city offers such a great lifestyle, we find many people over the age of 55 gravitate here,” Cr Williams said.

“That means we have an ageing population, with an increase in people aged 60 and over, from 23% of the population to 25% of the population between 2011 and 2016.

“This compares to a state average of around 18%.

“While this can pose some challenges in terms of funding services, our seniors give an enormous amount back.

“Where would we be without their contribution to community and charity organisations?

“Many work hard and bring years of knowledge, experience and skills to voluntary roles.

“On behalf of Redland City Council and all residents, I’d like to thank our seniors for their invaluable contribution to community life, and encourage people of all ages to take part in the events which have been organised to help celebrate Seniors Week.”

Check out all the Senior Week events happening across Redland City.

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Redland Art Gallery explores reinvention and transformation

Explore themes of transition and transformation at Redland Art Gallery, with Ash and Bone: Lucy Quinn and Papillon: Kim Schoenberger showing concurrently at RAG, Cleveland from Sunday 20 August to Sunday 8 October.

Explore themes of transition and transformation at Redland Art Gallery, with Ash and Bone: Lucy Quinn and Papillon: Kim Schoenberger showing concurrently at RAG, Cleveland from Sunday 20 August to Sunday 8 October.Ash and Bone is an exhibition of lead crystal sculpture and works on paper by Brisbane-based artist Lucy Quinn.

Ash and Bone has been developed through a process of collecting and responding to found objects and texture – both man-made and natural including bone, insect hives, coral and rock formations.

Image: Lucy Quinn, Architect #2 2015, kiln formed and cold-worked lead crystal. Photography by Adam McGrath and courtesy of Canberra Glassworks.

Material culture linked to personal memory are recurring sources of inspiration in Quinn’s works and she imbues meaning and power on these objects through their reinvention, arrangement and categorisation.

Ash and Bone includes new works inspired by the landscape and coastline of the Redlands and references taxonomy, evoking physical and aesthetic responses.

From Schoenberger’s acclaimed work comes the exciting display of Papillon, featuring a sea of butterflies suspended from the ceiling of the gallery counterpointed by a specimen wall in the adjoining room where hundreds of butterflies printed with abstract imagery are pinned for closer observation.

Image: Kim Schoenberger, Papillon, In the Light of Truth 2016, recycled tea bags. Photography by Tony Webdale and courtesy of the artist.

Finally, the butterfly is celebrated as a figure of fine art in the third gallery, with a beautiful collection of framed images – exploring concepts of transformation; each butterfly is created from used tea bags sourced from the community, while the title (French for butterfly) reminds us that this work invokes a new language.

Ash and Bone and Papillon events:

  • Friday 18 August: Free exhibition official opening 6.30pm at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland. Please RSVP.
  • Sunday 20 August: Free exhibition floor talks and morning tea at 10.30am, all welcome.
  • Sunday 3 September: A glass relief sculpture workshop for adults with Lucy Quinn. Limited numbers, $10 non-refundable booking fee.
  • Sunday 8 October:  A Papillon tea bag butterflies workshop for adults with Kim Schoenberger. Limited numbers, $10 non-refundable booking fee.

New Mount Cotton Skate Park Open

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams officially opened the new $600,000 Mount Cotton Skate Park today topping off a day of celebrations around the opening.

Cr Williams said the new skate park is expected to attract skateboarders from around the City and further afield.

“Today’s opening crowd was an indication of the vital role these facilities play in the community,” Cr Williams said.

“This skate park has been built to high standards, and importantly, it was designed in consultation with the community.”

“Council held extensive community consultation on the concept and construction of the skate park to ensure it becomes a well-used facility where people can come together to enjoy physical activities.

“The park has been built to provide a range of experiences and is suitable for all skill levels.”

Division 6 Councillor Julie Talty was involved in two rounds of consultation, speaking with local families and skaters about the final design.

“I can see the Skate Park is going to be incredibly popular with the children and young people of the area,” Councillor Talty said.

“The skating on display today showed incredible skill and athleticism and I am certain some of these talented young skaters will go on to great professional and amateur success.

“Council will continue to manage and monitor the park and surrounding facilities so that it remains part of a great family facility, suitable for all ages.”

People can arrive at the Skate Park at Mount Cotton Community Park, via Valley Way,

The official opening by the Mayor at 12 noon was part of several hours of entertainment for people of all ages and skating abilities.

Activities included:

  • an all-ages beginners’ session at 8.30am
  • the ‘Groms go-off’ at 10.30am with the crew from Stoke Skateboarding, featuring races, time trials and prizes for kids aged 12 and under
  • a free Barbecue from 11.30am – 1.00pm
  • a skateboard ‘demo’ by skateboard pro’s at 12.30pm featuring popular skaters Dennis Durrant, Andrew ‘Beacho’ Beauchamp, Mitch Morrison, Joel Mcilroy and Pat Dandy.

Cr Williams said the new facility complements the community facilities already available at Mt Cotton.

“It has taken a shared investment in community partnership to see this great project through to successful completion,” she said.

Hyperreal Tales visits RAG, Capalaba

Visit Redland Art Gallery this August for some Hyperreal Tales, a video installation featuring  twelve interweaving stories, drawn from the experiences and imaginations of people accessing  local health and disability services in the regional New South Wales.

Three years in development (2013-2015), Hyperreal Tales premiered at the Shoalhaven Art Centre and Regional Gallery, NSW in March 2016.

Director/choreographer of Dance Integrated Australia, Philip Channells and Sydney based filmmaker Sam James’ long-running work with 19 people between the ages of 10 – 65 has had magical results.

It all started when, as an artist in residence at Bundanon Trust in 2011 with Restless Dance Theatre, Philip Channells offered to run some dance workshops for the local community.

“At that time Bundanon was looking to develop a cohesive arts project to connect with the local health sector, a project that had a long-term vision, something that could evolve over time,” Channells said.

“Bundanon put out a call to the local networks to begin the process. It was quite flexible and open, dependent on the uptake and interest of the community.”

Over the three years that followed, the participants became inventive story tellers, using movement as a starting point, sharing their ideas and insights and participating in creative explorations.

“Making connections over a three-year period allowed us to get to know people not only as creatives who eventually became subjects of the portraits in the films, but as people living their real and sometimes imagined lives,” Channells said.

The final result was a video installation of five viewing screens with twelve interweaving stories, told through dance, images, illustrations, words and music.

Filmmaker Sam James combined location and studio shoots, using a chroma key backdrop to transport performers into virtual, hyperreal landscapes.

James said the hyperreal is pretty much standard life – the merging of the virtual and actual in our everyday lives.

“One thing I enjoy the most about working with community, most of whom wouldn’t consider themselves professional artists, is the way that experimentation through visual recording of movements, drawing, writings, objects and landscapes all mean something to someone.

“The collation of all these little parts starts to reveal deeper layers of dreams and the psychology of a person. A portrait begins to form,” James said.

The Hyperreal Tales installation format is accessible – suitable for wheel chair users – and includes captioning and audio description options.

Hyperreal Tales opens at Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba on 12 August and continues until Tuesday 3 October.

Image: Sam James, Still from Hyperreal Tales – John van Doom’s Story 2015, film still. Courtesy of the artist and Bundanon Trust.

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First sod turned on IndigiScapes expansion

The first stage of a five-year $3.7 million expansion of Redlands IndigiScapes Centre at Capalaba kicked off today with the turning of the first sod for a bigger and better native plant nursery.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and the Hon Mark Furner, Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, today turned the first sod to mark the commencement of work.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and the Hon. Mark Furner, Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships turn the first sod at the site of the new IndigiScapes nursery. They are joined by centre volunteers Jan Armstrong, Ron Dunlea, Penny White and Maureen Tottenham and nursery employee Ben Webb (second to right).

Mayor Williams said she was excited to see the IndigiScapes expansion under way after Council approved the master plan last November, and was grateful to the Queensland Government for its contribution to the first phase – the nursery upgrade.

“The IndigiScapes nursery is quite unique in that it specialises in sourcing and propagating local native plant species. That makes it a vital source of stock for Council’s ongoing planting program throughout the City,” Cr Williams said.

“But we need more room and facilities for our nursery staff and volunteers to help meet Council’s commitment to have one million native plants in the ground by 2026.”

The existing nursery will be relocated to its new site a little further away from the main centre building once the new shed, external shade structure, hot house and sales areas are completed and fitted-out early in 2018.

Division 7 Cr Murray Elliott said habitat protection and wildlife preservation went hand in hand.

“The nursery expansion will help boost supplies for our planting program, which will in turn improve our network of wildlife corridors. Planting sites will be selected to ensure plants thrive and become part of an established and self-sustaining ecosystem,” Cr Elliott said.

“I thank Minister Furner for visiting IndigiScapes to see how the State Government’s investment is being put to use. While this nursery upgrade might appear to be a discrete project, the State Government funding does in fact have a real knock on affect in Council’s capacity to meet our environmental commitments.

“IndigiScapes is a much loved community hub for Redlanders, with its many events, bush walking tracks, local botanical gardens, Bush Tucker cuisine, and  picnic and nature play area. I look forward to its transformation over the coming years,” Cr Elliott said.

The IndigiScapes nursery upgrade is jointly funded with a grant of $109,800 provided by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, and Council’s contribution of $77,200 to complete the shed and shade areas.

Cr Williams said Redlands’ traditional owners, the Quandamooka people, would play an important part in the expanded IndigiScapes Centre, which will include a Welcome to Country picnic area that offers a space for traditional dance, entertainment and talks.

“Council is currently in discussion with the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) for authentic indigenous cultural heritage experiences to be held at IndigiScapes,” Cr Williams said.