Australia Day 2018 Honours

Four Redlanders were conferred the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service yesterday at an Australia Day Honours ceremony.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said the Australian honours system is a vital part of our social fabric and helps define, encourage and reinforce our national aspirations, ideals and standards.

“Our local Australia Day 2018 Honours recipients join a prestigious list of people whose actions have set them apart and enriched our community across a broad range of professional, public and community service sectors.

“I am exceptionally proud to be Mayor of a City that boasts such outstanding individuals whose drive has delivered exceptional results in disaster management, sport, science and education,” Cr Williams said.

“As part of the 2018 Australia Day honours, three Redlanders received the Medal of the Order of Australia, and one has received the Member of the Order of Australia, which is a remarkable testament to the passion and drive within our City.

“Mr Anthony Daniel OAM was honoured because of his more than 40 years of voluntary service to emergency response organisations, in particular SES.

“In that time he has been up close and personal in some devastating events, from Cyclone Tracey in the north to storm recovery in Newcastle in the south, and the Queensland Floods of 2011 delivering rescue or support services to victims of disaster in their darkest hour.

“Ms Terene Donovan OAM has an amazing history in archery as an Olympian who represented Australia in Munich in 1972, Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984 as well as the 1988 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane and many other international and national events throughout her career.

“Dr Christos Spero OAM has lead the world in carbon capture technology and how that can be applied to coal-fired power stations, changing the discussions around the future of energy and putting Australia on the map.

“Professor Richard Wortley AM, though not in attendance yesterday, was honoured for his contribution to the fields of criminology and psychology and the development of security and crime science education.”