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Explore Material Matters at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Redlands residents will be treated to a thought provoking art exhibition when Material Matters comes to Redland Art Gallery Cleveland on Sunday 3 June 2018.

Material Matters, by acclaimed Brisbane-based artist Kay S Lawrence, includes photographic works, sculptures and video.

The artworks feature objects from the natural environment: driftwood, branches and tree trunks juxtaposed with embroidery, knitting and textiles.

Ms Lawrence said she used her art to provoke discussion, thought and community engagement.

“Through Material Matters I want to explore and re-negotiate the relationship between nature and culture,” Ms Lawrence said.

“Rather than preach to an audience and tell them how to interpret my work, I invite them to view my art and discover what it means to them.”

Having completed artist residencies in Japan, China, the United States of America, Norway and Iceland, Ms Lawrence is inspired by the natural environment.

An accountant, business woman, and mother first, Ms Lawrence began a fine arts degree in 2000, before studying honours and then achieving her PhD in 2014.

“It’s like the two hemispheres of my brain were competing for supremacy – the rational, accounting side versus the creative, artistic side. The artistic side won in the end.”

Material Matters is on at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland from Sunday 3 June until Sunday 15 July 2018.

Exhibition Opening Event.

When: from 6.30pm,  Friday 1 June

Where: Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, Cnr Middle and Bloomfield St

Floor Talk and Morning Tea

10am. Sunday 17 June at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Enjoy a morning tea and hear from Kay S Lawrence.


Koalas on the move and looking for love

Romance is in the air throughout the Redlands as koala breeding season begins, with male koalas on the move and looking for love between July and December.

With koalas migrating into new and unfamiliar territories in search for prospective mates, Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has urged the community to be mindful of the increased activity to help make sure there is no love lost.

“In addition to breeding season, it is also the time of year when last year’s juvenile koalas leave their mothers to forge their own path and find their own homes,” Mayor Williams said.

“This means there is also greater movement amongst our younger and more inexperienced koala populations, so we all need to take extra care to keep them safe by adhering to speed limits on the roads, making sure our yards are koala friendly and keeping pets inside at night.”

“Don’t be surprised if you spot koalas in unexpected places or on your own properties as they explore new ground between July and December, and if you do make any koala sightings please notify Council,” Cr Williams said.

Mayor Williams also said people could register for a visit from the Koala Detection Dogs, a unique scientific tracking program, part of Council’s five-year Koala Conservation Action Plan.

“This project is a critical first step in understanding koala density, population size, survival rates, health and genetics, and identifying important koala habitat,” Cr Williams said.

“The detection dogs will be undertaking scat surveys throughout certain suburbs, but if you see koalas in your own backyard or have a koala tree on your property you can register for a visit by contacting the Koala Population Assessment Register at IndigiScapes,” she said.

To register for a visit by the Koala Detection Dogs contact the Koala Population Assessment Register at IndigiScapes on 3824-8611 or email Once registered a staff member will be in contact in the following weeks.

For more information about Council’s Koala Conservation Action Plan visit Remember to look up whenever you’re walking around Redlands, you never know who you might see.

To help keep our koalas safe:

  • Adhere to speed limits on the roads at all times, but especially at night.
  • Keep yards koala friendly – put ‘scamper ramps’ in place to help koalas get up and over fences and out of swimming pools.
  • Keep pets restrained or inside at night.
  • Keep dogs on their leashes outside designated dog off-leash areas.
  • Record all your Koala sightings on The Atlas of Living Australia available 24/7.

The Fergies are doing it for the trees at Indigi Day Out

The Fergies are one of the headline acts at this year’s Indigi Day Out on Saturday 2 June 2018, raising awareness of veteran trees at Redland’s IndigiScapes biggest event of the year.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said Indigi Day Out and Folk Redlands Festival of Music was an iconic event on the IndigiScapes calendar, drawing crowds from across the south east region.

This year’s theme is all about the importance and value of our veteran trees that not only provide shade in the heat, and the air that we breathe, but provide sanctuary for wildlife in their old, gnarled limbs.

“We’re privileged to have renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and artist, Joe Geia performing as Indigi Day Out marks the end of National Reconciliation Week and the opening of the Quandamooka Festival,” Cr Williams said.

“The folk music provides a fantastic atmosphere under the trees, and this year’s line up with local Redland performers Mama Juju and the Jam Tarts, Diddly Squat, Noisy Plumbing and other great acts, set the tone for a fantastic day out.

“It’s our annual free family fun day featuring environmental exhibitions and folk music, so put the date in your diary and get your boogie shoes on.”

Indigi Day Out is a celebration of the Redlands’ environmental character and its cultural heritage.

Indigi Day Out

Indigi Day Out 2017

Cr Williams said nature is a great tonic for our busy and stressful lifestyles, so take the time to appreciate some of our beautiful established trees that can help ease anxieties and improve your mood.

“If you have questions about bushcare, environmental partnerships, wildlife, waste reduction, waterways, or want some tips on having a wildlife-friendly backyard, come along and talk to our knowledgeable IndigiScapes team.

“With a host of exhibits, displays and talks, as well as native plant sales, there will be something for everyone,” Cr Williams said.

Activities include Sparky Do Dah Nature Play and bushwalks, gumnut craft with local artist Karen Benjamin, weed weaving a new ephemeral hut for the playground, story cloth art, face painting including an exhibition of full body painting by Fairy Raine, and Geckoes wildlife displays for the kids.

Kick back at the end of the day with Helen Ashworth, an accomplished contemporary storyteller- in-song, who will delight with her guitar rhythms and song.

Event details

Date: Saturday 2 June 2018, 10am to 4pm
Venue: Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba
For more information and a full program, visit

State urged to fulfill Redland island ramp pledge

Redland City Council has urged the State Government to urgently fulfill its pledge to investigate building a new boat ramp at Russell Island’s Rocky Point.

It follows petitions to both Council and the State Government from island residents asking for an existing unofficial launch site at Rocky Point, on the island’s south-west coast, to be formalised.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said she was encouraged by Transport Minister Mark Bailey’s recent commitment to studies to open the way for the ramp.

But she said it was imperative that the State Government fully fund the ramp, its associated land-based infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.

“The State Government is responsible for funding recreational boating infrastructure, so we believe they should urgently complete the hydrographic investigations they have publicly committed to and get this project under way,’’ Cr Williams said.

“Redland City ratepayers have, in the past, picked up the tab for a variety of marine infrastructure which really should have been paid for by the state.

“But we cannot reasonably be expected to continue being one of the only city councils to fund marine infrastructure and so we expect the State to assume full funding responsibility for this boat ramp and its related infrastructure and maintenance.”

Local Councillor Mark Edwards (Division 5) said island residents had also raised the possibility of formalising the existing Rocky Point launch to provide an alternate evacuation route in case of uncontrolled bush fires on the southern end of the island.

“While Council’s fire review doesn’t specifically call for a formalised boat ramp at Rocky Passage I know it is a consideration for residents and I will be asking the State Government to take this into consideration.”

Cr Edwards said decisions for prioritising funding for boat ramps were made by the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Boating Infrastructure Unit, with input from Council, with other state departments involved in the process.

“The tidal flats at Rocky Point are RAMSAR listed as well as an area of State Biodiversity Significance, so permits will be needed from various state agencies for a formalised ramp to be approved,’’ he said. “Development of this site will also require significant causeway construction to ensure suitable water depth for barges and recreational boats and that’s very much a state responsibility.”

Full state funding required for $26 million SMBI marine infrastructure

Redland City Council has called for full state funding to upgrade the Southern Moreton Bay Island ferry terminals to provide a safer more reliable service to residents.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said public transport was operated and funded by the State Government and as a result it was appropriate for the State Government to fund the $26 million needed to upgrade the ferry terminals for safety reasons and to meet Federal DDA compliance.

“The original ferry terminals were constructed by the State and then transferred to Council sometime in the 1990’s and since then ratepayers have been paying for their upkeep.

“Today’s decision makes it clear that going forward the State should fund the capital cost, as well as owning and maintaining the completed ferry terminals.

Cr Williams said Redland City Council was the only Queensland Local Government Authority with ongoing responsibility for ferry terminal infrastructure on regulated Translink ferry routes (excluding Brisbane City Council).

“Apart from the precedent of State responsibility for public transport facilities, the reality is that Council does not have access to public infrastructure funding necessary to meet SMBI ferry infrastructure replacement costs; it would financially cripple out ratepayers.

“It is important to note that there is already a substantial cost to Redland ratepayers of landside works to connect this infrastructure, and that is important in the business case consideration.

“Council will continue to construct and maintain landside infrastructure such as car parks and connecting roads.”

“Redland ratepayers are currently investing $6 million in the Macleay Island Foreshore carpark is an example of landside terminal access and parking improvements Council currently funds.

“While the Weinam Creek bus ferry terminal facility has been funded by the state, there remains a major public infrastructure investment requirement for the surrounding public parking area that Council is looking to address.

Cr Karen Williams said Council has been working in partnership with the State Government for over two years to develop a business case for the much needed upgrade of the ageing terminals.

“We have appreciated this working partnership and recognition that the ferry terminals are ageing, in poor condition, overcrowded and unable to meet rising demand and lack amenity including mandated modern disability standards,“ Cr Williams said.

“The SMBI ferry terminals, located at Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra Islands, are an amalgam of jetty, pontoon and gangway structures.

“Their replacement with modern and future proof infrastructure is fundamental to our SMBI community who have been actively involved in planning for new amenities.

“This has included studies, community and stakeholder consultation, and the development of concept design.

“We are not walking away from SMBI – we are walking with them on this fundamental issue.

“We will continue to honour the current arrangement and our absolute commitment to the SMBI, and sincerely hope that the partnership with the State will continue and they will respond positively with much needed support to meet the aspirations of these important island communities.”

Historic Station Master’s Cottage approved for community use

The 129-year-old Station Master’s Cottage will receive a new lease on life after Council today agreed to allow the community to use the historic building.

The cottage was relocated last year from its former site in Middle Street to its current location in Little Shore Street after it was gifted to Council by Redlands RSL.

Under the Community Facility designation, suitable uses include:

  • Not for profit organisations
  • Social enterprise providers
  • Historical and genealogical societies
  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Or as community meeting rooms

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said she was pleased to see the cottage would be made available to the community.

“This cottage is a Cleveland icon and of historic significance to the Redlands,” Cr Williams said.

“It was built in 1889 and was within sight of the former Cleveland Central rail station.

“The cottage belongs to the community and it is appropriate that it be used to benefit community interests.”

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said expressions of interest for use of the cottage would be sought in coming months following the completion of renovation works.

“The expression of interest is expected to be advertised towards the end of 2018,” he said.

“Local community groups and organisations interested in using the premises for the benefit of the Redlands community will be encouraged to apply.”

National Reconciliation Week Council Activities 2018

National Reconciliation Week (NRW- 27 May – 3 June) is an annual celebration enabling all Australians to come together in the spirit of mutual respect. The 2018 theme is Don’t Keep History a Mystery.

During this week all Australians are invited to learn, share, and grow – by exploring our past, learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, and developing a deeper understanding of our national story.

Council is proud to offer community events and activities to celebrate NRW.

Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC)

Australian Film Series: Rabbit-Proof Fence and Ten Canoes

Saturday 2 June, RPAC Concert Hall

Rabbit-Proof Fence: 10am (non-captioned) & 12 noon (captioned) (PG)

Ten Canoes: 2pm (non-captioned) & 4pm (captioned) (M)

Enjoy two outstanding Australian films on the big screen. Tickets $8 for a single film or two films for $14. For bookings and details visit or call 3829 8131.

Redland Art Gallery (RAG) exhibitions

The Search for Warrajamba (leading up to NRW)

Until Sunday 27 MAY 2018, Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland: The Search for Warrajamba by Quandamooka artist Delvene Cockatoo-explores a generational oral story of a mermaid named Warrajamba.

Salt Marsh Whispers  (leading up to NRW)

Until Sunday 27 MAY 2018, Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland: Salt Marsh Whispers draws on artist Jo-Anne Driessens existing film archives and new works to translate history, life and dreams of place within Aboriginal culture.

The Search for Warrajamba & Salt Marsh Whispers floor talk: 10am Sunday 27 May 2018. No booking required

Gadal Gajal Bujongja QuandamookajenSalt Water Murris Quandamooka Inc

Saturday 26 May – Tuesday 10 July 2018, Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba: Gadal Gajal Bujongja Quandamookajen (Bushes and Leaves: Flora from Quandamooka Mother Earth), sees Salt Water Murris Quandamooka Inc. artists pay respect to the significance and spirit of the flora of Bujongja Quandamooka.

Gadal Gajal Bujongja Quandamookajen floor talk: Includes light lunch: 11am Saturday 26 May 2018. Bookings required to (07) 3829 8484

Saltwater Murris Quandamooka Inc. workshop: Workshop for adults with the Salt Water Murris Quandamooka Inc., 12noon – 2pm, Saturday 26 May 2018 RAG, Capalaba. Bookings essential, $10 non-refundable booking fee. Phone (07) 3829 8484

Redland Libraries

Cultural Talk with Matt Burns (Friday before NRW)  

Friday 25 May, 9.30am, Victoria Point Library: Listen to Quandamooka educator Matt Burns as he speaks about our local history, culture and artefacts. Free, bookings required through  

Bedtime Stories with Sandra Close-Delaney

Thursday 31 May, 5.30pm at Cleveland Library: Sandra will be reading her new book, Whale Dreaming – Bibunla Yalingbila in English and in the traditional Jandai language. A craft activity will follow.  Free, no bookings required.

Artwork credit: Imagecourtesy of artist from Whale Dreaming, Bibunla Yalingbila, Sandra Close-Delaney

Walker Group’s Weinam Creek proposal will not proceed

Redland City Council has announced that in conjunction with Walker Group, a decision has been made not to proceed with Walker Group’s Weinam Creek Priority Development Area project proposal.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council would instead take on the planning for the Weinam Creek area.

“Walker’s vision for the Weinam Creek development was excellent, but after considering it and consulting with Walker Group, a decision has been made not to proceed due to lack of public infrastructure in the proposal,” Cr Williams said.

“Walker Group had been active throughout the submission process, having submitted all required documentation within the allocated timeframes.

“However, there were challenges with the lack of commercial development opportunities available to fund the public infrastructure outcomes Council and the State are requiring.

“Council is committed to the rejuvenation of the area and is instead working on a plan that provides the community infrastructure the area needs and demands,” Cr Williams said.

Walker Group Queensland General Manager, Peter Saba said the company had worked hard with EDQ and Council to try to find a mutually acceptable development proposal for the PDA, but the parties had agreed this was not possible.

Mr Saba said: “Walker will concentrate its efforts on the Toondah Harbour development which will provide the Redlands community with a fabulous new bayside destination.”

Redland City Council appalled at Commonwealth land sale for housing

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the city has been blindsided by a Federal Government move to sell Commonwealth Land at Birkdale for 400 houses, labelling it as deplorable.

Cr Williams said Council had been trying to buy the land for the last three and half years to ensure it did not end up as housing but as an opportunity to equip our young people for jobs in the future economy.

For the Federal Government to suggest as part of last night’s Budget that they will now sell the land to developers was a slap in the face for the Redlands.

“This decision is completely contrary to the community’s needs and wishes and good planning showing a complete disregard for local values,” Cr Williams said.

“Council has been negotiating with the Federal Government in good faith for more than three years to purchase the land with the possibility of it being used for an educational facility or recreation to protect the property’s environmental values.

“This included indications in 2016 that the Commonwealth land owners were supportive of an off-market sale to Council with sale expected in 2017.

Councillors supported a Mayoral Minute tabled by Cr Williams at today’s General Meeting, calling for the Federal Government to rescind their decision to sell the land for housing and for Council to urgently enter into negotiations with the Federal Government to acquire the land for community use.

Cr Williams has also launched a petition on calling on the Federal Government to immediately rescind its decision and sell the property to Council off-market.

“We need the Federal Government to hear loud and clear that this land cannot be used for houses so I encourage everyone to sign the petition so there is no doubt about where the community stands on this land,” she said.

“There is the opportunity for a win-win on this if the Federal Government sells the land to Council they can still generate some return for it while ensuring it remains in public ownership.”

Cr Williams made the point the land is outside the urban footprint, showing it was not required to meet South East Queensland’s growth.

“The South East Queensland Regional Plan restricts any further reconfiguration or development of this land for an urban purpose but does allow for a range of community uses provided they are within certain thresholds.

“Someone hasn’t done their homework because the Federal Government has suggested land for housing that is not zoned for housing and is not needed for housing,” Cr Williams said.

“This smacks of a decision made in Canberra with no thought for what it means locally.

“If this land is used for houses it will be Council and our ratepayers that have to pick up the tab for the major infrastructure needed to service these unneeded homes.

“The Commonwealth should be supporting the local need and priority for locally accessible tertiary education to ensure our children are equipped for the future economy and not dispose of high value assets to prop up short term budget needs.

“This is a precious public asset that can and should be put to better public and community use and not turned into a cash cow for the budget.

“I encourage all members of the community and the region to get behind the petition and to write or call on their Federal members of Parliament to reverse this appalling decision and reconvene negotiations with Council.”

Sign the petition today!

Have your say on dogs, parking and other proposed local law amendments from 23 May

All members of the community are invited to have their say on a collection of draft local law amendments put before Redland City Council’s general council meeting this week.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the amendments were among the first to be considered since the adoption of an entire new suite of local laws in 2015 based on the State Governments model local laws.

“Suggestions for the latest batch of draft amendments were received from various sources and span a number of topics including the keeping of cats and dogs, shipping containers, shopping trolley removal and new regulated parking areas,” Cr Williams said.

“While some of the proposed amendments are purely administrative, others will have a direct impact on various member of our community.

“Community consultation is always the first step in our local law amendment process and your opportunity to provide feedback on potential changes that may affect you.

“All properly made submissions received during the 38 day consultation period – 23 May to 29 June – will be considered, before a report and revised draft amendments are returned to Council for further consideration. Should they be endorsed by Council the drafts will be submitted for review by the State Government.”

From 23 May, you will be able to view and have your say on these draft local law amendments on the Your Say Redland City website.

Alternatively, you can visit a Council Customer Service Centre (in Cleveland, Victoria Point and Capalaba) or an island library to view printed copies of the amendments and pick up a printed submission form.

Completed submission forms, or your own properly made submission, can be:

  • emailed to writing Local Law Amendments in the subject field;
  • posted to PO Box 21, Cleveland, QLD, 4163; or
  • dropped into a Council Customer Service Centre.

All submissions must be received by close of business 13 June 2018.

List of new laws or amendments

Law being amended or added Proposed change How could this affect you?
Subordinate Local Law 1.19 (Placement of Shipping Containers, Railway Carriages and Other Objects on Land) 2018 To regulate objects not defined as a building or structure under the Building Act 1975.

Why? To ensure a container, railway carriage of other object is located in accordance with appropriate zoning, design, dimension and appearance conditions.

You may have to obtain approval for location of a shipping containers and railway carriages on your land.

You may be required to keep the container or carriage in good order and condition or to remove the container or carriage by a specified date.

Local Law No 2. (Animal Management) 2015 To exempt cats from wearing registration tags

Why? Safety of the animals

Your cat won’t need to wear its registration tag any more.
Subordinate Local Law 1.5 (Keeping of Animals) 2015


To remove compassionate grounds for a third animal permit.

Why? Brings us in line with neighbouring councils.

Compassionate grounds do not have to be met in your application to keep an extra dog on your property (up from two to three).
Subordinate Local Law 1.5 (Keeping of Animals) 2015


To include a four dog permit

Why? Brings Redlands in line with neighbouring councils.

You could apply to keep four dogs if your property is 4000 m2 or larger.


Subordinate Local Law 1.5 (Keeping of Animals) 2015


To specify a fence is a physical barrier.

Why? Perceived and actual community safety.

Electric and virtual fences would need to be replaced by a physical barrier if you keep dogs.

A house would not be considered an enclosure.

Local Law 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2015 To regulate the removal of shopping trolleys from retail precincts

Why? Amenity, environmental and safety

Retailers remain responsible for trolley retrieval but you could be fined for removing a trolley from the retail precinct.
Local Law 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2015 To amend criteria for native bird feeding on residential properties

Why? So it doesn’t cause a nuisance (such as noise, waste, odour and property damage) to adjoining or nearby land.

You could be subject to a penalty (up to 50 units).
Subordinate Local Law 5 (Parking) 2015 To add regulated off-street parking areas throughout the City including North Stradbroke Island, Macleay Island, Weinam Creek, Redland Bay Victoria Point, Wellington Point and Capalaba.

Why? To allow for the regulation of specified parking in those areas, which includes the ability to prescribe enforceable parking time limits or a parking prohibition.

The impact is to provide some new regulated parking areas and to designate other off-street spaces as no parking, subject to regulation.