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Redlands Coast set to welcome young entrepreneurs

Redlands Coast will be under an international spotlight when some of the world’s most influential minds gather at Redland Performing Arts Centre on 13 September for the 2019 Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES).

Specially designed for 12- to 25-year-old students aiming to become scientists, innovators, engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs, the event will bring local and other young people face-to-face with world leading innovators, educators and entrepreneurs.

Mayor Karen Williams said Redland City Council was partnering with Logan City Council and Fiftysix Creations to stage the event, as part of the State Government’s Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP).

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams with Fifty Six Creations founder and YES organiser Taj Pabari

“ARIP sees Council engaging with Logan City Council on YES to highlight the game-changing work being done by a group of innovative, regional start-ups and entrepreneurs,” she said.

“This event also reflects Council’s strategic priority of ‘A Smart City’ by helping to facilitate innovation on Redlands Coast, further positioning us as a smart, innovative city.

“Hosting YES on Redlands Coast especially presents our local youth with a wonderful opportunity, as the event will build on the success of our innovation sector by connecting tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with today’s budding innovators.

“Innovation will play a vital role in meeting the challenges of the future and in harnessing opportunities for Redlands Coast.

“Our young people will be able to explore new ideas and collaborate with like-minded innovators, while the event itself will be a catalyst for the emergence of more young entrepreneurs on Redlands Coast.”

Logan City Council Image and Innovation Committee Chairperson and Councillor Laurie Smith said Logan City Council, a platinum partner of YES, would showcase the rapid pace in which it has embraced the start-up culture.

“Logan is the dynamic city of the future and we’ve seen many start-ups and entrepreneurs launch their ideas in our city,” Cr Smith said.

“YES will provide a platform for future innovators to network and hone their craft – who knows what concepts it will generate?

“Logan City Council is committed to supporting all enterprises that seek to enrich our economic and social landscape through innovation.”

Founder of Fiftysix Creations and 2017 Young Australian of the Year Taj Pabari said the organisation was dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to think creatively and innovatively in order to achieve entrepreneurship.

“YES will attract more than 500 students from across Australia and New Zealand to Redlands Coast to work with leading entrepreneurs and experienced mentors,” he said.

“Attendees of YES will hear just that – ‘yes, it is possible to do some extraordinary things if you have the will and determination’.

“YES will provide a platform of supportive and experienced entrepreneurs to help budding young innovators achieve their goals.”

Mr Pabari said the YES program would feature keynote speakers, panel sessions and interactive workshops.

“There will be satellite events held around YES from 13 to 18 September, with events including business-to-business networking, mentorship, investment and scaling seminars for all ages,” he said.

“All communities interested in our future leaders are encouraged to be involved both nationally and internationally.”

For more information about the Young Entrepreneur Summit on Redlands Coast, visit

Mosquito treatments ongoing at Redlands Coast

Since the recent rain, Redland City Council’s mosquito management team has been out in force and will today be undertaking aerial treatments across Redlands Coast.

A helicopter will be used to spray Birkdale (including Tingalpa Creek), Wellington Point, Thornlands, Victoria Point, Redland Bay, North Stradbroke Island and all the Southern Moreton Bay Islands as well as the uninhabited islands of Long Island, Lagoon Island, Pannikin Island, Garden Island and Peel Island, where mosquitoes are known to breed.

Ground treatments will occur simultaneously in sites where aerial application is not suitable, including Victoria Point, Cleveland, Capalaba, Thorneside, Mount Cotton, Redland Bay, Thornlands, Birkdale, Wellington Point, Macleay Island, Russell Island, Lamb Island, Karragarra Island and Coochiemudlo Island.

These treatments are safe for residents, animals and the environment.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the rain had added to the ideal mosquito breeding conditions already being experienced throughout south-east Queensland.

“Here at Redlands Coast we are especially affected by these weather conditions, with saltmarsh (Aedes vigilax) mosquitoes being endemic in our coastal environments.

“With increased mosquito numbers has come an influx of enquiries about Council’s year-round mosquito management program.

“That’s understandable with mosquitoes causing a nuisance across the Redlands due to the combination of an extended dry period over summer, astronomically high tides in February, the current warm weather and now rain.

“Council’s mosquito management team is working hard to identify where mosquitoes are currently breeding and undertaking ground and aerial treatments of these areas.

“These treatments target the newly hatched larvae (wrigglers) of mosquitoes before they can fly, as this is the most effective way to treat them.

“As the adults can fly up to 50 kilometers, treating wrigglers in their coastal breeding environments also benefits neighbouring suburbs.

“Our officers also work collaboratively with neighbouring Councils to organise aerial treatments of trouble spots along local government boundaries, such as Tingalpa Creek at Birkdale.

“To keep the community informed, Council has updated its mosquito webpage with a list of the latest mosquito treatments, including the dates and suburbs treated.

“While Council undertakes year round mosquito management, I urge residents to protect themselves during peak breeding season (November to April) by covering up, wearing light coloured, long loose-fitting clothing and using insect repellent.

“As well as listing mosquito treatments, Council’s website offers practical advice to follow if mosquitoes are a problem in your area.”

For more information, visit Council’s mosquito webpage .

Citizenship ceremony celebrates cultural diversity

Redlands Coast was enriched by 77 new Australians during last night’s citizenship ceremony at the Redland Performing Arts Centre.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the city’s newest Australian citizens, originating from 14 different countries, have enhanced the rich heritage of Redlands Coast.

“Census figures show that almost half of our residents identify with another culture,” Cr Williams said.

“Our increasingly diverse community has become one of our greatest assets and it is the differences and contributions of our new Australian citizens that help make Redlands Coast the great place it is.

“Many people are attracted to Redlands Coast because of its breathtaking natural scenery and bayside location, but what makes the Coast an exceptional place to live is our community.

“We have bountiful opportunities here for our community to learn in exceptional educational facilities, work close to home and raise our children in a safe environment.

“These opportunities make Redlands Coast the best place to live, work and play, along with our city of unique villages, islands, and about 335kms of coastline providing naturally wonderful experiences for residents and visitors.”

Last night’s Master of Ceremonies was Division 3 Councillor Paul Golle, with Division 8 Councillor Tracey Huges assisting in the presentation of certificates to the new citizens, whose origins included China, Denmark, England, Fiji, Germany, India, Iraq, Nepal, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.

Photos of last night’s citizenship ceremony:

Dîner en Rouge tickets released for sale

Tickets are now on sale for the annual Dîner en Rouge – Mayor Karen Williams’ premier fundraiser event to support Redlands Coast residents affected by domestic and family violence.

Now in its fifth year, the event has helped raise more than $260,000 since its inception.

Cr Williams urged people to support the gala event and enjoy a night of exceptional dining and entertainment while helping others in need.

“Dîner en Rouge shines a light on the serious social issue of family and domestic violence,” she said.

“This event stresses the important message that we as a community must join forces to speak out against this crime.”

Cr Williams said this year’s Dîner en Rouge would again be held at a location undisclosed to participants until they arrived.

“By not revealing the location we reflect the secrecy that often shrouds incidents of domestic and family violence,” she said.

“Sadly, our city accounts for about three per cent of all domestic and family violence protection orders applied for across Queensland.

“That is more than 600 a year – more than 12 each week – and that is just the reported cases.

“Who knows how many others suffer in silence?”

Cr Williams said Dîner en Rouge was held during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, with all proceeds going towards helping Redlanders affected by the issue.

“We still need to do more – we need to educate our community and raise awareness of existing, enhanced and new services on offer,” she said.

Cr Williams also encouraged people to consider sponsoring the event or donating items for a silent auction, with details available on Council’s website at

Event details

What: Dîner en Rouge – an annual fundraiser to help Redlands Coast residents affected by domestic and family violence.

  • Master of ceremonies: Heather Foord.
  • Guest speaker: Rebecca Poulson – a domestic violence  prevention advocate with a powerful story to tell.
  • Entertainment: Tenori, Honey Music, Redland City Choir and others.

When: From 4.30pm, Saturday 18 May 2019.

Where: It’s a secret! Meet at Redland Performing Arts Centre, 2/16 Middle Street, Cleveland.

Who: Business leaders, government representatives, community groups and the general public.

Dress code: Formal attire with a red and white theme – red is for Redlands Coast and white is to acknowledge White Ribbon Day, the national campaign to stop violence against women.

Tickets: $175 each or $1700 for a group of 10 tickets (includes GST).

Purchase –

  • Online from the Redland Performing Arts Centre
  • By telephone during business hours on 3829 8131.
  • In person at Redland Performing Arts Centre 2/16 Middle Street, Cleveland from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday; 10am to 1pm Saturday.

Redland City Council is proud to partner with local Zonta clubs, Soroptimist International, Rotary Club of Cleveland, Redland Foundation and other local domestic and family violence service advocates on this important event that helps give a voice to those who need it most.

For more information, visit

Illuminated signage alerts motorists to flooded roads

Redland City Council has installed automated illuminated flooded road signage at two Redlands Coast locations that experience flash flooding during rainfall events and severe weather.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the solar-powered signs – located at Avalon Road, Sheldon and the corner of Pitt and Nelson roads, Birkdale – would provide an early warning system to motorists who came across flooded roads before Council had time to put temporary warning signage in place.

“Certain areas of Redlands Coast can be prone to rapid onset flooding, often resulting in treacherous conditions forming before hazard signage can be placed,” Cr Williams said.

“It makes sense to have an automated solution where roads are known to go under.

“The system includes a dual-float signalling device placed at the creek crossing and one sign at each side of the crossing with a third sign if the crossing is a T-intersection.

“When the signs are activated, they will update Council’s publicly available online Disaster Dashboard to reflect the localised flooding.

“SMS and email messages will also be sent to notify on-call Council staff.”

Cr Tracey Huges, Cr Wendy Boglary, Mayor Karen Williams and Cr Julie Talty at the Avalon Road creek crossing

Councillor for Division 6 Julie Talty said she welcomed the signage at Avalon Road, Sheldon, which has also been fitted with a camera to broadcast the real-time status of the creek crossing back to Council.

Councillor for Division 1 Wendy Boglary said a third dual-float signaling device has been installed without signage on Allan Day Drive, Wellington Point at the northern end of Sovereign Waters Lake.

“It will also notify Council staff and the Disaster Dashboard when water is over the road and local residents will be able to opt-in to a text messaging service,” she said.

Councillor for Division 8 Tracey Huges said the automated signs on the corner of Pitt and Nelson roads, Birkdale would help to reduce the risk of vehicles being inadvertently driven into flooded waters and being washed off the road.

“This new technology will be a great help during severe weather, when resources are already stretched,” Cr Huges said.

Mayor Karen Williams, Councillor of Division 6 Julie Talty, Councillor for Division 1 Wendy Boglary and Councillor for Division 8 Tracey Huges inspect the newly installed illuminated automated flooded road signs at Avalon Road, Sheldon with Council officers and contractors working on the project.

Council has received $58,500 from the Queensland Reconstruction Authority towards the installation of signs at four locations across Redlands Coast under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

Visit Council’s Disaster Dashboard for information on how to prepare, respond and recover from natural disaster.

Thompson’s Beach re-opens for swimming

Redland City Council has today re-opened Thompson’s Beach, Victoria Point, which was temporarily closed after routine monitoring showed elevated levels of enterococci bacteria.

Thompson’s Beach is again suitable for swimming and other recreational water activities, in accordance with Healthy Waterways Healthy Waterplay guidelines.

Recent sampling has confirmed that the bacteria – which is often found in waterways and can cause mild illnesses such as stomach upsets and infections – is no longer at high levels.

The beach will continue to be monitored though routine sampling as part of Council’s recreational water quality monitoring program.

Council to consult with island community over aquatic centre

Redland City Council has responded to requests from the Russell Island community and will consult with island residents on the future use of Bay Islands Aquatic Centre, on Russell Island.

Councillors today supported a Notice of Motion from Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards asking Council to engage with the community during the negotiation of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to operate the pool from next year.

“While the State Government Department of Education and Training owns the aquatic centre, Council operates it under a MOU, which expires in April 2020,” Cr Edwards said.

“Following today’s decision we will engage with the Southern Moreton Bay Islands community about their needs in relation to the future use of the pool.”

Deputy Mayor Lance Hewlett said Council had listened to the island residents’ requests about the pool’s opening hours but under the current MOU, the Department, as owners of the aquatic centre, had priority use of the pool for education purposes.

“The pool may be opened for community use outside of those times,” Cr Hewlett said.

“The agreement was formalised in 2015 and stipulates that Council will operate and manage the pool in accordance with the terms and conditions set out within the agreement.

“The pool operates seasonally, opening at the start of the September school holidays each year and closing at the end of the following April school holidays.”

Cr Edwards said Council has trialled extending the school holiday hours to 84 hours per week, opening from 6.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Sunday.

“This is an increase over the 69 hours that were in operation last season, with only a small increase in patron intensity,” he said.

“The minor increase in patronage did not support the additional operational costs incurred by Council; and the outcomes of the increased hours trial, including the costs, rostering of staff and the increased level of usage, are being reviewed.”

Cr Edwards said school holiday hours were able to be extended under the MOU as the Department did not require the pool for school use at that time.

“Should Council enter into a new MOU with the Department, it will be after consulting with the island community,” he said.

Council calls for State Government to consult with community and Councils on proposed changes to Local Government legislation

Redland City Council is calling on the State Government to consult with the community over proposed changes to Local Government legislation, including plans for compulsory preferential voting at next year’s Council elections.

Mayor Karen Williams said the community deserved to see the draft Bill and learn what it meant for them prior to it being tabled in State Parliament.

“These new, proposed changes include compulsory preferential voting at the next Council elections,” she said.

“The community needs to be consulted on outcomes of such changes which could possibly dilute the independence of local Councils.

“These are significant changes and it is only right the community has a chance to have their say, which is what Council has called for today.

“We have also suggested the State undertake a detailed education campaign to avoid confusion when residents head to the polls.”

Cr Williams said that with no community engagement or compelling case for the proposed changes, Council held concerns about the reason for the proposed changes and what other changes the State Government might be considering as part of the Bill that was currently being drafted.

“While there have been other recent changes made to Local Government legislation, they originated from the recommendations of the formal reviews conducted into the last Council elections,” Cr Williams said.

“However, recent correspondence from the State Government, plus media reports, indicate additional proposed changes to Local Government legislation beyond the recommendations of the Belcarra report and 2016 election review.”

Deputy Mayor Cr Lance Hewlett said the decision was a sign of unity for the community.

“Council exists to serve our community and a big part of that is doing what we can to ensure they are informed and educated about changes that have the potential to affect them,” he said.

“Proposing these changes without first consulting with the community is in conflict with the principles of the Local Government Act 2009, specifically the principle of ‘transparent and effective processes, and decision making in the public interest’.

“The State Government owes this to the Redlands Coast and wider Queensland communities.”

Cr Williams said Redland City Council would:

  • Call on the Queensland Government to release to the community the proposed Bill on the intended changes to the Local Government Act and Local Government Electoral Act.
  • Write to the Premier and Minister for Local Government, expressing opposition to the Bill being tabled in State Parliament without any consultation with the community or directly with individual local councils.
  • Call on the State Government to delay the tabling of any Bill proposing changes to the Local Government Act and Local Government Electoral Act until they have consulted with the community, including undertaking a community education program that explains what the proposed changes mean to the community.
  • Write to the Local Government Association of Queensland in support of its calls for greater transparency from the State Government to the Queensland community in regard to the proposed legislative changes.

Unleash your creativity at RPAC’s free open day

Redland Performing Arts Centre will celebrate its 11th birthday this weekend with an Open Day that is set to provide plenty of fun for the whole family.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the RPAC Open Day would include puppet making, fibre weaving and circus skills lessons, as well as the chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on back stage.

“RPAC turns 11 years old this month and what better way to celebrate than with an open invitation to the community to enjoy some fun artistic activities and performances by some of RPAC’s in-residence groups,” Cr Williams said.

“This will also be a great opportunity for residents to take a back stage tour of the areas not typically open to the public.

“From the control room to the rehearsal spaces, RPAC’s Creative Art’s Manager Zane Trow will show you a different side of RPAC and give you a glimpse into its history – you’ll even get the chance to feel what it’s like to walk across the RPAC stage.”

As well as the creative family activities on offer throughout the day, Redland Sinfonia will share some of their favourite orchestral pieces during their open rehearsal and Redland City Choir will lift your spirits with their choral recital and sing-along.

Members from each of these groups will also be available during the day to chat about their plans for the coming year.

No bookings are required.

For large groups interested in a back stage tour, contact the RPAC box office on 3829 8131.

Event details:

RPAC Open Day

  • Date: Sunday 10 March, 10am–4pm
  • Venue: 2-16 Middle Street, Cleveland
  • Cost: Free entry


  • Redland Sinfonia open rehearsal, 12pm
  • Redland City Choir sing-along, 3pm


  • Circus Workshops, 10am – 12pm
  • Puppet Making and Weaving Workshops, 10am – 2pm

For more information, contact the RPAC Box Office on 3829 8131 or visit

Redlands Coast welcomes Gifu delegation

Redlands Coast this week welcomed a medical delegation from Japan, with the group’s official itinerary including visits to some of the City’s key healthcare service providers.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the visit from 12 students and two staff from Gifu Medical Science University was the latest milestone in efforts to grow the local economy through strong relationships with international delegations.

Gifu medical delegation from Japan with Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and Deputy Mayor Lance Hewlett

“In 2017, I had the honour of visiting Gifu Medical Science University, and this delegation has been an opportunity to reciprocate the warm welcome I received on that visit,” Cr Williams said.

“International delegations play an important role in growing our local economy, and I believe the Redlands Coast is the best location for them to experience Australia.

“The Gifu Medical Science University visit closely aligns with Council’s key actions to grow international education and develop a Health and Education Precinct in our City.

“The students and staff will be visiting Finncare, Redlands and Mater hospitals and TAFE during their stay, with particular focus on Redlands birth, radiology and general nursing units.

“Knowledge-sharing between those on Redlands Coast and Gifu Medical Science University benefits both communities.

“Discussing the differences and similarities between health care in our two nations creates enormous potential to acquire new skills and information, and unlock innovation.”

Cr Williams said this week’s visit followed a 2018 visit from four key professionals from Gifu University and three highly successful delegations from Kani City, Japan in previous years.