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Nominations open for Redlands Coast Australia Day awards

It’s time to recognise inspirational Redlands Coast residents who generously give their time to make our region the best it can be.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said nominations are now open for the 2020 Australia Day Awards, which recognise the outstanding contributions made by people of all ages to our city.

“Every year we are amazed at the efforts of those who make the lives of others in our community better,” she said.

“These awards are a nod to all the work, passion and initiatives that key individuals and groups give in making Redlands Coast a more positive place.

“Whether they’re a tireless community advocate or long-serving volunteer, their dedication and sense of civic pride deserves to be recognised.

“Community groups and individuals are encouraged to step up and nominate our everyday champions who have given selflessly to the community.

“I encourage anyone who knows a neighbour, friend, family member or colleague who is deserving of recognition through an Australia Day award to nominate them so we can celebrate and recognise their contribution.”

Online nominations are now open for these award categories:

  • Citizen of the Year Award
  • Young Citizen of the Year Award (30 years and under)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year Award (60 years and over)
  • Local Hero Award
  • Community Organisation Award
  • Cultural Award
  • Environment and Sustainability Award
  • Sports Award
  • Reconciliation Award

To make a nomination, visit

Nominations close on November 29 2019 and the Redlands Coast Australia Day Awards presentation for finalists will be held in January 2020.

Redlands Coast improves its water quality rating

Redlands Coast improves its water quality rating

Redlands Coast waterways have seen a modest environmental improvement according to this year’s Healthy Land and Water Report Card.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a steady Waterway Benefit Rating of 3.5 stars and improved catchment conditions of C+ (up from a C last year) showed the work being done across the city was yielding results.

“We know Redlanders love their local waterways and Council is committed to supporting their health so locals and visitors can continue to benefit from and enjoy all that they bring to our city,” Cr Williams said.

“While we know our creeks experience low oxygen and higher nutrient levels during dry weather, the report card shows a drop in pollutant load in the catchment from high to very low due to reduced sediment (mud),” Cr Williams said.

“Local stream bank vegetation is good and the extent of our wetland habitats made up of mangroves and saltmarshes, were rated excellent.

“Council also has an active erosion and sediment control program for development sites which seems to have contributed to the improved result.”

Cr Williams said the 2019 Healthy Land and Water Report Card also showed the high value residents placed in their local waterways.

“The health of our local waterways is not only the responsibility of Council and other levels of government, the community plays an important role and it is reassuring to see the high value our community places on our local waterways,” she said.

“The report shows 67 per cent of residents are satisfied with their local waterways, compared to 58 per cent across South East Queensland.

“In addition almost half of the residents surveyed use local waterways for recreational purposes at least monthly, for walking/running, enjoying nature, cycling, picnics and swimming.”.

“Council is also a member of the Resilient Rivers partnership across South East Queensland, which recognises the connection between waterways across the region,” Cr Williams said.

“Resilient Rivers is all about working with our neighbours to ensure the rivers and waterways that traverse the region are cared for and we have been waiting on the State Government to commit to a framework that supports this work.

“This annual benchmarking by Healthy Land and Water shows the need for a regional approach to waterways health and I will continue to advocate through the Council of Mayors (SEQ) for this approach.”


Keep watch for koalas as temperatures heat up

Redlands Coast residents have been urged to keep a lookout for active koalas who may be seeking an alternative water supply during long spells of hot, dry weather.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while koalas are known to get most of their hydration from the leaves they eat, it’s not unusual for them to search for water on the ground.

“Although mostly active at night and around dawn and dusk, koalas can be seen moving during the day if they are disturbed, get too hot or cold, or need to find a new tree,” Cr Williams said.

“As summer temperatures heat up, I ask all residents to keep watch for active koalas, especially near roads.”

Cr Williams said anyone who found a koala in distress or injured contact  the Wildlife Rescue Service on  3833 4031 which is  a 24 hours a day service.

“As summer draws nearer koalas are not only susceptible to the heat but they are also in their main breeding season, an important time for the local koala population,” she said.

“Council is committed to doing all we can to support our local koala population, including funding the Wildlife Rescue Service,  and I encourage anyone who comes across a sick or injured koala to contact them.”

To help keep our koalas safe:
• Be alert and adhere to speed limits on the roads at all times, but especially at night.
• Keep yards koala friendly – put ‘scamper ramps’ in place to help koalas get up and over fences and out of swimming pools.
• Keep pets restrained or inside at night.
• Keep dogs on their leashes outside designated dog off-leash areas.
• Record all your Koala sightings on The Atlas of Living Australia available 24/7.

For more information about Council’s Koala Conservation Action Plan visit Council’s website.

Council to launch Expression of Interest for old DAF site

Redland City Council will invite public expressions of interest to activate part of the old Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) site following a decision in yesterday’s Council meeting.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had purchased the old DAF site last year and the Expression of Interest (EOI) process would look to generate community and economic benefits while complementing the site’s environmental character.

“This is a beautiful property that has important environmental character as well as great potential for tourism uses,” Cr Williams said.

“Council will be looking for submissions that support the site’s current natural appeal while also delivering benefits to the city such as nature based tourism, camping or glamping.”

Cr Williams said through the EOI process Council would encourage submissions that also delivered community infrastructure that could be used by the broader community, such as a water park and recreational trails connecting nearby recreational areas.

“This property is surrounded by some amazing walking and riding trails and Council will welcome any submissions that help to extend those trails, as well as delivering other recreational uses such as water parks,” Cr Williams said.

Division 7 Councillor Cr Murray Elliott said the EOI process was an exciting step in opening up the property for community use.

“Council has had its eye on this property for the community for a number of years, so it’s exciting that we can now start looking at what it can be used for and what it can deliver for the city,” he said.

“The site is almost 67,000 m2 and is zoned conservation with about half the land already cleared.  Council’s EOI will seek to protect the existing trees and activate the cleared areas.

“Council’s City Plan supports uses such as short-term nature-based tourism that celebrate the property’s local ecosystem, while allowing tourists to experience a naturally wonderful visit to Redlands Coast.”

The EOI will be publically advertised, with community feedback to be invited on the submissions.

Weinam Creek car park works commence

Construction works commenced this week (Monday 21 October 2019) for the new car park on Moores Rd, Redland Bay within the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area (PDA) project.

Redland City Council-owned subsidiary Redland Investment Corporation is working with Council to develop the car park within the PDA project.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the exciting project would provide valuable infrastructure for the community, including the ground level car park with a boardwalk and a footbridge connecting the Moores Road site to the Redland Bay Marina.

“Anyone who has been down to Weinam Creek knows how popular it is and so Council has listened to the community and is working to help meet the high demand for car parking,” she said.
“The final design plans for the overall masterplan and future stages of the project are currently being finalised and will include secure car parks and a multi-deck car park within the Redland Bay Marina precinct.

“Once the Moores Rd car park is complete it can be used for parking, allowing work to start on the extra car parking at the ferry terminal, which will provided additional parking for both island and mainland residents.”

Division 5 Councilor Mark Edwards said the footbridge will provide more direct access to the marina, accommodating foot traffic and bicycles as well as mobility scooters.

“Once the footbridge has been constructed, it will take on average five to ten minutes to walk from the ferry terminal to the car park,” he said.

“Other features of the plan include improved drop off and storage facilities for residents, more than 21,000sq m of new public open space, the rejuvenation of 46,920sq m of existing parkland, new pedestrian and cycle ways and the construction of a new public boat ramp.

“There will also be mixed use and medium density residential development, retail and commercial spaces including cafes, restaurants and grocery outlets, as well as the potential for a health precinct for mainland and island residents,” Cr Edwards said.

Cr Williams said the Weinam Creek PDA project provided a valuable opportunity to showcase the area as a community focal point and a regional gateway to the islands as well as creating jobs and supporting economic development within the region.

The construction of the stage one car park on Moores Road is expected to take approximately six months to complete, with plans for the new car park to be open to the public in April 2020.

Council announces review into investment company

Redland City Council will undertake a review of its investment arm Redland Investment Corporation (RIC) following a decision in today’s General Meeting.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the time was right for a review to ensure RIC continued to deliver benefits for the Redlands Coast community.

“It is now five years since RIC was formed so it makes sense for Council to have a look at it to ensure it is delivering for the community,” she said.

“In that time RIC has delivered $2 million in dividends to the Redlands Coast community and delivered and started some important projects that will support the future of our city.

“This includes work starting this week on the Weinam Creek project which will deliver vital community infrastructure.

“At the same time the expectations of Council and the community have evolved and this review will ensure Council continues to meet these expectations.”

Cr Williams said the review would also respond to changes in the local and State Government landscape.

“There has been a great deal of discussion regarding Council controlled entities in other cities, including detailed reports into their operation and governance.
“This review will consider these learnings, along with what is the best business model to deliver for the future of the community.”

Cr Williams said all current RIC projects would continue, with the report to be delivered in time for an incoming Council to consider.

Greener roads for Redlands Coast

Redland City Council is pioneering a process that turns plastic bottles and other waste into new, high-quality roads.

In a Queensland first, Council is working with leading recycler Alex Fraser and Suncoast Asphalt to resurface a 1km stretch of Princess Street, Cleveland, with Green Roads PolyPave, an innovative, high-performance asphalt product containing reclaimed plastics.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that, in keeping with Council’s strong focus on sustainability, it was hoped the pilot project would lead to many more roads being built and resurfaced using reclaimed materials.

“Roads are big business for Council, so if we can find a better way to build and maintain them using sustainable materials while removing waste from landfill that would be a major coup,” Cr Williams said.

“This is very much part of Council’s vision for our naturally wonderful Redlands Coast, so we are excited to be at the forefront of greener road building and the environmental benefits that can bring.

“This project will see around 933 tonnes of reclaimed asphalt and about 90,000 hard plastics, such as the milk and shampoo bottles you place in your yellow-lid recycling bins, become part of Princess Street – the equivalent of about nine months of kerbside recycling collected from that street.

“I have been working with the Australian Local Government Association to investigate these sort of innovative solutions for years and I am pleased this work is delivering value for the community.”

Alex Fraser and Suncoast Asphalt general manager Brendan Camilleri said this was a prime example of how circular economy could be achieved with local government, industry and community working together to recycle waste and invest in recycled materials to build new, sustainable infrastructure.

“Redland City Council’s progressive approach to the use of sustainable material is paving the way for Queensland. This is an outstanding example of how local government can harness recycling to build and maintain their cities, and reduce their projects’ carbon footprint by up to 65 per cent,” Mr Camilleri said.

He said Green Roads PolyPave was also a more durable product which lasted longer than regular asphalt, bringing long-term costs benefits.

“When we incorporate recycled plastics into Green Roads PolyPave it becomes part of the DNA of the road, meaning there is no issue with micro-plastics entering the environment.

There is also an enormous carbon saving, with the process producing 43 per cent less CO2 emissions when compared with conventional asphalt,” he said.

“The addition of other recycled ingredients, such as reclaimed asphalt pavement, along with our energy-saving production methods further increases CO2 savings”.

The resurfacing, between Bloomfield and Passage streets, is due to be completed on November 8, weather willing.

A Smart New Future for Redlands Coast

Redlands Coast businesses and residents have a chance to shape the future of the city with the launch of Redland City Council’s public engagement on the Redlands Coast Smart and Connected City Strategy.

Mayor Karen Williams said with technology and data rapidly changing the way governments delivered vital services, Council was developing a Smart and Connected City Strategy that would put Redlands Coast at the forefront of intelligence, productivity and sustainability.

“The Smart and Connected City Strategy will help make Redlands Coast more liveable, more efficient and a more vibrant place to live, do business and enjoy life,” she said.

“We already know Redlands Coast is the best city in the best state in the best country but we are determined to make it even better.

“By embracing technology and using readily available data more effectively we can transform the way we deliver services and strengthen our position as the jewel in the south-east Queensland crown.”

Cr Williams said the Redlands Coast Smart and Connected City Strategy would explore how to embrace the digital revolution and would look at how Council could better use data to deliver more and improved services.

“The strategy will seek new ideas on how we can collaborate with innovators, investors, researchers and local businesses to grow the digital economy and build its innovation capacity,” she said.

“We want to hear from business and the community on how we can use innovations like wireless networks, the Internet of Things, real time information, crowd-sourced solutions and new mobile apps to improve the way we do things for local residents and businesses.

“By taking part in our Smart and Connected City community engagement, everyone can have a say in the Redlands Coast of the future.”

For more information and to have your say on the Redlands Coast Smart and Connected City Strategy and help shape the future of our city visit

Redland SES honoured with nine regional awards


The Redland State Emergency Service (SES) has picked up nine of 14 awards handed out at the 2019 Queensland Regional SES Awards ceremony in Brisbane.

Mayor Karen Williams said the result reflects the outstanding efforts of Redlands Coast SES volunteers whose dedication in keeping residents safe during time of disaster has been richly rewarded.

“I am sure the community will join with me in congratulating the Redland SES Unit for winning so many awards at last weekend’s ceremony held to honour SES members around the state,” she said.

“We are very lucky to have one of the hardest working, community minded SES teams in Queensland here on the Redlands Coast to protect residents during floods, fires and other natural disasters.’’

The awards, held during Queensland SES Week (October 12-19) provide an opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to all SES members and honour those for their length of service or exceptional performance throughout the year.

Cr Williams said to take home nine of 14 awards is an extraordinary result and include  Regional Operational Response of the Year, Regional SES Unit of the Year and Regional SES Member of the Year.

“For many of us, we don’t think about how much hard work goes in to training for the SES, until we need them,” she said.

“Our SES is about people helping people and I also pay tribute to the families they leave behind to rush out and respond to a community in distress.

“I thank you for all your training, dedication and willingness to help and congratulate you once again for an outstanding result.”

Regional Awards collected are:

  • Operational Response of the Year for providing operational support during the North Stradbroke Island fires.
  • Regional Unit of the Year 2019 for outstanding service and operational support to the local, regional and state communities. 
  • Regional Member of the Year 2019: Tim Willis for distinguished service to the SES through his exemplary efforts in providing peer support and operational response to the Unit and the Redland community.   

Individual Awards were also won by the following Redland SES team members for special contribution to the service.

  1. Gemma Kuhn. For exemplary efforts to provide innovative and practical training, administration and operational support.
  2. Robert Hurren. For dedicated, tireless service in maintaining operational readiness and providing flood boat resources.
  3. Helen McKenna. For leadership to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands Group and the islands’ community.
  4. Christopher Evans. For maintaining a high level of operational readiness and providing support to all members.
  5. Daniel Tuckwood. For thorough the provision of continuous training.
  6. Justin Kirkby. For exceptional dedication and commitment in developing members’ skills.

Three members of the Redlands SES Unit also received the following medals in recognition of years served.

  • SES Meritorious Service Medal for 10 years of service: Daniel Tuckwood.
  • Meritorious Service 1st Clasp for 15 years of service: Alex Johnson
  • Meritorious Service 1st Clasp for 20 years of service: Anne-Marie Bennett.

Redlands SES has also been nominated for a number of accolades at the State SES Awards to be held next weekend.



Bargains galore at Redlands Coast largest Garage Sale Trail

More than 70,000 bargains are just waiting to be snapped up at the 2019 annual Redlands Coast Garage Sale Trail to be held this weekend.

The number of garage sales registered for the trail are so far more than double the amount last year and include residents, schools and community groups all offering pre-loved reusable goods.

Mayor Karen Williams said more than 3,000 Redlands Coast residents are expected to hit the trail this year to buy good quality cheap items.

“Everyone loves a bargain and we know from past Garage Trails that the most popular goods are furniture, baby items, toys, garden equipment, clothes, sporting gear and collectables like old vinyl records,” she said.

“I urge all shoppers to start mapping their sale trail now and get in early to find the best bargains.

“Many of those who have registered will list items they have up for sale so shoppers can get a good idea of what’s available.

‘Every item that finds a second life is one less item going to landfill, and that’s a win for everyone.”

Cr Williams said it’s great to see so many community groups get involved this year in what is set to be the largest ever second hand event for Redlands Coast.

“Some of the registered groups include Lions and Rotary Clubs, Redland District Committee on the Ageing and Macleay Island’s Renegades Men’s Shed.

“Every garage sale makes a difference with more than 34,000 kilograms of items expected to be diverted from landfill.”

Shoppers can search for local sales at