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Redlands Coast business response ‘exceptional’

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has applauded local businesses that have quickly adapted to meet demand for medical-grade equipment and sanitiser during the COVID-19 response.

Cr Williams said a group of Redlands Coast businesses including Cleveland manufacturers Shine Precision Industries, Asterisco Group, Alchemy Cordials and Dye-Pac and Capalaba’s Freelance Robotics had been exceptional in the way they had rapidly evolved.

“They and others like them are great examples of how Redlands Coast businesses have been creative, innovative and flexible in the face of the coronavirus pandemic,” Cr Williams said.

“They identified what was needed and what they needed to do to ensure the health of their businesses and the community and that is commendable.”

Cr Williams, who visited the Enterprise Street businesses Shine Precision and Asterisco Group on Thursday to say thank you on behalf of Redlands Coast, said Council had developed a suite of measures to help local businesses get through the pandemic.

“These range from advice and assistance in accessing federal and state financial support to targeted grants and financial hardship assistance,” Cr Williams said.

“Council is also boosting its ‘buy local’ preference, which is already having results with a four per cent increase in local spend in the last three months.

“We are also seeking to bring forward more than $60 million in infrastructure spending to recharge the local economy.

“We need our local businesses and employers to succeed for everyone’s sake, which makes it so pleasing to see businesses like Shine Industries, Asterisco, Alchemy Cordials, Dye-Pac and Freelance Robotics respond so brilliantly.”

Shine Precision Industries’ Ian Boileau said his company, which is heavily involved in the aerospace and defence sectors, identified Australia’s vulnerability to extreme shortages of medical supplies and immediately geared up to produce about 2000 medical-grade face shields and masks a week on a “not for profit basis”.

“We also see a huge opportunity and need for medical equipment supplies, now and post-Covid-19,” Mr Boileau said.

“We have established ourselves on Redlands Coast as a company that has a huge apprenticeship program, and plans for extensive growth, which in turn means hiring of more staff. Training and growth of our staff is our highest priority.”

Asterisco Group’s Brendan Armstrong, whose company manufactures leading international hygiene, sanitation and coatings brands, said the group was able to team with Enterprise Street neighbours Alchemy Cordials to produce a 65 percent alcohol gel-based hand sanitiser.

“Production of this under the Asterisk Hygiene banner is planned to be ongoing and a long lasting partnership is expected with Alchemy Cordials,” he said.

“We also have further products to announce in coming weeks to support the narrative of ‘The Power is in Your Hands’.”

Freelance Robotics, which specialises in the development of automation and mechatronics products, has been assisting with the provision of personal protective equipment and pandemic management technology.

Dye-Pac, which manufactures printing dyes and inks, has repurposed some capabilities to produce clinical-grade hand sanitiser spray.

To stay connected with what’s happening locally during the current situation, go to or, for health issues, visit

Use of fire pits on Redlands Coast

On Redlands Coast fire pits are allowed as long precautions are taken to prevent the spread of fire. This means the fire pit:

  • Cannot exceed 2m in width or length
  • Must be enclosed to prevent the escape of fire or any burning material
  • Must not cause a smoke nuisance, and
  • Is lit outdoors for the purpose of cooking or warmth

For more information: Council’s Smoke Nuisance Factsheet for Open Air Fires

Russell Island night water works Friday 1 May to Saturday 2 May 2020 (overnight)

Seqwater is undertaking water supply maintenance on High Street, Russell Island on Friday night, 2 May (weather permitting). During works some island residents may experience temporary loss of supply/low pressure. Tap water may be discoloured for a short time after the work. Enquiries can be directed to Seqwater 1300 737 928.

For more information about discoloured water visit

Council’s grants program to address COVID-19 crisis

Redland City Council has released a $370,000 grants package to support local community organisations and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mayor Karen Williams said the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Program followed a Council decision to repurpose existing grants within this year’s remaining budget to help meet some of the financial challenges arising for community groups and businesses from COVID-19.

“This grants program is all about getting our local businesses and community groups the help they need to continue serving the community,” Cr Williams said.

“The first stream is aimed at providing support to community organisations that are assisting people directly impacted by the crisis.

“These organisations are eligible for grants of up to $10,000 to support their efforts.

“We are aware that many community members are doing it tough at the moment, whether it be through job loss, isolation, homelessness or other COVID-19 impacts, and we are pleased to be able to back community organisations that are supporting these people.”

Cr Williams said the second stream would support local businesses in critical need of support due to the impact of COVID-19 with grants of up to $1000 per business for professional advice.

“There are a number of stimulus measures available for businesses, but we know the information can be confusing and when you are financially and emotionally stressed it can be even more difficult to know what you are and aren’t eligible for,” she said.

“This funding will help businesses get the professional advice they need to access the right funding and support for their individual business.”

Cr Williams said Council would also provide $80,000 to help businesses innovate during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Businesses will be able to apply for funding to the value of $5000 to help them find new ways to deliver their business to the community,” she said.

“This may include the use of technology, research and design or innovative products, services, projects or collaborations.”

Cr Williams said Council was fielding many calls from business owners seeking advice on how to deal with the varied impacts of the unprecedented business environment.

“These business grants will support impacted local businesses to get the targeted professional advice they need,” she said.

“They will also support businesses employing innovative ways to pivot their products and services to capture new opportunities.”

For more information, visit Council’s website or contact Council on 3829 8999.

Bayview Conservation Park to close during planned burns

Update – April 28, 2020 4pm

The planned burns in Bayview Conservation Park that were scheduled for Wednesday 29 April and Thursday 30 April have been postponed due to forecast wet weather. Advice will be provided when new dates are known.

April 22, 2020 4.10pm

Due to weather conditions, the site of the planned burn scheduled for Bayview Conservation Park tomorrow (23 April) has been moved to be adjacent to Days Road (instead of German Church Road).

April 21, 2020 1.00pm

Redland City Council’s Parks and Conservation crews will soon be conducting planned burns in Bayview Conservation Park, Redland Bay.

The burns are currently scheduled for Thursday 23, Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 April 2020.

However, the dates may change depending on the weather and conditions at the time, and the community will be advised through Council’s website and social media.

For public safety, Bayview Conservation Park will be closed to all residents and visitors during the works.

Signage indicating the closure will be in place at entry points and will be removed when the park is safe for the public to enter.

Planned burns, which are done to reduce fire hazards and improve ecological outcomes, are deemed by Queensland Health to be an essential service; and Council crews will be adhering to all social distancing and hygiene requirements under current pandemic control measures.

Council appreciates the burns may cause some inconvenience, but all attempts will be made to limit any smoke hazards from the work.

People affected by smoke are advised to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed.

Planned burns help keep the Redlands Coast community safe by reducing fire danger; they also provide conditions essential for the regeneration of native plants.

For information about Council’s planned burns program, visit  or contact Council on 3829 8999.

Public attendance at General Council Meetings suspended due to COVID-19

Redland City Council’s General Meetings are closed to the public until further notice.

As a result, no Public Participation sessions will be possible at this time.

This decision  has been made due to the social distancing measures required to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Members of the media reporting on Council’s General Meetings are permitted to attend the meetings, as in such cases the venue is considered to be their workplace.

General Meetings will continue to be recorded.

Every attempt will be made to make this video available on Council’s website by close of business on the day the meeting took place.

Planned Burn for Greater Glider Conservation Area, Alexandra Hills

April 22, 2020 9.30am

This planned burn started at 9.30am today (­­­­­Wednesday 22 April).

If smoke presents a hazard to the localised streets, traffic management (advisory signs and smoke hazard signs) will be put in place.  Motorists are advised to drive with caution and to conditions. Residents should close windows and doors, and keep medications close by if suffering a respiratory condition.

April 21, 2020 4.40pm

Redland City Council’s Parks and Conservation Crews are intending to undertake a hazard reduction burn of a section of bushland within the Greater Glider Conservation Area, 250-354 Redland Bay Road, Alexandra Hills.  See the green highlighted section on the map for the exact location.

The burn will take place between Wednesday 22 April and Friday 24 April 2020, depending on weather conditions over that period.

Preparation of the site is currently being undertaken, including clearing around significant logs and habitat trees. Some limited test burning may also be conducted.

All attempts will be made to limit any inconvenience and smoke hazards from the work. Stay safe in smoky conditions by following these tips from Queensland Health.

This planned burn is necessary to reduce the volume of forest litter fuel, which will assist with hazard reduction. Planned burns assist to reduce the fire danger and provide conditions essential for native regeneration.

For more information about Council’s planned burn program, please visit

If you require further details about this planned burn, please contact our Conservation Fire Management Officer Adam Pearce on 3829 8999.

Summer time water usage reflected in April 2020 rates notice

Redland City Council is aware that some residents have received higher than usual water consumption charges in their April 2020 rate notice, resulting in an increased rates bill for this quarter.

Council advises the increase is not due to a change in water pricing.

In the majority of cases, the increase is due to the number of days between quarterly meter readings having been longer than usual.

Redland City Council Chief Executive Officer Andrew Chesterman said while Council strived for a consistent meter reading pattern, due to unforeseen circumstances this was not achieved for the April 2020 rate notice, which also included summer-time water use.

“While the water billing period for the April 2020 rate notice has been longer for many ratepayers, a smaller number of ratepayers may have also seen a more significant increase,” he said.

“This was due to a low, possibly incorrect, water reading recorded by Council’s external contractors in the last quarterly rate notice (January 2020), and the reading taken for the April rate notice has corrected this.

“Council sent this group of ratepayers a letter in January 2020 alerting them to the possibility of an incorrect low reading that may have been the cause of their apparent significant water reduction and advised that their next rate notice may result in a higher charge.”

Mr Chesterman apologised for the factors that contributed to the higher-than-usual water bill in the current rate notice.

“We understand the impact on ratepayers,” he said.

“I encourage anyone who is experiencing hardship or believes there has been an error to contact us, as Council is committed to working with property owners and has a range of hardship provisions and payment plans available.

“The time required to pay the April 2020 rates notice has also been doubled, with the due date being 11 June 2020.”

Mr Chesterman said Council was also investigating the introduction of smart water meters, which would allow residents to monitor their own meters via an app.

Contact Council on 3829 8999 or send an email to

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Redland City Councillor Julie Talty appointed Deputy Mayor

Redland City Councillors today elected Division 6 Cr Julie Talty as Deputy Mayor at the first general meeting since the March 2020 Local Government election.

Returned Mayor Karen Williams said  it was straight back to business after the Councillors’ Declaration of Office this afternoon, with the first general meeting following immediately.

“I congratulate Cr Talty on her election as Deputy Mayor and thank Cr Hewlett as he stands down after two years of service to the role,” Cr Williams said.

“Cr Talty has shown herself to be hardworking and committed during her eight years in office, providing great value to residents of Division Six.

“I look forward to working more closely during the coming years.”

Councillor Talty said it was an honour to take up the role of Deputy Mayor.

“I thank my fellow Councillors for the trust they have placed in me through this appointment and look forward to serving the entire Redlands Coast community on a more holistic level.

“Along with the rest of the nation and world, residents of Redlands Coast  are facing uncertain and challenging times.

“It is a privilege to step up at a time when elected representatives are called upon to deliver collaborative and creative solutions that may not have been considered before.”

Redland City’s Councillors, sworn in today at a ceremony at Redland Performing Arts Centre, are:

Wendy Boglary (Division 1), Peter Mitchell (Division 2), Paul Golle (Division 3), Lance Hewlett (Division 4), Mark Edwards (Division 5), Julie Talty (Division 6), Tracey Huges (Division 8) and Paul Bishop (Division 10).

Rowanne McKenzie was elected as the new Councillor for Division 7 and Adelia Berridge was elected as Councillor for Division Nine.


New Redland City Council to be sworn in Monday 20 April

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has confirmed the final election results for the new Redland City Council, with all but two of the sitting Councillors returned to office.

Cr Karen Williams has been returned by voters as the Mayor of Redland City for her third term in this role.

Rowanne McKenzie was elected as the new Councillor for Division 7, replacing former Councillor Murray Elliott, and Adelia Berridge was elected as Councillor for Division 9, replacing Paul Gleeson.

The returning Councillors include Wendy Boglary (Division 1), Peter Mitchell (Division 2), Paul Golle (Division 3), Lance Hewlett (Division 4), Mark Edwards (Division 5), Julie Talty (Division 6), Tracey Huges (Division 8) and Paul Bishop (Division 10).

All 11 Councillors will be formally sworn in at a special ceremony from 2pm on Monday 20 April, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing health requirements, this normally public swearing-in event will not be open to the public but the Councillors’ Declaration of Office will instead be published on Council’s Facebook page.


Cr Williams offered congratulations to all Councillors, who she was looking forward to working with to support the community.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the lives of everyone in the community and will continue to be a focus for the new Council over the coming year as we deal with the virus and the recovery,” she said.

“It is vital for our new Council to get straight back to the business of supporting the community and continuing to provide essential and critical services during this time.”

“Priorities will include reviewing and preparing the new budget, including support for community and businesses, and continuing with our planned infrastructure and capital works program.”

“I am also confident our new Council will want to continue to call on the State and Commonwealth to fund critical city and regional infrastructure, including significant overdue transport improvements.”

“There is no more appropriate time than now for a commitment to these investments in our community while supporting business and employment during these challenging times.”

“I look forward to working with all of my fellow Councillors to support the aspirations of the community and to continue to build a stronger Redlands Coast for the future.”