Planned burn in Bayview Conservation Area

Redland City Council’s Parks & Conservation Crew’s along with Queensland Fire &
Emergency Services (QFES) are intending to undertake a hazard reduction burn in a
section of bushland in Bayview Conservation Area from 13 May 2020, dependant on
weather conditions at the time.

The location of the burn area is 243-271 Bayview Conservation Area, Redland Bay –
highlighted in yellow on the map. The purpose of the burn will be for hazard reduction
as well as for ecological outcomes.

Preparation of the site will be undertaken in the days leading up to the date of the burn,
and will consist of clearing around significant logs and habitat trees. Some limited test
burning may be conducted during this time.

It is appreciated that this burn may cause some inconvenience, however all attempts
will be made to limit any smoke hazards. The planned burn is necessary to reduce the
volume of forest litter fuel, which will assist with hazard reduction. Planned burns assist
to reduce the fire danger and provide conditions essential for native regeneration.

For more information about Council’s planned burn program, please visit  or contact Council on 3829 8999.