Redlands Coast Deals and Rewards App to be used for 2020 Redland Business and Retail Awards

Redland City Council is continuing to offer its Redlands Coast Deals and Rewards App – launched in November 2019  – to help local businesses welcome customers back during the pandemic recovery.

Mayor Karen Williams said the app – which is free for both businesses and shoppers to download – was originally designed to support local businesses and encourage local shopping by residents and visitors.

“It was a pre-COVID initiative, but now makes more sense that than ever, with businesses and residents emerging from their pandemic bubbles,” Cr Williams said.

“Redlands Coast businesses have been hit hard by restrictions and I encourage them to use the app as an extra platform to provide special offers, deals and great prizes.

“It provides a way for businesses to reward loyalty and bring in new customers as they attempt to trade their way through the economic downturn.”

Businesses such as YMCA Victoria Point have had great success with the app since its introduction.

YMCA Victoria Point General Manager Adrien Fitzpatrick said they offered a $0 Joining Fee on all their direct debit memberships in January and were blown away by the results.

“A total of 262 new members took up the offer during the month long promotion,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young has urged businesses to embrace the opportunity the app provided to connect with potential customers and each another.

“We will also be using the app as a platform for the community to vote at this year’s Redlands Coast Business and Retail Awards,” Ms Young said.

“There is a great synergy between this app and our retail awards, which both promote and celebrate our outstanding Redlands Coast businesses.

“Like our businesses, COVID-19 has forced us to look at the way we conduct the business of the Chamber, moving away from paper-based entries not only mitigates public health risks but provides an exciting opportunity to move online.

“The Redlands Coast Deals and Rewards App provides a perfect addition to the online voting on our website.”

Shoppers can download the app via Apple App store or Google Play for android phones and should enable notifications on their phone to receive deal alerts as they walk past shops.

Local businesses can sign up for free or learn more about the app by visiting the Redlands Coast website business opportunities page at