Be prepared for fire and storm season

Redland City Council is stepping up preparations for bushfire season and is urging residents to do the same.

Mayor Karen Williams said everyone on Redlands Coast should have a bushfire survival plan.

“If fire breaks out there is often little time to escape to safety, so having a survival plan and practising it can save lives,” she said.

“This year has been challenging in many ways, and I encourage all Redlands Coast residents to be personally prepared as we head into the fire and storm season.

“It is also important that people stay informed, which they can do by monitoring Council’s news site, social media, and Disaster Dashboard.”

Council has continued its hazard reduction program throughout the year, including planned burns, physical fuel removal and other general maintenance activities.

“Council has carried out 14 prescribed burns across 88 hectares of land on Redlands Coast mainland and islands, plus other fire mitigation activities,” Cr Williams said.

“While Council mitigates fire risk on Council managed land, it is vital for effective fire management that all property owners meet their obligation to manage fire risks on their own land.”

Council urges Redlands Coast residents to safeguard their properties ahead of the bushfire and storm season by cleaning up and maintaining their yards and homes.

This includes clearing overgrown vegetation around the yard and near homes, clearing and maintaining roofs and gutters, and clearing overgrown allotments and reducing or removing fire hazards.

Council is also reviewing fire management plans and access trails; and asks residents to help reduce fuel loads on Redlands Coast by contacting Council on 3829 8999 if they see incidents or evidence of illegal dumping.

Council also has a free, opt-in emergency messaging service people can subscribe to via Council’s Disaster Dashboard.

This, and other information to help keep people safe on Redlands Coast, can be found on Council’s Disaster Dashboard

Tips to prepare your home

  • Clean gutters and downpipes so stormwater can drain quickly
  • Secure loose items around your property and garden (sheets of tin, trampolines)
  • Trim trees and overhanging branches around your property (check with Council first)
  • Install metal screens or shutters to prepare your home against embers
  • Ensure LPG cylinder relief valves point away from the house to minimise fire risk
  • Make sure pumps or generators are working and ready if needed

Tips to make a household emergency plan

  • Prepare an emergency kit with essentials such as medications, legal papers, first aid, a battery operated radio, batteries, pet food, money and a torch
  • Have a good supply of bottled water readily available
  • Identify a safe place to shelter in a storm or to evacuate to in a bushfire and decide how you’d look after your pets
  • Decide whether to go early or stay and defend in bushfire situations
  • Make sure everyone in your household knows your emergency plan
  • Know your neighbours as they can be a source of support during emergencies

For weather and warning updates:

  • Bureau of Meteorology:
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services:
  • Redlands Disaster Dashboard:
  • ABC radio