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Council approves works at Judy Holt Reserve

Redland City Council will inject up to $150,000 into Judy Holt Reserve in Birkdale as part of its Community Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Recovery Program.

Mayor Karen Williams said the works, set to start next month, were part of Council’s recovery program to assist clubs recover from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know our local sports and recreation clubs are part of our social fabric, which is why we are investing $981,100 to help locals get back to doing what they love,” Cr Williams said.

“As part of our COVID recovery package Judy Holt Reserve will receive a lighting capacity upgrade, erosion management works, six replacement goal posts, help to progress new player shelters and a tap will be installed to help with manual irrigation of the rugby fields.

Redlands Multisports Club President Colin Apps, Division 8 Councillor Tracey Huges, Mayor Karen Williams, Redlands Rugby Union Club President Keith Taylor with three female Muddies

“The Redlands Multisports Club clubhouse at Judy Holt will benefit from building refurbishments.”

Division 8 Councillor Tracy Huges said the Judy Holt Reserves’ electrical works and erosion management would start as early as this month, with other activities expected to be completed by June 2021.

“The electrical works will improve lighting to ensure uninterrupted night games and activities, while erosion management and drainage works will see the garden behind the Redlands Rugby Union clubhouse stay put during and after heavy rain,” she said.

“Judy Holt is home to great local clubs who support community health and wellbeing and this investment shows our commitment to helping these clubs, players and committees.”

Redlands Rugby Union Club President Keith Taylor said these operational works were most welcome.

“Our club’s partnership with Council is vital to our success and this investment will help us bounce back from what has been a trying year,” he said.

Redlands Multisports Club President Colin Apps said the club was delighted to receive Council’s support.

“On behalf of our members, I’d like to thank Councillor Huges for her strong advocacy and look forward to the works beginning,” he said.

Cr Williams said Council’s Community Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Recovery Program was in addition to the previously announced $3 million COVID recovery package adopted as part of this year’s Budget.

“Already local businesses and community groups have benefited from about $370,000 from our COVID recovery package and now our great local sports clubs and associations will benefit from this additional funding,” Cr Williams said.

“The State Government had previously committed funding to the club for new goal posts and Council has worked with the department to allow the club to now use the State funding for another purpose while Council replaces the goal posts as part of our city-wide replacement program.

“Thanks to the State Department for working with Council to support this request, which will help the club do more with their funding.”

Redlands Coast set to celebrate a special Christmas

Redlands Coast is set to ring in a COVID-safe Christmas with a fun-filled five-day community festive celebration in December.

Hosted by Redland City Council, Christmas on the Coast will combine the annual lighting of the city’s Christmas tree and community carols events into a five-day ticketed celebration from Wednesday 16 December to Sunday 20 December at Cleveland’s Raby Bay Harbour Park.

Mayor Karen Williams said this year’s celebration doubled as a special thank you to residents for the exceptional way they overcame the challenges presented by this year’s pandemic.

“How our community rallied in response to the pandemic has been quite remarkable and something worth celebrating in itself,” Cr Williams said

“While COVID restrictions affected mass events such as Christmas by Starlight, Council believed that this year, more than ever, our residents needed something special where they could get into the spirit of the holiday season in a COVID-safe way.

“As a five-day festival, it will also give our local traders and suppliers a much-needed boost after such a tough year and help us all to recover from the coronavirus’s impact on our community with some great family entertainment, fun and food.”

From 4.30pm to 8.30pm on each day of Christmas on the Coast, there will be live stage entertainment by some of our finest local talent, children’s rides and family activities, along with the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree, movies in the park and a boutique Christmas market complete with food vendors.

“Special features include a traditional carousel, inflatable jumping castles and the kids will even be able to get a socially distanced photo with Santa. There will also be an ‘ice-skating’ rink at the park next to the event for use during the day and evening,” Cr Williams said.

To meet COVID safety requirements, bookings are essential, with each evening restricted to 1500 people. Tickets are $5 per person or $15 per family (12 years and under free) and include free train travel to and from the event.  Tickets for ‘ice-skating’ are sold separately online.

“The five days of Christmas on the Coast will be a great time to ‘support local’, while also employing local performing artists and helping our traders and suppliers, many of whom have had a very tough year.

“Council is currently calling for expressions for interest from Redlands Coast local performing artists and market stallholders who want to be part of the event, so please check our website for details.

“It is very much a local event that will support the wellbeing and livelihoods of locals.

“Proceeds from event tickets will help some of the most vulnerable in our community with the proceeds of ticket sales supporting local charities such as domestic and family violence support services.”

Christmas on the Coast

When: 4.30pm-8.30pm, Wednesday 16 – Sunday 20 December 2020

Where: Raby Bay Harbour Park, Shore Street West, Cleveland

What: Community Christmas event featuring: Live stage entertainment by some of our finest local talent | Santa | Lighting of the Christmas tree | Boutique Christmas markets | Food trucks | Kids’ rides and activities | Christmas movie in the park | Free train travel

Tickets: $5 per person or $15 per family (12 years and under FREE)

There will also be an ‘ice-skating’ rink at the park next to the event for use during the day and evening. Ice-skating tickets are sold separately online.

Info and bookings:


RACQ Smart Shuttle hits the road at Raby Bay

The RACQ Smart Shuttle is now taking passengers along Raby Bay streets as phase two of the Redlands Coast Smart Mobility trial goes live.

In a joint initiative between the RACQ and Redland City Council, the small driverless bus that travelled the quiet streets of Karragarra Island earlier this year has now moved to the more challenging traffic environment of Raby Bay.

Mayor Karen Williams said the smart shuttle would provide free public transport for up to six passengers at a time during off-peak hours, to minimise disruption.

“The automated vehicle (AV) will be travelling between Raby Bay Harbour and Raby Bay Foreshore Park – a route not serviced by traditional public transport – from 9am-3pm Wednesdays to Fridays and 10am-3pm on weekends,” Cr Williams said.

At the bus stop: RACQ Head of Public Policy Dr Rebecca Michael, Redland City Mayor Karen Williams, Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell and Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Hale, Cleveland Police Station.

“Redlands Coast embraces innovation and this trial reflects Council’s commitment to overcoming Redlands Coast’s transport challenges while demonstrating our ambition as a progressive and forward-thinking city.

“The trial will provide a novel and fun public transport option until June 2021 while seeing the city involved in innovative research, building on the findings from Karragarra Island.

“The Raby Bay route will benefit both residents and visitors to this popular area, and I envisage the air-conditioned shuttle being a welcome transport option during summer.

“We are also seeing community interest in the shuttle’s technology, with people keen to experience a glimpse of the future.

“The shuttle has been ‘mapped’ to follow a set route, using sophisticated sensors for navigation and detection lasers to identify obstacles and ensure safe stopping and slowing.

“While a chaperone will always be on board the RACQ Smart Shuttle to assist passengers, the bus really does drive itself.”

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said Raby Bay was an ideal location for conducting the second phase of the trial.

“The wide streets and popularity of this part of Cleveland makes it a perfect location for further testing the capabilities of this autonomous vehicle,” he said.

“Now that the vehicle’s route has been mapped, it will speed up to approximately 20 kilometres per hour.

“I thank Raby Bay residents for their patience during the pre-deployment activities and ask that motorists continue to drive with care and only overtake when it is safe to do so, and give the shuttle a wide berth to prevent triggering the safety sensors.

“Nearby residents and businesses have been largely supportive of the trial, recognising the benefits to the local community and beyond.

“It’s pleasing to know that findings from the Raby Bay trial are expected to provide information that will see new, creative and better transport solutions for communities like ours in other parts of Queensland and even nationwide.”

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said autonomous vehicles have the potential to change the way Queenslanders move and the Club was excited to partner with Redland City Council again.

“This is an incredible opportunity for ground-breaking research and we look forward to once again sharing the future of public transport with the Redlands community,” Dr Michael said.

“The trial is a critical step in the broader process of integrating driverless technology onto our roads and we welcome feedback from locals, as this will help us ensure current and future trials positively impact Queenslander lives.”

More information about phase two of the Redlands Coast Smart Mobility Trial can be found on Council’s Your Say website at

Council to move to tender for Macleay Island industrial land

Redland City Council is supporting the Southern Moreton Bay Island economy by inviting tenders for industrial use of Council-owned land at 20-24 Kate Street, Macleay Island.

The decision follows a widely promoted eighty-day Expression of Interest (EOI) process conducted between March and May this year.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the EOI showed Council’s commitment to growing the local economy.

“We know our Southern Moreton Bay Islands have an active local economy and this process will see Council work with potential partners to find ways to grow it,” Cr Williams said.

“Eleven inquiries were received in response to our expression of interest, with four parties submitting proposals to use the industrial land.

“We will now invite tenders from shortlisted EOI applicants to see what exciting outcomes can be delivered.”

Cr Williams said Council’s broad EOI approach deliberately avoided specifying a preferred ‘type’ of industrial development.

“The EOI was designed to allow the market to be as creative as possible and devise proposals that suited the industrial needs of Macleay Island.

“The response to the EOI shows the islands hold significant opportunity for industrial uses and cements Council’s commitment to supporting a vibrant local economy for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI).

“The process has been intentionally designed to identify opportunities to partner with the private sector to develop and commercialise this Council-owned site to accommodate local businesses.

“While details are presently commercial in confidence I am confident the next phase will deliver a positive solution that will help grow the local economy and offer opportunities for the local community.”

Funding agreed to support new female change rooms at Pinklands

Redland City Council has committed $300,000 to progress the addition of new female change rooms at the popular Pinklands Sporting Complex in Thornlands.

The new facility will include two female change rooms, toilets, and showers, with a proposed central location to allow all Pinklands-based groups access and connection to service utilities.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said this was one of several sport and recreation infrastructure projects being funded from Council’s million dollar COVID Infrastructure Recovery Program.

“It’s part of Council’s response to the disruptions and difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Cr Williams said.

“We are committed to strengthening community resilience and well-being and supporting economic and jobs recovery.

Division 3 Cr Paul Golle with Mayor Karen Williams and Deputy Mayor Cr Julie Talty

“Our COVID recovery program will also include the replacement and maintenance of city-wide sport and recreation infrastructure facilities like goal posts, lighting poles and electricals with more projects expected to be announced in coming weeks.

“We know female sports are growing and these new female amenities for Pinklands will provide for the large number of sport and recreation users visiting Pinklands every week.

“All female sporting participation is to be celebrated and encouraged, so facilities like these are essential to support that growth.”

Local Division 3 Councillor Paul Golle said Pinklands hosted a considerable concentration of the female sport and recreation activity in Redlands Coast.

“Each week there are many hundreds of local and visiting female athletes using Pinklands,” he said.

“I’ve been working hard along with the Mayor and Council officers to support local clubs and I am delighted to support this new facility and help to strengthen a healthy community and female sport participation.”

Council investigates suspected poisoning of trees at Ormiston

Redland City Council is investigating the suspected poisoning of up to 40 trees off Raby Esplanade at Ormiston.

Mayor Karen Williams said the vandalism occurred in an area of vegetation between the esplanade and the waterfront (north of Raby Esplanade Park), and appeared to have been staged over a long period of time.

“Council was contacted this week by a resident who was concerned about some dead trees along Raby Esplanade,” she said.

“When officers investigated they found holes had been drilled in the trees and it appears likely they have been poisoned.

“Our officers then looked at satellite mapping of the area which seems to indicate the vandalism may have started about October last year.

“The mapping shows dead trees located further in among the vegetation and progressively moving towards the road.

“Since June this year, two sites have started browning off further south near Julie Terrace.”

Cr Williams said trees in the northern section had been affected all the way back into the tidal area which is under the jurisdiction of the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, who have been notified.

Affected trees include Casuarinas, Tuckeroos, Acacias and many Eucalypts.

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said this type of vandalism was abhorrent and impacted the whole foreshore ecosystem.

“This vegetated foreshore is a vital link within our wildlife corridors providing a source of food, for roosting and refuge, and providing nesting for natural breeding of many forms of wildlife,” Cr Boglary said.

“If not managed properly, such vandalism can destroy corridors and cause limb or whole tree failure that can also be a safety issue for pedestrians, vehicles or cyclists.

“It also increases the impact of coastal erosion which may then need costly remediation to protect adjacent infrastructure and private houses.”

Cr Williams called on Redlands Coast residents to come forward if they had any information on the damage to trees in Raby Esplanade.

“We take the vandalism of trees very seriously and anyone who is caught damaging trees can face a $667 fine,” she said.

“Council also has the option to prosecute an offender, and a Magistrate can impose a penalty of up to $6672.”

Damage to trees is also considered wilful damage, which may lead to prosecution by Queensland Police.

Anyone with information on the suspected poisoning of trees off Raby Esplanade, or anywhere else across Redlands Coast, is encouraged to contact Council on 3829 8999 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Have your say on Council’s draft coastal hazard adaptation strategy

Redland City Council is inviting community members to have their say on its draft Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) after the project’s consultation phase was endorsed at today’s Council meeting.

The CHAS is a city-wide strategy for the city’s coastline and islands that will assess the vulnerability of infrastructure, assets, and property to coastal hazards such as coastal erosion, storm tide inundation, and sea level rise.

The strategy also recommends actions for Council and property owners to adapt to the challenges up to the years 2070 and 2100.

Mayor Karen Williams, who also chairs the project’s steering committee, said this consultation period was an essential step in finalising Council’s long-term, comprehensive, climate adaptation plan.

“After years of extensive coastal studies and investigations to determine the risk of existing and future coastal hazard impacts on Redlands Coast, Council’s draft CHAS is ready to be reviewed by our community,” she said.

“As a city of islands with approximately 335km of coastline, it is vital that we do this work to assess the vulnerabilities and risks posed by potential changes to our coastline, and determine the best ways to manage our public areas and assets.

“The draft strategy considers land and assets that may be impacted by coastal hazards.”

Cr Williams said the draft CHAS had been developed in line with the Queensland Government and the Local Government Association of Queensland’s QCoast2100 program, with Redland City Council being one of more than 30 coastal councils in Queensland doing this planning.

“Ultimately, the CHAS will help us implement cost-effective mitigation measures, plan for development and growth, budget for higher costs, collaborate regionally, and seek investment opportunities,” she said.

“Now we want to receive the community’s feedback about the draft strategy.”

Cr Williams said that due to COVID-safe requirements, community workshops on the draft strategy would not be held, with community consultation to take place online via the project’s page on Council’s Your Say website.

“It is important that we all work together to help keep everyone safe during these times, and people can visit Council’s Your Say page for a copy of the draft strategy and make a submission on it,” she said.

“I urge all community members to participate in this important project to help protect the future of Redlands Coast.”

The CHAS is scheduled for completion in April 2021 following a review of community feedback and Council’s adoption of the strategy.

For more information about the project and to have your say, visit  

Consultation starts on Thursday 19 November 2020 and closes on Friday 18 December 2020.

Council calls for comment on future use of foreshore wetlands reserve

Redland City Council is seeking community comment on long term access options for the Bligh Street road reserve at Wellington Point.

The road reserve separates sections of the environmentally significant Geoff Skinner Wetlands Reserve, which Council acquired in 2018 with funds collected through its Environmental Levy.

The end of the Bligh Street road reserve has also been used as an unofficial launch point at high tide for canoes and small vessels, but it is not a legal boat ramp and the State Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads has confirmed it has no plans to install a boat ramp.

In support of the area’s conservation values, Council has been trialling the temporary closure of Bligh Street, prioritising pedestrian access and allowing Council and conservation groups to safely undertake land restoration work.

The trial has helped Council understand the effects of the road closure on both the environment and recreational users of the area.

The reserve features salt pans, shorebird wetlands and habitat for koalas, birds and other wildlife.

Now is the time for the community to have a say about the future of this important area and how it could be managed.

For more information and to have your say, visit Council’s Your Say Redlands Coast website.

Musique en Rouge raises vital funds for families impacted by violence

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has praised Redlands Coast residents for their generosity in a challenging year to help those affected by domestic and family violence.

More than 270 people attended the sold-out live stage show Musique en Rouge on Saturday 7 November at Redland Performing Arts Centre and in the process raised more than $50,000 for local support services.

“I am thrilled at the response to this year’s new-look fundraiser, after COVID-19 restrictions meant we weren’t able to hold our popular Diner en Rouge mystery location sit-down gala dinner,” Cr Williams said.

“But the stage show was very well received.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and Red Rose Foundation CEO Betty Taylor.

“This year’s event brings the total raised over the past six years to almost $400,000 and I thank everyone who has contributed to that figure, in particular Redlands Coast resident Dan Holzapfel, who has been a generous benefactor from the start.

“The funds raised through these events are distributed locally to support the amazing service providers who assist women and children whose lives have been shattered by violence.”

At last year’s event, Redland Coast’s Maybanke Accommodation & Crisis Support Service was presented with a cheque for $250,000 so they could furnish four new crisis accommodation units provided by the State Government, and build a playground on site.

Cr Williams said some of the money raised would also support the Red Rose Foundation’s Red Bench project across Redlands Coast.

“The red benches serve as a permanent and visible reminder that domestic and family violence occurs within our community, and also that people are standing up to do something about it,” Cr Williams said.

“Redlands Coast became home to Queensland’s first red bench last year, and Council is now committed to install a further 10 benches across the city.

“Everyone in the community has a responsibility to play a role in raising awareness of family violence.

“Through support of events such as Musique en Rouge, the Redlands Coast community has shown it is prepared to stand up and make a real difference for people whose lives have been torn apart.”

Musique en Rouge guest speakers Sue and Lloyd Clarke of Camp Hill.

Cr Williams thanked all organisations and individuals on the front line helping survivors of domestic and family violence.

Special guests were Lloyd and Sue Clarke in their first official speaking appearance since the tragic deaths of their daughter Hannah Clarke and young grandchildren Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey in February this year at Camp Hill.

Musique en Rouge featured sensational performances by Mirusia, Luke Kennedy and Naomi Price and band, Flipside Circus, Manoeuvre and Daniel J. Lewis.

ABC Radio’s Kelly Higgins-Devine was a consummate MC for the event.

Council rolls out improvements to parks and playgrounds in time for school holidays

Exciting new play spaces and equipment are being installed across Redlands Coast’s parks and playgrounds with many to reopen for the summer school holidays.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the renovations were part of a $13.8 million budgeted program for parks, open space and conservation this financial year.

“Some of these works are part of larger staged park projects that will see improvements to facilities for a cross section of visitors,” she said.

“They include not only new play equipment, but in some cases half courts, picnic facilities, fitness equipment, barbecues and shade sails.

“I know Redlands Coast residents love their parks and these enhancements will ensure they remain great family locations for everyone to enjoy.”

Denham Boulevard Park at Redland Bay

A renewal project was completed last month at Denham Boulevard Park in Redland Bay.

It included the replacement of playground equipment, the installation of new rubber and sand softfall, and landscape features such as sandstone blocks, a sandstone play feature, topsoil and turf.

Current park improvement projects include:

Liner Street Park, Wellington Point. Work includes the installation of new play equipment such as a net climbing unit and double swing, a table setting, sandstone seating, a new water bubbler and landscaping. Work is anticipated to finish early December (weather permitting).

Raby Esplanade Park, Ormiston. Stage 2 includes the installation of an outdoor ping pong table, upgrade of the basketball half court with a multi-sport half court and goals, a new barbecue, drinking fountain, renewal of existing bollards, a new shelter with picnic facilities and connecting paths, additional car parking and shade sails over playground equipment. Construction is expected to finish mid-December (weather permitting).

Sandalwood Street Corridor, Thornlands. This project includes the creation of a new play and park space with the installation of a play unit, track ride, double springer seesaw, double swing, climbing hut, a shelter with table setting, sandstone blocks, shade sail and a water bubbler. Work is hoped to finish late December (weather permitting).

Plantation Place Park, Wellington Point. The refurbishment includes replacing the play unit with rope nets, slide, double swing and interactive play panels, along with an upgrade to the bike track to include safety elements for learner riders, and new seating. Construction is expected to be completed late February 2021 (weather permitting).