Council to review laws relating to dog numbers on properties

Redland City Council will explore options around flexibility of its current laws relating to the number of dogs residents are allowed to keep on their properties.

Deputy Mayor Julie Talty said the review, prompted by a motion she moved at today’s general meeting, would help Council determine if there could be some latitude within the current regulatory framework.

“The current laws do not provide understanding and recognition of the activities and circumstances around the keeping of dogs within our community,” she said.

“Community feedback indicates greater consideration needs to be given to allowing licences for extra dogs on larger and acreage lots.

“I have had complaints from people who cannot keep their show dogs, even where the breed is very small and lives in the house, without making full application through the planning scheme for a boarding kennel.

“The current framework also has no recognition for volunteers in dog rescue and foster care.”

Cr Talty said there were no intentions to change the Council standard of two dogs, and three under special circumstances, for the majority of urban residential homes.

“This is about being more flexible and meeting the challenges of life for those who do not fit that circumstance while still managing the impacts.

“Council officers will now undertake benchmarking to understand how other councils regulate dog ownership and outline options for flexibility around dog numbers, based on activities such as show dogs and foster providers, and property size.”

As requested in the motion, the report will also include options for cat registration fees.

Council moved that the officers’ report be brought to a general meeting before the end of March 2021.