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Council seeks input on draft Age-friendly Action Plan

Redland City Council is inviting the community to have its say on the draft Redlands Coast Age-friendly Action Plan 2021-2026.

Mayor Karen Williams said the draft plan was based on the World Health Organisation’s Age-friendly Cities model that was developed in 2004 as a planning response to population ageing.

“It explores how a city’s landscape, buildings, transport system and housing contribute to mobility, health behaviours, social participation and self-determination of older people,” she said.

“Consultation is an important element of creating an age-friendly community and the next step in Council’s commitment to the creation of environments that enable older Redlands Coast residents to live active and healthy lives.

“We know we have an ageing community and Council is committed to supporting their needs by planning for an age-friendly city.

“In 2016, 17.2 per cent of Redland City’s population was aged 65 years and, by 2041, this is expected to increase to 28.3 per cent.”

Cr Williams said the draft Redlands Coast Age-friendly Action Plan, which was presented at this week’s Council meeting, had its genesis in 2006 when Council’s Ageing Well in the Redlands Strategy 2006-2016 was developed in consultation with the local aged community.

“Council has surveyed older residents who live on both the mainland and island communities to identify their perceptions of living and ageing in Redland City, what they value and barriers to healthy and active ageing,” she said.

“Council also consulted with key community organisations who work with older adults in Redland City.

“The next step is for Council to formally engage the wider community on the draft plan between 22 January and 2 March 2021.”

The draft plan includes eight key themes and highlights actions and key initiatives that Council will undertake over the next five years.

Initiatives proposed in the draft plan include:

  • Cooperative Research Centre Longevity – to attract investment, testing and trialing of products and services that serve an ageing population
  • Centre of Excellence in Education for the Ageing
  • Investment in health services
  • Multi-purpose community centre
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Community transport solutions
  • Ageing in Place Project – to identify and advance opportunities for older residents on the SMBI to age in place
  • Increase the amount of shaded seating

For more information and to have your say on the draft Redlands Coast Age-friendly Action Plan 2021-2026, visit Council’s Your Say webpage.

Local heroes honoured at Redlands Coast Australia Day Awards

A community leader who has been influential within her North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) community for more than 40 years was named Citizen of the Year at the Redlands Coast Australia Day Awards 2021.

Mayor Karen Williams said Aunty Lyn Shipway was a passionate advocate for her community.

“Aunty Lyn is CEO of North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal and Island Housing Co-operative and was active in establishing Minjerribah Day Respite Centre, Myora Caravan Park and Nareeba Moopi Pa Aged Care,” Cr Williams said.

“She is also chair of both Yulu-Burri-Ba Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health and the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health and was formerly on the board of Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders in Council.

“She is always humble and approachable and really does epitomise the Redlands Coast community spirit.

“It was a great pleasure to honour her with this year’s Citizen of the Year award.”

Aunty Lyn Shipway – Redlands Coast Citizen of the Year

Young Citizen of the Year was awarded to Jenali Collier for her work with young people through her YouTube channel “Miss Collier explains”, leading the Livewire Kids Club at Mount Cotton, and as a youth leader with C4 Youth Fellowship.

Senior Citizen of the Year is Graham Hinson who is a Legacy volunteer, a Military Welfare Advocate for the RSL and Community Link Coordinator for Redlands RSL.

Cr Williams said selecting winners across the nine categories of the awards was always a tough challenge as all nominees were deserving of recognition.

“Every nominee is a winner and it has been a privilege and an honour to meet and acknowledge these dedicated and passionate people who give so generously to help make Redlands Coast such a great place to live.

“I thank all nominees and winners and assure them that what they do matters and Redlands Coast is proud of them all for their outstanding contributions to our community.”

The full list of Redlands Coast Australia Day Awards winners are:

  • Citizen of the Year Award – Lynette Shipway (Aunty Lyn)
  • Young Citizen of the Year Award (30 years and under) – Jenali Collier
  • Senior Citizen of the Year Award (60 years and over) – Graham Hinson
  • Local Hero Award – Rebecca Young
  • Local Hero Award – COVID-19 Response – Steve Zyka
  • Community Organisation Award – Special Olympics Redlands
  • Cultural Award – Maxwell (Max) Bissett
  • Environment and Sustainability Award (joint winners) – Kieron Douglass and Layne Utz
  • Sports Award – Lara Walker
  • Reconciliation Award – Adam Williams
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Council closes walking tracks during aerial spraying for mozzies

In response to heavy rain earlier in the week, Redland City Council will close some of its walking tracks at Victoria Point and Wellington Point on Friday morning, 22 January 2021, to conduct an aerial treatment of mosquito breeding sites.

Mayor Karen Williams said the larger additional treatment will target both freshwater and saltwater areas.

“A number of freshwater mosquito breeding sites have been inundated, particularly around Wellington Point, Victoria Point and Mount Cotton, causing mosquito larvae to breed in these areas,” she said.

“Council’s Pest Management Team decided to conduct the aerial treatment to target the mosquito larvae in these areas ahead of the Australia Day weekend.

“This is the first time Council has closed walking tracks to undertake mosquito spraying, but it was considered advisable due to the extent of the treatment.

“There is no danger to people, animals or the environment because of the treatment.

“It will be conducted with methoprene, which is a mosquito target-specific product that only kills mosquito larvae.”

The aerial spraying will encompass more than 100 hectares of additional freshwater breeding sites and is expected to occur between 8am and 12pm on Friday 22 January, weather permitting.

Walking tracks to close during this time are at:

  • Geoff Skinner Wetlands Reserve, Blight Street, Wellington Point
  • Point Halloran Conservation Reserve, boardwalk entry at School Road and Orana Street Victoria Point.

Signs have been placed in these areas, and the tracks will reopen as soon as the aerial treatment has been completed.

Regional Mosquito Management Group chairman Cr Paul Golle said while Council would continue to conduct ground and aerial treatments to manage mosquito numbers, it was also important for residents to take a proactive approach and check their backyards for possible breeding sites.

“Mosquitoes can be found breeding even in small amounts of water so residents are encouraged to empty pooling water from items around the yard such as pot plant bases, blocked roof gutters, bird baths, sagging tarps or covers and old tyres,” Cr Golle said.

“People can protect themselves by using insect repellents, maintaining fly screens on windows and doors, and using mosquito coils or plug-in insecticide burners.”

Implementation Plan adopted for Amity Point erosion management

Redland City Council has adopted an Implementation Plan to assist Council and property owners manage erosion along the Amity Point coastline on North Stradbroke Island.

Under Council’s Coastal Adaptation Strategy, Amity Point has been identified as a high-priority locality and has been the focus of Council-led Shoreline Erosion Management Planning (SEMP) since 2015, which sets out steps for property owners to protect their properties.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the southerly migration of the waterway between North Stradbroke and Moreton Island, has caused complex erosion impacts and resulted in decades of informal efforts to prevent property loss.

‘This Implementation Plan is a historic step in addressing these complex erosion issues.

“The plan outlines future works along the three distinct sections or ‘reaches’ of the coastline and agreement on property owner responsibilities, including Council.

“Importantly the plan includes recognition of the effective role the placement of rocks along the foreshore plays against erosion, particularly in the central reach.

“The recognition of this rock structure (known as a flow slide barrier) is a crucial element in the ability of property owners to plan for works to defend their properties.

“Council will assist landowners by applying for a high-level preliminary approval of the flow slide barrier so that landowners can proceed with carrying out the work required to protect their properties.”

Councillor for Division 2, Cr Peter Mitchell said the implementation plan supported landowners in ensuring they have the necessary development permits and approvals to carry out ongoing maintenance work on the section of flow slide barrier protecting their property.

“This implementation plan and the erosion management plan it supports have been developed in close consultation with the residents it is designed to support,” Cr Mitchell said.

“It outlines how residents can secure the permits they need to protect their properties, as well as explaining Council’s role in managing areas that protect local roads and parks.

“Future works will also include ongoing beach surveys and coastal process studies.

“The SEMP and Implementation Plan have also been developed in consultation with other stakeholders, including Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation, State Government agencies and the project’s Community Reference Group.”

For more information visit

Fire review response has actioned and progressed all 56 recommendations. 

Council has completed all 56 recommendations included in the 2017 Fire Review by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group Chairperson, Cr Karen Williams said the QFES report was commissioned by Council following the 2016 fires on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and resulted in significant improvements across the Redlands Coast.

“The community is to be congratulated for their very positive support towards these improvements.

“Commissioned by Council following 2016 fires on Macleay and Russell Island, the Fire Management Plan Review Report was a partnership with other emergency agencies and stakeholders who together worked to respond to the 42 recommendation made for SMBI fire responses and 14 for the mainland.

“Our Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) Island communities, in particular, are now much better prepared and supported including through the acclaimed SMBI Community Champions and new SMBI Coordinator role.

“Brokered in response to the review recommendations, the volunteer SMBI Community Champions have demonstrated the vital role that strong local networks have in supporting community resilience and emergency responses, especially for more remote communities like SMBI.

“Community education and awareness campaigns have been a fundamental part of the review response and included ‘Safer SMBI, “Spring Clean-Up’, ‘Know Your Neighbour’, ‘Street speaks’ and ‘Get ready campaigns’.

“The campaigns have helped to drive property clean-up and hazard reduction efforts and increased community resilience and readiness in an emergency.

“Tonnes of additional rubbish and abandoned car bodies have been removed from the SMBI properties in direct response to the campaigns. A property compliance effort has also resulted in 764 notices issued to reduce fire hazards and 83 properties cleaned up by Council and contractors.

“The ‘know you neighbour” campaign alongside new island coordinator and community champions has helped expand support for more vulnerable community members during emergencies.

Other fire review responses have included:

  • New local area emergency management plans developed across the city and provided to residents.
  • GIS mapping undertaken and sophisticated hazard and fuel load technology used to assess and map fire risks.
  • Evacuation routes surveyed and updated and emergency signage installed.
  • Fire trails inspected cleared and widened and a future program of work identified.
  • A new community emergency dashboard warning and alert system developed and in use.
  • Program of annual hazard reduction burns and vegetation management undertaken.
  • Vital new telecommunications infrastructure installed and upgraded.
  • New fire and emergency services equipment allocated and a new Brisbane Region Fire Mitigation Brigade established.

“Council, the community and multiple agencies have responded positively to improving our fire and emergency response. Working closely with the community and supporting individual responsibility for fire safety on private properties remains essential to ongoing improvement,” Cr Williams said.

“While today’s Council report formally closes the Fire Report recommendations, it does not stop the fire management activity that will continue alongside Council’s annual disaster preparedness activities.

“Recent storm events have reminded us to be ever vigilant in the face of fire, flood and storm events and to look at and address risks around our properties’.

‘Council will continue to support and advocate for well-co-ordinated fire and emergency responses across the Redlands, especially the regional hinterland areas around Mount Cotton and the Bay Islands including North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah).

Locations with large bushland areas, unique logistical and access issues, and demographically higher aged and vulnerable communities continue to require a whole of government and community response’.


Redlands motorists urged to heed ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’ warnings

Redlands Coast residents are urged not to drive through flood water over roads after emergency services attended five swift water incidents overnight.

Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group chair Karen Williams said one driver had to be rescued after her car ended up on a guard rail on Springacre Road, Thornlands.

“While last night’s rain was far above what the bureau predicted it is concerning that some motorists took unnecessary risks by driving on flooded roads and they were very lucky their actions didn’t end in tragedy,” she said.

“I urge all drivers to heed the messaging – if it’s flooded, forget it.”

The other swift water incidents occurred on Vienna Road Alexandra Hills, Duncan Road and Avalon Road in Sheldon, and Pitt and Nelson Road Wellington Point.

Cr Williams said Redland SES Unit received 110 calls for assistance overnight after last night’s downpour.

“The level of rain that fell on Redlands Coast last night over a short period of time was remarkable, and included 118mm at Alexandra Hills between 6.15pm and 7.15pm.

“Most of the calls to the SES were for flooding and leaking roofs.

“I urge everyone to be patient as our wonderful SES volunteers make their way around the city.

“If any residents, especially those in low-lying areas, have concerns about flooding to their properties I encourage them to attend one of Council’s self-serve sandbagging stations set up today at the South Street Depot in Cleveland and outside the depots on North Stradbroke (Minjerribah), Russell and Macleay islands.

“More rain is forecast over the next couple of days, with the Bureau of Meteorology advising the chance of a thunderstorm, possibly severe, today so I encourage residents to go early to collect sandbags.

“I also encourage residents whose properties are prone to flood to have sandbags at their home ready for significant rain events.”

Cr Williams said Council would continue to monitor water over roads, however the majority of flash flooding had subsided.

“Leslie Harrison Dam, which is managed by Seqwater, started to spill last night and our catchments are waterlogged, so any further rain could lead to more flooding,” she said.

Council’s sandbagging stations are open until 6pm today.

Contact the SES on 132 500 if you require assistance or if you need sandbags outside sandbagging station hours.

For life-threatening emergencies, contact triple zero (000) for Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

Keep up to date on weather warnings at

Sandbagging stations available on Redlands Coast from Tuesday 19 January, 8am until 4pm Wednesday 20 January

Redland City Council will establish self-serve sandbagging stations from Tuesday 19 January, 8am until 4pm Wednesday 20 January.

Self-service sandbagging stations are located at:

Cleveland – Redland City Council South Street Depot – Click here for directions
Council staff and SES will be onsite to assist. Sand, bags and shovels will be supplied.

North Stradbroke Island – Outside the Redland City Council Depot, 11-37 Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich – Click here for directions. Sand and bags supplied. Please take your own shovel.

Russell Island – Outside the Council Depot on Cambridge Road. Sand and bags supplied. Please take your own shovel.

Macleay Island – Outside the Council Depot on Scarborough Terrace. Sand and bags supplied. Please take your own shovel.

Please note: enclosed shoes must be worn.

Council reminds residents to check gutters are clear and to secure loose items around the home.

Need assistance?

☎️ Call the SES on 132 500 to log a job, which will be prioritised and tasked. This will help ensure our most vulnerable in the community are addressed as a priority.

🚨 Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if the situation is life-threatening.

⚡️ Call Energex on 13 19 62 to report fallen powerlines. Remember to stay clear and warn others.

📞 Call Council on 3829 8999 to report fallen branches on public spaces across the city.

For the latest advice and emergency warnings:

Australia Day celebrations on Redlands Coast

Celebrate Australia Day, Tuesday 26 January, on Redlands Coast at one of the free community events organised by Redland City Council.

Get ready for a stellar line-up of live entertainment and a feast of local foods as Great Australian Bites comes to Raby Bay Foreshore Park from 11am to 3pm on the day.

Kick back and relax by the stage as Torres Strait Islander singer, songwriter and musician Chris Tamwoy and a range of local artists deliver some great sounds.

Celebrity chef Alastair McLeod will be there to shine a culinary spotlight on Redlands Coast’s thriving food scene with cooking demonstrations, while some of Redlands Coast’s best food producers plus popular food trucks will serve up a range of delectable treats.

Mayor Karen Williams said the community could also enjoy live music, activities and food truck delights in other areas of Redlands Coast from 11am to 3pm on Australia Day.

“Bring the family and enjoy the food, activities and music celebrations,” she said.

“These pop-up park events will bring the community together to celebrate the contribution that every Australian makes to our nation, from our Traditional Owners, who have been here for more than 65,000 years, to others who have lived here for generations and those who have come from across the world to call Australia home.

“At Wellington Point Reserve, the ever-popular Little Steely Brothers will entertain, while Capalaba Regional Park will feature activities for our younger residents, including a reptile show and children’s stage entertainment.

“Or head to Mount Cotton Community Park and enjoy jumping castles as well as some great music and food trucks.”

Cr Williams said Council wanted to ensure everyone could enjoy Redlands Coast’s beautiful open spaces on Australia Day, so Council would run courtesy buses and have extra traffic and litter patrols in place for the comfort and amenity of all.

“It would be appreciated if everyone celebrating outdoors could assist by being patient and respectful of others,” she said.

“To help keep our community safe, these events will have COVID-safe measures in place, including a limit on the number of people permitted inside the event fencing, and it is especially important that people adhere to physical distancing and regular hand washing or sanitising.

“We also urge people to help keep Redlands Coast the naturally wonderful place it is by not littering, and taking their waste home where possible and disposing of it there.”

The Australia Day Celebration events on Redlands Coast are hosted by Redland City Council in partnership with the Queensland Government and National Australia Day Council, and proudly supported by B105, Triple M, BayFM and Rotary clubs across Redlands Coast.


Redland City Council’s Australia Day events will operate under a State Government COVID-Safe Event Checklist, which will facilitate contact tracing and manage attendance numbers.

This includes QR code registration, additional fencing, physical distancing requirements and monitors, hand sanitiser stations and enhanced cleaning.

QR code scanning is essential to monitor and control attendance numbers at the events.


Great Australian Bites on Redlands Coast

When: 11am-3pm, Tuesday 26 January 2021

Where: Raby Bay Foreshore Park, Masthead Drive, Cleveland

What: Free entry; live stage entertainment by some of our finest local talent, including Chris Tamwoy; celebrity chef cooking demonstrations by Alastair McLeod; local food producer showcase; wine and craft beer bar; cultural demonstrations; Australia Day activities. Limited to 1500 people for COVID safety requirements.

Courtesy bus: A free event courtesy bus will operate on a loop from 10am-4pm, picking up and dropping off at the following Cleveland CBD car parking locations:

  • Wynyard Street car park
  • Middle Street bus stop
  • Doig Street car park
  • Cleveland train station bus stop
  • Event Location – Raby Bay Foreshore Park, Masthead Drive, Cleveland

For further information about Great Australian Bites on Redlands Coast, visit Council’s website.

Proudly supported by the Queensland Government as part of Queensland’s Australia Day program.

Other park events:

Wellington Point Reserve

When: 11am-3pm, Tuesday 26 January 2021

What: Free entry; live stage entertainment; food trucks; Australia Day family-fun activities. Limited to 1000 people for COVID safety requirements.

Courtesy bus: A free event courtesy bus will operate between 10.30am-4.00pm on a continuous loop from:

  • Wellington Point train station bus stop,
  • Wellington Point Community Hall car park – E.G.W Wood Sports Field, Birkdale Road, Wellington Point
  • Village Green car park, Main Road, Wellington Point
  • Event Location – Wellington Point Recreation Reserve, Main Road, Wellington Point

Mount Cotton Community Park

When: 11am-3pm, Tuesday 26 January 2021

What: Free entry; live stage entertainment; food trucks; Australia Day family-fun activities. Limited to 1500 people for COVID safety requirements.

Courtesy bus: A free event courtesy bus will operate between 10.30am-4.00pm on a continuous loop from:

  • Mount Cotton State School Public car park, Sanctuary Drive, Mount Cotton
  • Bayview Conservation Park car park, German Church Road, Mount Cotton
  • Event Location – Mount Cotton Community Park, Valley Way, Mount Cotton

Capalaba Regional Park

When: 11am-3pm, Tuesday 26 January 2021

What: Free entry; live stage entertainment; food trucks; Australia Day family-fun activities. Limited to 1000 people for COVID safety requirements.

Courtesy bus: A free event courtesy bus will operate between 10.30am-4.00pm on a continuous loop from:

  • John Fredericks Park, Banfield Lane, Capalaba
  • Park and Ride car park, Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba
  • Event Location – Capalaba Regional Park, Pittwin Road, Capalaba

For further information about the pop-up park events, visit Council’s website.


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Mayor achieves stop work order on demolition of historic homestead

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has won a reprieve for a local heritage building after Acting Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch agreed to a Stop Work Order on the proposed demolition of a 136-year-old Wellington Point homestead.

Cr Williams wrote to Minister Enoch earlier in the week after being alerted to the potential demolition of the privately-owned building.

“Council had already identified this property as having local heritage value and we are undertaking a City Plan amendment to add it, along with 48 other local properties, to our local heritage register to protect them,” Cr Williams said.

“This process is governed by State legislation and takes time, meaning there is the potential for the property to be demolished in the meantime without any approval being needed from Council.

“Earlier this week I discovered the owners were proposing to demolish the property, prompting me to write to the Minister, asking her to intervene through a stop work order to allow time for other options to be explored.

“I am pleased the Minister has listened to my request, which will now prevent any work which could be detrimental to the property for 60 days.

“Council officers have also contacted the owners to discuss options.”

Cr Williams said Council’s move to list the property on its local heritage register followed a city-wide heritage assessment.

“Council is committed to protecting local heritage and as part of the City Plan we have a local heritage register that protects locally significant heritage places,” she said.

“Recognising local heritage values may exist on properties that are not currently listed, Council recently engaged a heritage consultant to identify and document local heritage values across the city, with this property being one that was identified.

“We will now continue this process to help protect our local heritage.”

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said adding these properties to Council’s heritage register would help protect the city’s European heritage places.

“Redlands Coast has a rich history and many of these valued heritage places represent the historical themes and periods of Redlands Coast’s post-European history,” she said.

“It is important that we strive to protect them.”

E-waste collection planned for island communities

Redland City Council is hoping to collect three tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) for recycling during an annual collection drive for the island communities in February 2021.

Mayor Karen Williams said e-waste was one of the fastest growing types of waste worldwide and most could be recycled.

“Australians generate about 73kg of e-waste per household each year and it’s estimated that, nationally, more than 80 per cent is sent to landfill,” she said.

“Our mainland recycling and waste centres offer a full-time collection service where e-waste is recycled, and now this special collection will give our island residents the opportunity to thoughtfully dispose of unwanted e-waste items in their homes.”

Cr Williams said e-waste contained valuable materials such as glass, copper, plastics and precious metals.

“These materials are able to be processed and eventually used in the manufacture of new products, which supports not only Council’s commitment to a circular economy but the State Government’s goal of a zero waste to landfill future.”

Cr Williams said Council ran a similar collection on the islands in February last year and it proved to be a very popular initiative, with residents dropping off more than two tonnes of e-waste.

“We are hoping to increase that amount to three tonnes this year,” she said.

“As an incentive, we are also offering 100 free native plants in exchange for e-waste on the weekend of 13 and 14 February.”

Island residents can deliver their e-waste to the recycling and waste centres on Coochiemudlo, Macleay, Russell and North Stradbroke (Minjerribah) islands from Sunday 7 to Monday 22 February 2021 during normal opening hours.

Electronic waste includes:

  • Televisions and sound systems
  • Computer equipment and printers
  • Mobile phones
  • Power drills, fans and vacuums
  • Small kitchen and bathroom appliances

Large whitegoods, such as refrigerators and washing machines, can be delivered to recycling and waste centres as scrap metal at any time during normal opening hours.

Island businesses can deliver household equivalent amounts of e-waste at no charge and are urged to contact Council on 3829 8999 (8am-5pm, Monday to Friday) for advice if they have larger amounts to dispose of.

On the weekend of 13-14 February, the first 25 residents at each of the four island recycling and waste centres can swap their e-waste for a free native plant, courtesy of Redlands IndigiScapes Centre.

There is a limit of one tree per household.

Island recycling and waste centres locations:

  • Coochiemudlo Island, Elizabeth Street: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-12pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm
  • Macleay Island, Eastern Road: Monday-Friday 8am-2pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm
  • Russell Island, Davidson Road: Monday-Friday 8am-2pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm
  • North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), Dickson Way: Monday-Friday 8am-2pm. Saturday and Sunday 7.30am-3pm