Please avoid riding and walking on wet tracks through our bushland

UPDATE: 15 October 2021

Following the recent heavy rain, Redlands Coast’s recreational trails have dried out and are again suitable for use.

EARLIER: 14 October 2021

Redlands Coast has some lovely recreational trails, especially through Scribbly Gums Conservation Area (home to Redland Track Park), Bayview Conservation Area and Eastern Escarpment Conservation Area.

But they’re pretty waterlogged just now so we’d prefer you avoided them until they dry out.

Using wet trails can cause substantial damage, spoiling the experience of other users and meaning extra repairs and maintenance.

As a general guide, if you’re leaving a footprint or bike track then the trails are too wet to use.

Try sticking to the wider gravelled access tracks if you’re keen to get out and don’t forget to report fallen or damaged trees on or near trails to Council on 3829 8999.

Thank you for helping us to preserve our wonderful natural area trails.