Soap dispensers repeatedly vandalised in public facilities

Following repeated destruction of soap dispensers in public toilets across Redlands Coast, Redland City Council is urging the community to help curb vandalism by reporting malicious damage to public property.

Mayor Karen Williams said 80 soap dispensers had recently been destroyed in several of Council’s 86 public facilities.

“We are in the middle of a pandemic and cleaning up after floods, so these acts of vandalism are very disappointing,” Cr Williams said.

“We know that an important part of the health response to COVID-19 is washing our hands regularly with soap and water; and Council wants to help keep residents and visitors as safe as possible while they are out enjoying the many beautiful parks and open spaces on Redlands Coast.

“As well as potential impacts to community health, deliberate and repeated damage to soap dispensers can create a safety hazard.

“It also increases the costs to the community for cleaning, maintenance, repairs and replacement.”

Cr Williams said four local parks had been targeted with repeated vandalism in public facilities – William Stewart Park in Thornlands, Keith Surridge and Valantine Road Parks in Alexandra Hills and Three Paddocks Park in Wellington Point.

“In response to these acts of vandalism and escalating replacement costs, Council has had to make the difficult decision to remove the soap dispensers from these four public toilet facilities,” she said.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to the community and hope that the removal of these dispensers will help break the cycle of vandalism.”

Cr Williams said Council would continue to monitor the situation.

The community is urged to report vandalism on Redlands Coast to or by contacting Council on 3829 8999.