Redland City Council Media Statement – Mayor Incident

Redland City Council CEO Andrew Chesterman said:

This is an upsetting time for many in the Redlands Coast community, including dedicated Redland City Council employees who work every day to make our city a better place.

Council is aware of a single-vehicle accident occurring on Thursday evening, 23 June, involving the Redland City Mayor.

Council is not aware of police having laid any charges relating to this accident.

A small post-budget thank you event was held in the Councillor Lounge on the afternoon of 23 June.

The event, attended by most Councillors and a small number of Council employees, complied with Council guidelines.

The Council employees attended for a short time only.

It is business as usual for Council as the organisation continues to deliver its services to the Redlands Coast community.

Redland City Council Media Statement – Mayor Incident