Council urges residents to lift the green lid for green waste

Redland City Council is urging mainland residents to order a green-lid bin to ensure green waste is disposed of sustainably after a recent audit showed that it accounts for up to 38 per cent of contents in general waste bins.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council aimed to increase the number of households with a green waste bin in an effort to prevent green waste from going to landfill.

“I am thankful to the nearly 22,500 mainland households on Redlands Coast who have a green waste bin,” she said.

“With Council’s vision of achieving a zero-waste society by 2050, we now need to increase that number to stop green waste, including garden clippings, from ending up in landfill, where it produces greenhouse gas emissions.

“Not only that, but it is also a lost resource.

“If you produce a small amount of green waste, you can use it on your garden beds as mulch or compost it at home.

“Mulch or home compost can help your garden retain moisture, block weeds, and reduce watering.”

Cr Williams said Council offered the Redlands Coast community a fortnightly kerbside collection of green waste as part of its green waste recycling service.

“If you find you produce too much green waste for home use, I encourage you to order a green waste bin, which our contractors collect and transport to a composting facility where it is processed and turned into mulch and then sold to landscape suppliers,” she said.

“Alternatively, you can take it to one of Council’s Recycling and Waste Centre where it will be composted, but having a green waste bin is convenient and saves time.

“We also encourage landlords to order a green waste bin on behalf of their tenants.”

For more information, and to order a green waste bin, visit Council’s website.

Green waste bins are currently available only to mainland residents.

Island residents can take their green waste to their respective island’s Recycling and Waste Centre.

To find out what happens to your green waste when you have a green-lid bin, watch Council’s explainer video.