Lime green lid bins are for green waste only

Redland City Council is reminding residents to only put organic waste from the garden in their green waste bin with the lime green lid.

Mayor Karen Williams said the only items from people’s gardens that should be put in their green waste bin included grass clippings, palm fronds, small branches, hedge clippings, weeds, leaves, loose bark, shrubs and sawdust.

“Other types of waste and rubbish, such as recyclables, builders’ waste, soil, plant pots and hoses, should be kept out of your green waste bin,” Cr Williams said.

“If your general waste or recycling bin is full, don’t put items meant for those bins into your green waste bin.

“Doing so undoes all your great efforts and means your green waste cannot be recycled.

“Council thanks the community for their use of green waste bins, from which more than 8100 tonnes of valuable garden organics was collected and sent for composting in 2021-22.

“Let’s keep up that great work and ensure we keep the right waste in the right bins.

“Another important thing to remember is that you must keep green waste loose in your green waste bin; do not bag waste, and also ensure you don’t overfill and the lid can close.”

Green waste bins are available for mainland residents.

Cr Williams said general waste bin audits conducted in 2018 and 2022 showed green waste accounted for approximately 30 per cent of waste that was sent to landfill, so getting a green waste bin and using it correctly would go a long way towards reducing that figure.

“Organic green waste is being turned back into valuable garden products like mulch, compost and soil conditioners, helping to keep our city naturally wonderful,” she said.

“I encourage all property owners on the mainland to order a green waste bin, especially with such great growing conditions now, when green waste disposal increases significantly.”

Green waste bins are available for mainland residents only at this time.

Island residents, and mainland residents with excess green waste, recycling or general waste, can take their waste to one of Council’s Recycling and Waste Centres free of charge. Fees apply to commercial operators.

For more information about green waste bins, visit Council’s website