Artist Highlight: Deb Mostert

If you have visited Ormiston lately, you may have spotted a new mural on Nelson Street, created by artist Deb Mostert. This large mural has been privately commissioned by the property owners to reflect the flora and fauna found in the immediate area. The mural exhibits the tropical palm trees of the coastal region with the big gums that are found in the surrounding bush land.

The artwork also shows the Kookaburra in flight and the bush stone Curlews, who can be seen cheekily peeking over the hedge to make their larger than life presence felt. These native birds are regularly spotted on Nelson Street and in the nearby park.

Migratory Shore Birds – Ormiston

Deb is a local Queensland artist who is known for her realistic paintings and ability to convey beautiful Australian landscapes and wildlife in a unique way.  Although you may not be familiar with Deb by name, you have most likely seen some of her other work, as she exhibited her series named ‘Australien Future‘ at the Redland Art Gallery in 2018. 

Big Gums & Curlew Mural at Nelson St, Ormiston

You also may have come across another of her Murals if you’ve visited Oceanic Street in Wellington Point. Deb was commissioned in 2017 to create a piece of work that would highlight the bird species who migrate to the region each year.

Deb Mostert and Cr Wendy Boglary at Wellington Point Mural

We caught up with Deb to chat about her role as a local artist;

Can you share any thoughts on the importance of public artwork?  I feel public artwork is a very good entry point for people into the joy that is living with original, purposeful art that speaks to the complexity and wonder of life. Public art allows for more seamless ‘ways of seeing’ that art presents. The sheer joy of discovery and surprise as we encounter artworks in unexpected places means we also have more conversations too.

What’s your approach to encouraging more art in public spaces?  I think the ball, once rolling, gets bigger as we understand the benefits of public art by living with it. I like to add my weight to that rolling ball! So I apply for opportunities and engage where I can. It’s wonderful when members of community actually become patrons of the arts and support this by commissioning artists.

Can you give any advice to other local artists on how to get their artwork featured around Redlands Coast? I’d recommend local artists to apply for opportunities that come up and let the council know what you can offer.

If you want to see this beautiful new Mural, it can be found at Nelson Street, Ormiston. 

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