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Council to advocate strongly at LGAQ Conference

Redland City Council will fly the Redlands Coast flag at next week’s Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) conference to advocate for a number of key projects and initiatives on behalf of the community.

Mayor Karen Williams said in addition to a number of resolutions Council was putting to the conference she would also be speaking with fellow Queensland Mayors about key projects included in Council’s 2020 State Election Advocacy Plan.

“Key amongst our state election advocacy priorities are better transport infrastructure and clearer planning laws and I will be looking to discuss these opportunities at next week’s conference with my fellow Mayors and State MPs in attendance,” she said.

“We have also asked candidates in the seats of Capalaba, Redlands, Oodgeroo and Springwood to provide comment on their level of support for each project and initiative included in our advocacy plan so we can let the community know where they stand.

“So far the responses have been slow coming back so Council has again reminded candidates that we will be making their responses public so the community is across their priorities ahead of the election.”

Cr Williams said among the items to be raised by Council at the annual conference was the need for clearer planning framework.

“We will again be advocating for a State Government planning system that is easier for the community to understand and meets their expectations,” she said.

“Council has long argued that the State’s current, performance-based planning system allows too much flexibility in how the overall outcomes of relevant codes are achieved, creating uncertainty within the community.

“To provide the certainty the community seeks, and in response to concerns about small lot sizes, Council previously tried to cap minimum lot sizes through the 2018 city plan, but were advised by the State Government that we couldn’t under the current planning regime.

“Residents need some surety of what may be built in their neighbourhoods and we are calling on the State Government to provide clearer planning framework.”

Cr Williams said Council would also present a case to the LGAQ Conference for better recognition of, and financial support for, regional challenges.

“We are a city of islands and have one of the largest, un-bridged island populations in the country,” she said.

“In recognition of our island communities’ unique social, economic and isolation issues compared with the rest of the city, we have long advocated for our islands to be considered regional under State Government funding allocations.

“Despite the rates of unemployment and disability being higher than on the mainland, along with transport challenges similar to those of other regional areas, our islands are excluded from the State Government’s regional funding programs designed to support regional Local Government Areas.”

Other items to be tabled at the LGAQ’s 124th annual conference on the Gold Coast from October 19-21, 2020 are:
• Local Governments’ Powers to Conduct Elections
• Regulated Dog Management Review
• More Respectful Debate in Parliament
• Asset Sustainability Ratio

Cr Williams and Division 7 Councillor Rowanne McKenzie will be Council’s official delegates at the LGAQ Conference, which will bring together delegates from all tiers of government, external stakeholders and the media to consider the challenges facing local governments and their communities.

Other Councillors will be able to attend as observers.

To read Council’s 2020 State Election Advocacy Plan, visit Council’s website.

Mayoral prayer breakfast raises almost $20,000 for school chaplaincy programs

Almost $20,000 was raised for State School chaplaincy programs across Redlands Coast at the annual Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast.

Held at the Alexandra Hills Hotel Conference Centre, today’s event brought the amount raised in the past six years to more than $120,000.

Due to COVID-safe requirements, a reduced gathering of 96 people attended the breakfast, which in the past has attracted almost 300 people.

Attendees included school chaplains, church and school leaders, government representatives, business people and community members, who enjoyed a talk by guest speaker Andy Gourley from Red Frogs Australia and founder of the Red Frog chaplaincy program, which helps safeguard teenagers at schoolies events and festivals.

Mayor Karen Williams said this year’s fundraising was an excellent result given the reduced numbers of people able to attend.

“This has been a year like no other and anxieties have been heightened for many across our community, including our young people, highlighting the importance of programs such as school chaplaincy.

“Our school chaplains provide vital spiritual and emotional support not only to students, but also to local families and school staff across Redlands Coast, and it is important that they are there when someone needs to reach out for support.”

Cr Williams thanked all those who supported the event, especially the individual contribution of Albert Benfer.

“Albert has been a generous supporter of this cause and I sincerely thank him, as well as the many other caring people who have sponsored and supported our fundraising effort in this challenging year.

“I hope this year’s result will allow more Redlands Coast schools to benefit from the chaplaincy program, which already supports more than 14,500 students.”

Cr Williams said this year’s event included the inaugural Pastor Glen Gray Award, which recognises an outstanding school chaplain.

“This award is special for two reasons: first, it recognises a local chaplain doing great things in our community, but it also bears the name of dear friend Pastor Gray, who has been instrumental in organising this event and doing so much great work in our community,” Cr Williams said.

“This year’s award went to Grant Lea for the amazing work he has done supporting students at Dunwich State School and The Sycamore School.”

Sponsors and supporters included:

Diamond sponsor

  • Lee’s Environmental

Gold Sponsor

  • Renaissance Retirement Living

Silver sponsor

  • Certified Roofing

Bronze sponsors

  • Alex Gow Funerals
  • Scripture Union Queensland

Event supporters

  • CPC Productions
  • McGuires Alexandra Hills Hotel
  • Corporate Stage Solutions

Young Rock scenes filmed at Capalaba on Redlands Coast

Redlands Coast continues to prove itself to be a film friendly location as YR Production Pty Ltd took to Capalaba this week to film selected scenes for the new NBC Universal television series Young Rock.

It was the first filming location in Queensland for the US series, which tells the story of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s formative years.

Cr Williams said this was yet another example of the attraction Redlands Coast held for film makers.

“The night-time scenes took place  outside the Wicked Brew Café, Dollery Road, Capalaba and on Loraine Street, Capalaba, where the production team put in a temporary bus stop for the shoot,” she said.

“This new production, Young Rock, adds to our already impressive list of big name productions filmed here.

“Not only is it exciting to know our naturally wonderful city will be showcased on screens around the world but the boost to the local economy is also welcome.

“As we focus on recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, international productions such as this help support our economy through film crews and actors using our local businesses and services.”

Division 9 Councillor Adelia Berridge said much work had been done to promote Queensland and Redlands Coast as ideal choices for film locations.

“It’s great to see Redlands Coast, and this time Capalaba, continue to be a preferred location for so many producers of film and television,” she said.

“Having productions such as this come to Redlands Coast only increases our global reputation as a natural choice for film and television.”

This production has also received support from the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland.

Council moves to recognise and protect local heritage

Redland City Council will consult individual property owners and the broader community on a proposal to add a number of properties to the city’s Local Heritage Register following the identification of European heritage significance.

Mayor Karen Williams said the consultation with property owners until 4 December 2020 was an essential step towards including the properties in the local register.

“Council has looked at hundreds of properties and we are now seeking community feedback on 47 of these properties that include many wonderful examples of our built settlement history dating back over 140 years,” Cr Williams said.

“This is all about identifying and protecting our local heritage and Council wants to hear from property owners and the general public about this proposal.

“These properties have all been independently assessed as important physical reminders of our European settlement history and essential parts of the story of Redlands Coast.

“In many cases, their built history is just part of the longer European settlement stories going back even decades earlier.

“The survival of these properties in private ownership is a testament to generations of owners who have recognised their value and maintained them since.

“The Queensland Heritage Act requires Council to maintain a local heritage register under Schedule 7 of our City Plan, with any changes also requiring planning scheme amendment.

“Until now our local register has mainly listed Council and State-owned sites.

“Council’s proposal to now add these privately owned properties to the local heritage register will require a major amendment to the Redland City Plan.

“The decision to move forward with the recommended listing and amendment recognises the need to work with individual property owners to support their property interests while ensuring continued preservation.

“This includes options for future support through the provision of expert heritage and planning advice and property maintenance support.

“Any future recommendations for support for heritage property owners are expected to follow from the public consultation with individual owners and the community.

“These are likely to be carried forward for consideration and funding in Council’s 2021-2022 budget deliberations.”

To make a formal submission and for background on the properties and the proposals, visit Council’s Your Say Redlands Coast website from 12 October, 2020.

Cleveland Aquatic Centre to partly re-open on 14 October 2020

Cleveland Aquatic Centre will begin re-opening to the public from  Wednesday 14 October 2020, with the 25-metre outdoor pool, indoor pool and children’s play pool to open for use.

Work is continuing on the centre’s 50-metre pool.

The partial re-opening from next Wednesday follows the successful testing of completed plumbing and electrical works, replacement of the indoor and 25-metre pool filter mediums, as well as refurbishment of the children’s play pool, centre kiosk and centre-wide painting, decking, tiling and landscaping.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while work continued on the 50-metre pool and its major filter replacement, patrons would see a huge difference already at the revitalised centre.

“This work has created local employment and generated economic recovery when our city needed it most, including using mainly local contractors and materials,” she said.

“We are looking forward to a formal re-opening when the remaining works on the 50-metre pool are completed, including the arrival of the new filter from the manufacturers.

‘In the meantime, I would like to thank contractors and Council project staff who have toiled hard to ensure the centre was able to re-open in October as promised and in time for warmer weather.”

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said the partial re-opening to the public would be welcomed for many users who have waited patiently, first with COVID-19 closure and then major renewal and repair works.

“In the coming weeks, centre patrons will hopefully see work progress on the fenced 50-metre pool, with the installation of the new pool filter behind the pool pump house.

“Until then, work will continue on some remaining 50-metre pool painting, jointing and tiling repairs.

“Council and centre operator Belgravia Leisure are anticipating the completion of the remaining 50-metre pool work by the end of the year and are excited to welcome patrons back in the meantime.

“It will be well worth taking the necessary time to complete these upgrades and improvements properly, and I thank the public, especially regular patrons, for their patience.”

Council acknowledges the State Government’s COVID Works for Queensland Funding contribution of $830,000 towards this project.

Council to consult on amendments to parking laws

Redland City Council has taken the lead of the Queensland Police Service by increasing the fine for people who park illegally in a disabled parking spot under a proposed amendment to Subordinate Local Law No. 5 (Parking) 2015, which will now be sent to community consultation.

Deputy Mayor Cr Julie Talty said Council had proposed the amendment to deter people parking in disabled spaces illegally, ensuring those who need disability parking could access it.

“We have an ageing population and our islands have a higher than average number of residents needing assistance due to a disability, so we need to make sure those who need disabled parking spots can access them,” Cr Talty said.

“If you park in a disabled parking spot and are fined by the police you get a $533 fine, so following advice from the State Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Council will look to bring our fine into line with the QPS.

“Most people do the right thing but for those who don’t, the increased fine may also be an increased deterrent, ensuring that disability parking spaces are kept free for people who need them and have the authority to park in them.”

Redland Disability Network coordinator Rob Spencer said any changes that would stop people illegally parking in disabled parking spots would be a good thing.

“The system is being abused now in terms of people taking over disabled parking spots and I’m pretty sure that an increased fine of more than $500 will certainly make people think twice about taking the spot,” Mr Spencer said.

Council will now seek community feedback on this and the addition of new proposed parking areas under Subordinate Local Law No. 5 (Parking), including new parking areas at Moore’s Road and Auster Street, Redland Bay added to Council’s off-street regulated parking areas.

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards said the inclusion of the newly built car park in this area of the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area would help deliver equitable parking for all.

“It is necessary to ensure we don’t see an abundance of vehicles parked there long term while people who need shorter term parking, such as commuters from our Southern Moreton Bay Islands, are unable to find a parking spot,” he said.

The community consultation will commence on 12 October 2020.

Further information and the opportunity to respond to the proposed amendments will be available on Council’s Your Say site from this date.

Comments received from the community will be reviewed before a final community consultation report is presented to a future meeting of Council.

Call for consultation on State vision for Minjerribah

Redland City Council has today repeated its call for the State Government to undertake comprehensive community consultation on its plan for North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah, including land use changes to meet the aspirations of the Traditional Owners.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Julie Talty said Councillors today supported a Council resolution asking for the State Government to increase consultation on the future of the island, including their recently announced changes to Council’s Redland City Plan to rezone 25 land parcels covering 94 hectares.

“Council fully supports the return of land to Traditional Owners, however there has been no public consultation with island residents and visitors, raising concerns as to the future of this very special place,” Cr Talty said.

“Following today’s decision, Council will also send the report to the State Government and request the incoming government respond to Council’s requests and concerns.”

On 15 September 2020 the State Government introduced a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) which amends zoning of the Redland City Plan for two years, with applications to build on the rezoned land parcels able to be made immediately.

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said the State Planning Minister had recently advised of his intention to issue a Ministerial Direction to Council to amend the Redland City Plan to align with the changes under the TLPI.

“The State has advised that public consultation on the zone changes, given effect through the TLPI, will occur through a formal major amendment process required to be undertaken by Council,” Cr Mitchell said.

“While Council is absolutely committed to comprehensive consultation over these changes, it would be most appropriate for the State to take an active role in it and even lead it, given the proposed land rezonings are part of a confidential State Government agreement.

“It is also unclear what scope there is for Council to ‘consider’ any submissions as the land use changes are understood to be reflective of State Government commitments to Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation.

“The future of the island is important and holds significant opportunity for the entire city and beyond, and Council stands ready to work with the State Government and Traditional Owners to realise these opportunities through a collective and collaborative approach.”

Mayor honoured for support of domestic and family violence prevention

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams was recognised by fellow Councillors this morning after being named on Queensland’s inaugural Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Honour Roll.

Cr Williams is one of the individual inductees on the roll, which also includes Redland City Council in the Corporates category.

Deputy Mayor Julie Talty acknowledged the Mayor at today’s general council meeting.

“Domestic and family violence is a scourge in our community and it is important that we acknowledge those who are working, often in the background, to support people and families who are affected by it and who are taking actions to end it,” Cr Talty said.

“The Honour Roll celebrates individuals and champions of the cause who are making a difference by raising awareness and working to change community attitudes, directly supporting or raising funds to help victims and those affected, and educating others on ways they can help.

“This city is gaining a reputation for leading the charge against domestic and family violence and it is due to the leadership of our local Honour Roll recipients and others.”

Cr Talty said Cr Williams would be joined on the Honour Roll by other local residents who had also shown their commitment to supporting those impacted by domestic and family violence.

“Philanthropists Dan Holzapfel and Ros Kinder, Red Rose Foundation CEO Betty Taylor and long-time domestic violence advocate Rosemary Skelly were also added to the Honour Role thanks to their incredible generosity,” Cr Talty said.

“Committee members of the Mayor’s Redlands Coast Diner en Rouge were also included on the Honour Roll for helping to organise the annual event, which has so far raised more than $330,000 to support those impacted by domestic and family violence.

“The funds have helped Redlands secure its own domestic violence counselling service and expanded accommodation, and the event has become an important reminder of the city’s commitment to the cause.”

Council has been a strong advocate for more crisis accommodation and a supporter of local domestic and family violence support services.

It is heavily involved in organising and supporting events such as the annual Diner en Rouge fundraiser and candlelight vigils.

Other Honour Roll recipients include:

  • Philanthropist Dan Holzapfel, who has donated $200,000 to the Diner en Rouge fundraiser.
  • Ros Kinder, a committee member of Maybanke Accommodation and Crisis Support Service, who has donated $50,000 to the fundraiser.
  • Betty Taylor, who is CEO and founder of the Red Rose Foundation (which coordinates the Red Bench project) and is involved with Council’s candlelight vigils.
  • Rosemary Skelly, who has been raising awareness of domestic and family violence on Redlands Coast for more than 30 years and was involved in the formation of the association now known as Maybanke.
  • Redlands Coast Diner en Rouge Organising Committee members Judith Trevan-Hawke (Zonta Club of Wynnum Redland), Ros Kinder (Brisbane East Zonta Club), Shirley Mahon (Rotary Club of Cleveland), and Jacky Burkett (Soroptimist International Bayside).
  • Stacey Ross, CEO – The Centre for Women and Co. is a not for profit organisation that educates, supports and empowers women and their families across Redland City and Logan region. They provide a range of services, including individual and community education, crisis support and counselling, to achieve social justice for all women.

For a full list of honour roll inductees, visit the website.

Macleay Island fire – Update as at 4.30pm, Friday 2 October 2020

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has advised that the fire on Macleay Island is contained.

QFES fire crews remain at the scene and are dampening down and blackening out, with fire breaks in place, and will continue to monitor the situation.

For the latest bushfire warnings, visit the Queensland Government Fire and Emergency Services online newsroom:


Earlier: 1.45pm, Friday 2 October 2020

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has advised of a vegetation fire  that has jumped containment lines at Kate Street on Macleay Island.

Three Rural Fire Service units are in attendance and three Fire Rescue Service appliances are on their way to the island from the mainland.

People who suffer from a respiratory condition are encouraged to close windows and doors, and keep medications close by; and motorists should drive to the conditions.

For the latest bushfire warnings, visit the Queensland Government Fire and Emergency Services online newsroom:

Get out and about on Redlands Coast this long weekend

There is much to experience on Redlands Coast this spring long weekend.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said residents and visitors to Redlands Coast were spoilt for choice.

“This weekend is the last of three to experience the new Minjerribah Arts Trail, which has been running over three weekends and will finish on the Monday 5 October Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

“Council has been pleased to assist in developing and promoting the new experience to attract visitors to the island.

“The arts trail meanders across North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah from Dunwich/Gumpi to Amity Point/Pulan and Point Lookout/Mulumba, with 16 of the island’s visual artists, weavers, ceramicists, jewellers, printmakers, photographers and sculptors opening their studios, workshops and galleries to the public for intimate viewings, workshops and artist talks.

“It’s a unique experience, and one that visitors over the long weekend can combine with other Straddie must-dos, like spotting whales, dolphins, turtles, koalas and kangaroos, and browsing the boutique goods at the Point Lookout Markets this Sunday.”

Enjoy local arts on the Minjerribah Arts Trail

Cr Williams said Coochiemudlo and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands were also a great choice for weekend outings and getaways, and each had something special to offer.

“Macleay Island is an art lovers’ paradise, with more than 250 artists on the island creating everything from jewellery and silverware to carved benches, pottery, prints, photographic arts, paintings and large indoor and outdoor sculptures.

“Spend your weekend browsing the stunning art exhibitions and take home some high-quality art – all from the thriving not-for-profit Macleay Island Arts Complex (, perched on the foreshore looking back across to Redland Bay, and open this Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

Macleay Island

“For a relaxed family day out, it’s hard to beat Coochiemudlo Island, which is a mere hop, skip and a jump by ferry from Victoria Point.

“Kids love the 10-minute ferry ride, and when you arrive you will find the sandy white beach, playground and café right in front of you ready to enjoy.”

More top tips for this long weekend:

  • Walk on water (at low tide only!) to King Island, from Wellington Point Recreation Reserve
  • Browse the fresh produce, arts and crafts, gifts, food and entertainment at the Cleveland Markets on Sunday from 7am-1pm
  • Hike the network of trails in the Don and Christine Burnett Conservation Area in Sheldon
  • Swim, kayak, and stand up paddleboard at Raby Bay Foreshore Park
  • Take your furry best friend for a swim and run at the off-leash dog park at Raby Bay Foreshore Park
  • Mountain bike ride at Bayview Conservation Park
  • Take the Fairy Wren Walk and follow it up with some bush flavours from the café at Council’s newly refurbished IndigiScapes Centre in Capalaba.

More details on the Minjerribah Arts Trail, as well as special deals on North Stradbroke Island experiences, are online at

For more information about the Macleay Island Arts Gallery, visit

For everything IndigiScapes, visit

The Don and Christine Burnett Conservation Area is great for bushwalking.