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Council closures during Greater Brisbane COVID-19 lockdown

The Queensland Government has today announced a three-day lockdown due to COVID-19 for Greater Brisbane, including Redland City, from 6pm Friday 8 January 2021 to 6pm Monday 11 January 2021.

Other local government areas affected by the health directive are Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich and Logan.

Queensland Health has advised that from 6pm today, people in these local government areas will be required to stay at home except for essential purposes, including for food, health care, exercise and essential work purposes and masks will need to be worn everywhere in these areas except for when people are at home.

Under the restrictions, all Redland City Council non-essential services will be closed from close of business today, Friday 8 January 2021 until 8.30am Tuesday 12 January 2021 (see below for pool reopening hours).

This includes:

Council’s Customer Service Centres
Council’s Customer Service Centres at Cleveland, Capalaba and Victoria Point will be closed, and residents are strongly encouraged to use Council’s online and telephone services as much as possible.
Council’s Customer Contact Centre is available for all phone enquiries on (07) 3829 8999 Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm, excluding public holidays.

Libraries, Galleries, RPAC and IndigiScapes
Redland Libraries will be closed but the libraries’ extensive online services will continue, including e-books, e-audio books, e-magazines, music, movies and children’s stories.
Council’s art galleries, Redland Performing Arts Centre and Redland IndigiScapes Centre and Nursery will be closed.

Visitor Information Centre
While the Visitor Information Centre will be closed, information will still be available by phone on 1300 667 386 or on the Redlands Coast website.

Redland Animal Shelter
The gates to Redland Animal Shelter will be closed, with onsite staff available for emergency drop-offs only from 9am to 12pm Saturday and Sunday, 9-10 January 2021 and from 8.30am to 4.30pm on Monday, 11 January 2021.

Community halls
Indoor venues, including community halls, will be closed.

Public swimming pools
Cleveland Aquatic Centre and Bay Islands Aquatic Centre will be closed. The pools are scheduled to reopen:

  • Cleveland Aquatic Centre – 5am, Tuesday 12 January
  • Bay Island Aquatic Centre – 6am, Tuesday 12 January

During the three-day lockdown, Council will not be enforcing compliance on vehicles over-staying the parking limits at public marinas, but compliance for safety issues will continue to be enforced.

The RACQ Smart Shuttle trial service at Raby Bay, Cleveland will not be operating on Saturday and Sunday, 9-10 January 2021.

More information
Watch Council’s website and social media for updates.

The Queensland Government is the lead agency in managing the public health response to COVID-19.

For more information about the health directive and the latest health advice, visit

Lyngbya found at Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island

Redland City Council has installed signs at Thompson’s Beach, Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island’s Main Beach to advise residents and visitors of the presence of Lyngbya (Lyngbya majuscula), a naturally occurring, blue-green algae that can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritations if people come into contact with it.

The presence of Lyngbya is not uncommon for the waters of Moreton Bay, and all Redlands Coast beaches and waterways remain open for recreational use.

The signs are precautionary only to inform people of the presence of the material, which often presents as mats floating on the surface of the water or as washed-up clumps on the beach.

Swimming and wading is not recommended where algae is present; and Council urges residents to be mindful that Lyngbya could also be present at any beach.

Council will continue to monitor all Redlands Coast beaches, and will erect signs if Lyngbya is found elsewhere.

More information is available from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Planning and Environment Court judgement

Redland City Council acknowledges the judgement of the Planning and Environment Court of Queensland, delivered on 11 December 2020, in regard to a development application for a fast food restaurant at Birkdale Fair.

The Court found the application was appropriate in regard to the setting and context of the site, and complied with the overall outcomes and performance outcomes of the relevant codes within Redland City Plan.

Following the judgement, Council will assess the need, if any, for amendments to the planning provisions to overcome any ambiguity in the future.

Council adopts new corporate plan for the city of Redland

Redland City Council has today adopted its new corporate plan, Our Future Redlands – A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond.

The plan, which commences on 1 July 2021 and focuses on finding a balance between sustaining the lifestyle enjoyed on Redlands Coast and the community’s desire for a thriving and progressive city, will help inform Council’s operational plan, budget and decision-making over the next five years.

Our Future Redlands also introduces a new city vision – Naturally wonderful lifestyle. Connected communities. Embracing opportunities – and describes seven goals for 2041 that are supported by initiatives and catalyst projects.

Mayor Karen Williams said Our Future Redlands – A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond was a forward-looking document that would help ensure Council decisions over the next five years helped shape a city that met the community’s current needs and future aspirations.

“The new plan will support an enriched and sustainable future for our city and the people who live, work and play here,” she said.

“The community provided input into helping shape our new 2041 vision for Redlands Coast, as well as the seven strategic goals that will be the roadmap to delivering key projects and services.

“The seven goals include city leadership, strong communities, Quandamooka Country, natural environment, liveable neighbourhoods, thriving economy and efficient and effective organisation, with each supported by projects and initiatives that lay the foundations for their achievement.”

Catalyst projects include:

  • a Redlands Coast Adventure Precinct to add to the sport and recreation activities in the area
  • opportunities to harness new forms of energy from Council’s waste water treatment plants
  • investing in active transport through improved cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • revitalisation of Cleveland Central Business District
  • a Redlands Health and Wellness Precinct
  • dual naming way-finding signage that incorporates Quandamooka Jandai language
  • a shared vision for Birkdale community land, Willard’s Farm and the Tingalpa Creek Corridor
  • a Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island Coastal Walk between Point Lookout and Cylinder Beach

Cr Williams said today’s adoption of the plan followed a six-week community consultation period during which Council delivered a range of engagement activities, including 10 externally-facilitated workshops, an online survey, and advertising in local media to encourage community feedback on the draft plan.

“During the consultation period a total of 3660 people were engaged, with 583 submissions received from predominantly Redlands Coast residents (95 per cent) across all age bands, including those who have historically been difficult to engage, such as under 18-year-olds and 18- to 25-year-olds,” she said.

“Respondents were deeply engaged, with more than half choosing to complete a long survey and provide detailed feedback to open response questions about the vision and each section of the plan.

“Analysis of our community’s feedback revealed some common themes that were addressed by changes to the draft plan, including adding a Quandamooka Country section, outlining key performance indicators for each strategic theme and changing the wording of the city vision.

“The plan Council adopted today reflects our community’s views and will help guide us to a city that is fit for purpose, where future generations experience the environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits of calling Redlands Coast home.”

Our Future Redlands – A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond is available on Council’s website.

Driverless bus trial to roll forward at Raby Bay

Following the success of the Redlands Coast Smart Mobility Trial on Karragarra Island, Redland City Council has again partnered with RACQ for a second phase of the trial, to be held at Raby Bay, Cleveland.

The trial’s first phase saw the RACQ Smart Shuttle in use on the island from November 2019 to May 2020 in Queensland’s first long-term, on-road trial of the autonomous vehicle technology.

The small, driverless bus has a maximum speed of 20km/h, sophisticated sensors for navigation, and detection lasers to identify obstacles within 40 metres before stopping safely or slowing as needed.

Mayor Karen Williams said Karragarra Island had been the perfect site for the Queensland-first test of how an autonomous vehicle would perform in a live traffic environment.

“As a city of islands with rural and urban communities, we know Redlands Coast faces a number of transport challenges; and by partnering with RACQ in these trials, Council has demonstrated its commitment to finding innovative ways to help our residents overcome these challenges,” she said.

“Over the course of the island trial, more than 850 passengers experienced the potential of autonomous vehicle technology, with the bus travelling more than 1400 kilometres.

“At all times, it was staffed by a human operator who could take control if necessary.

“Now the technology will soon be trialled in the Raby Bay area of Cleveland and we are delighted to again be partnering with RACQ for the trial’s second phase, with the commencement date to be advised but we anticipate it starting in late November.”

Cr Williams said the trial would connect Raby Bay Harbour with Raby Bay Foreshore Park – two popular destinations not currently serviced by public transport.

“The harbour is just a short walk from existing bus and train services, and this trial area will test the driverless technology in a more complex traffic environment while allowing us to see and assess how it works in an integrated transport network,” she said.

“These ground-breaking trials on Redlands Coast will also be used to investigate other applications for the autonomous vehicle and to lobby for greater adoption of innovative transport across the State.”

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said he was pleased to know the trial would be operating in Cleveland.

“This trial will add to the invaluable data Council has already collected from the trial on Karragarra Island,” he said.

“This is as much about research as it is about transport, with it to provide information on practical uses of the technology, not only on Redlands Coast but also across Queensland and even nationwide.”

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the shuttle was an opportunity for Raby Bay locals to test the future of public transport.

“Autonomous vehicles will change the way we move in the future and we’re very excited that the Redlands Coast community gets to be front and centre of this ground-breaking trial and gets to test out the innovative technology now,” Dr Michael said.

“Once the trial begins, members of the community will be able to ride the shuttle for free and we’ll gather feedback on their experience and thoughts on the technology, so we can ensure current and future trials positively impact Queenslander lives.”

More information about phase two of the Redlands Coast Smart Mobility Trial can be found on Council’s Your Say website.

Sandbagging stations available on Redlands Coast – Update as at 2.10pm, 28 October 2020

Redland City Council has established self-service sandbagging stations across the city as heavy rainfall continues to develop.

The sandbagging stations will be open at the following times and locations:


  • South Street Depot – from 7am – 6pm on Wednesday 28 October and Thursday 29 October. From 7am to 12pm on Friday 30 October. Closed on the weekend (weather permitting). Council staff will be onsite to assist. Sand, bags and shovels will be supplied.

North Stradbroke Island

  • Outside the Council Depot on Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich – open all hours. Sand and bags supplied; please take your own shovel.

Russell Island

  • Outside the Council Depot on Cambridge Road – open all hours. Sand and bags supplied; please take your own shovel.

Macleay Island

  • Outside the Council Depot on Scarborough Terrace – open all hours. Sand and bags supplied; please take your own shovel.

Residents are permitted a maximum of six sand bags per household.

Please note: enclosed shoes must be worn.

Council reminds residents to check gutters are clear and to secure loose items around the home.

For the latest advice and emergency warnings:

  • Tune in to 612ABC
  • Bay FM 100.3
  • Monitor Council’s Disaster Dashboard
  • Follow Redland City Council on Facebookand Twitter

Redland SES honoured with regional and state awards

The Redland State Emergency Service has picked up 10 regional and two state awards at ceremonies held during Queensland SES Week.

Mayor Karen Williams said the results reflected the outstanding efforts of all 150 volunteers in keeping residents safe during times of disaster.

“We are very lucky to have one of the hardest working, community minded SES teams in Queensland here on the Redlands,” she said.

“The Redland SES Unit responded to more than 270 jobs during the past 12 months.

“This included helping with land searches for missing people, agency assistance with fires including public safety management, and police support with COVID-19 border security.

“I am sure the community will join with me in congratulating the Redland SES Unit for their training, dedication and willingness to help, all of which has led to these exceptional results.”

Deputy Mayor Julie Talty said to take home 10 regional awards from a record 16 nominations was an extraordinary result and included Unit or Group of the Year, Operational Response of the Year, Trainer of the Year and seven individual awards.

The state awards were for Trainer of the Year and a highly commended for Operational Response of the Year.

“Many of us don’t think about how much hard work goes into training for the SES, until we need them,” Cr Talty said.

“Our SES is about people helping people and I also pay tribute to the families they leave behind to rush out and respond to a community in distress.”

Regional Awards collected by Redland SES Unit are:

  • Regional Unit/Group of the Year Redland Bay SES Group for exceptional engagement, operational readiness and innovation, leading to outstanding operational results within the Brisbane region.
  • Operational Response of the Year jointly shared by Redland City, Brisbane City and Moreton Bay SES Units for extraordinary diligence and professional service during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Trainer of the Year Ian Bacon, Cleveland SES Group for distinguished service to the SES through outstanding professional leadership, commitment and dedication to planning, training delivery, and members’ skills development.

Assistant Commissioner John Cawcutt, Trainer of the Year Ian Bacon, and Acting Assistant Commissioner Brian Cox.

Individual Awards were won by the following Redland SES team members for special contribution to the service:

  • Alex Johnson, Redland Bay SES Group:  For distinguished service through leadership, dedicated service to the community, and continually developing the knowledge and skill level of fellow members.
  • Alexandra Baines, Cleveland SES Group: For distinguished service through exceptional leadership and commitment to the Redland City SES Unit through training, administration and skills development of members.
  • Noel ‘Geoffrey’ Le Noel, Cleveland SES Group: For distinguished service through his outstanding dedication, compassion, and his commitment to educating members within the Cleveland SES Group and Redland City SES Unit.
  • Mitch Brushe, Cleveland SES Group: For distinguished service through outstanding professional leadership within the Cleveland SES Group, and continued dedication to the Redland City SES Unit and its community.
  • Blake Tomlinson, Cleveland SES Group: For distinguished service through outstanding professionalism, dedication and generosity to Cleveland SES Group and the Redland Community, and deploying to assist communities recover after devastating events.
  • Joel Muraca, Redland Bay SES Group: For distinguished service by maintaining operational readiness and providing support to other members of the Redland City SES Unit.
  • Kiara Muraca, Redland Bay SES Group: For distinguished service through continued growth as a leader supporting members and operations.

The two state awards were for:

  • Joyce Scorey Shield-Trainer of the Year: Ian Bacon, Cleveland SES Group
  • Assistant Commissioner’s Shield-Highly Commended for Operational Response of the Year jointly shared by Redland City, Brisbane City and Moreton Bay SES.

The awards provide an opportunity to thank all SES volunteers and honour length of service and exceptional performance throughout the year.

QFES Assistant Commissioner John Cawcutt, local SES controller Clare Barker, Redland Bay Group leader Daniel Tuckwood and Deputy group leader Alex Johnson and QFES Acting Assistant Commissioner Brian Cox.

Council to advocate strongly at LGAQ Conference

Redland City Council will fly the Redlands Coast flag at next week’s Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) conference to advocate for a number of key projects and initiatives on behalf of the community.

Mayor Karen Williams said in addition to a number of resolutions Council was putting to the conference she would also be speaking with fellow Queensland Mayors about key projects included in Council’s 2020 State Election Advocacy Plan.

“Key amongst our state election advocacy priorities are better transport infrastructure and clearer planning laws and I will be looking to discuss these opportunities at next week’s conference with my fellow Mayors and State MPs in attendance,” she said.

“We have also asked candidates in the seats of Capalaba, Redlands, Oodgeroo and Springwood to provide comment on their level of support for each project and initiative included in our advocacy plan so we can let the community know where they stand.

“So far the responses have been slow coming back so Council has again reminded candidates that we will be making their responses public so the community is across their priorities ahead of the election.”

Cr Williams said among the items to be raised by Council at the annual conference was the need for clearer planning framework.

“We will again be advocating for a State Government planning system that is easier for the community to understand and meets their expectations,” she said.

“Council has long argued that the State’s current, performance-based planning system allows too much flexibility in how the overall outcomes of relevant codes are achieved, creating uncertainty within the community.

“To provide the certainty the community seeks, and in response to concerns about small lot sizes, Council previously tried to cap minimum lot sizes through the 2018 city plan, but were advised by the State Government that we couldn’t under the current planning regime.

“Residents need some surety of what may be built in their neighbourhoods and we are calling on the State Government to provide clearer planning framework.”

Cr Williams said Council would also present a case to the LGAQ Conference for better recognition of, and financial support for, regional challenges.

“We are a city of islands and have one of the largest, un-bridged island populations in the country,” she said.

“In recognition of our island communities’ unique social, economic and isolation issues compared with the rest of the city, we have long advocated for our islands to be considered regional under State Government funding allocations.

“Despite the rates of unemployment and disability being higher than on the mainland, along with transport challenges similar to those of other regional areas, our islands are excluded from the State Government’s regional funding programs designed to support regional Local Government Areas.”

Other items to be tabled at the LGAQ’s 124th annual conference on the Gold Coast from October 19-21, 2020 are:
• Local Governments’ Powers to Conduct Elections
• Regulated Dog Management Review
• More Respectful Debate in Parliament
• Asset Sustainability Ratio

Cr Williams and Division 7 Councillor Rowanne McKenzie will be Council’s official delegates at the LGAQ Conference, which will bring together delegates from all tiers of government, external stakeholders and the media to consider the challenges facing local governments and their communities.

Other Councillors will be able to attend as observers.

To read Council’s 2020 State Election Advocacy Plan, visit Council’s website.

Mayoral prayer breakfast raises almost $20,000 for school chaplaincy programs

Almost $20,000 was raised for State School chaplaincy programs across Redlands Coast at the annual Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast.

Held at the Alexandra Hills Hotel Conference Centre, today’s event brought the amount raised in the past six years to more than $120,000.

Due to COVID-safe requirements, a reduced gathering of 96 people attended the breakfast, which in the past has attracted almost 300 people.

Attendees included school chaplains, church and school leaders, government representatives, business people and community members, who enjoyed a talk by guest speaker Andy Gourley from Red Frogs Australia and founder of the Red Frog chaplaincy program, which helps safeguard teenagers at schoolies events and festivals.

Mayor Karen Williams said this year’s fundraising was an excellent result given the reduced numbers of people able to attend.

“This has been a year like no other and anxieties have been heightened for many across our community, including our young people, highlighting the importance of programs such as school chaplaincy.

“Our school chaplains provide vital spiritual and emotional support not only to students, but also to local families and school staff across Redlands Coast, and it is important that they are there when someone needs to reach out for support.”

Cr Williams thanked all those who supported the event, especially the individual contribution of Albert Benfer.

“Albert has been a generous supporter of this cause and I sincerely thank him, as well as the many other caring people who have sponsored and supported our fundraising effort in this challenging year.

“I hope this year’s result will allow more Redlands Coast schools to benefit from the chaplaincy program, which already supports more than 14,500 students.”

Cr Williams said this year’s event included the inaugural Pastor Glen Gray Award, which recognises an outstanding school chaplain.

“This award is special for two reasons: first, it recognises a local chaplain doing great things in our community, but it also bears the name of dear friend Pastor Gray, who has been instrumental in organising this event and doing so much great work in our community,” Cr Williams said.

“This year’s award went to Grant Lea for the amazing work he has done supporting students at Dunwich State School and The Sycamore School.”

Sponsors and supporters included:

Diamond sponsor

  • Lee’s Environmental

Gold Sponsor

  • Renaissance Retirement Living

Silver sponsor

  • Certified Roofing

Bronze sponsors

  • Alex Gow Funerals
  • Scripture Union Queensland

Event supporters

  • CPC Productions
  • McGuires Alexandra Hills Hotel
  • Corporate Stage Solutions

Young Rock scenes filmed at Capalaba on Redlands Coast

Redlands Coast continues to prove itself to be a film friendly location as YR Production Pty Ltd took to Capalaba this week to film selected scenes for the new NBC Universal television series Young Rock.

It was the first filming location in Queensland for the US series, which tells the story of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s formative years.

Cr Williams said this was yet another example of the attraction Redlands Coast held for film makers.

“The night-time scenes took place  outside the Wicked Brew Café, Dollery Road, Capalaba and on Loraine Street, Capalaba, where the production team put in a temporary bus stop for the shoot,” she said.

“This new production, Young Rock, adds to our already impressive list of big name productions filmed here.

“Not only is it exciting to know our naturally wonderful city will be showcased on screens around the world but the boost to the local economy is also welcome.

“As we focus on recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, international productions such as this help support our economy through film crews and actors using our local businesses and services.”

Division 9 Councillor Adelia Berridge said much work had been done to promote Queensland and Redlands Coast as ideal choices for film locations.

“It’s great to see Redlands Coast, and this time Capalaba, continue to be a preferred location for so many producers of film and television,” she said.

“Having productions such as this come to Redlands Coast only increases our global reputation as a natural choice for film and television.”

This production has also received support from the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland.