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Wasteful habits add to Redlands waste bill

Residents are being urged to be mindful of what they place in their waste, recycling and green waste bins with poor waste and recycling habits contributing to a $3.6 million rise in waste management costs for Redland City Council over the last two years.

Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams said that with the State Government waste rebate set to reduce over the coming years it was more important than ever for residents to ‘lift the right lid’.

“Placing the wrong material in the wrong bin is not only environmentally irresponsible, it is also costing ratepayers significantly,” Cr Williams said.

“Based on recent waste audits, almost 37% of what we collect from household waste bins is green waste which could easily be recycled through Council’s garden organics ‘green bin’ collection service or at the recycling and waste centres.

“With changes to the State Government’s Waste Levy Rebate set to come into effect in future years, specifically onwards from 2023-2024, everything residents can do to reduce landfill will have a positive impact on Council’s bottom line. The levy is being brought in across the state to reduce waste to landfill.

“The cost of waste management is set to increase with the State waste rebate to start decreasing from July 1, 2023. By 2030/31 it will reduce to 20% which will add more than $10 million in waste levy costs unless households commit to reducing waste to landfill.”

Residents can reduce their waste overnight by more than 60% by doing the following three things:

  1. Get a green waste bin or take their green waste to the recycling and waste centres
  2. Compost their food waste at home via home composting systems
  3. Recycle the right items (lift the right lid)

Redland City Council has recently adopted a new Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan which will put Redlands Coast on the path to becoming a zero waste society by 2050.

Cr Williams said the key focus of the plan is to encourage residents to ‘lift the right lid’ to ensure the right waste was going in the correct bin to reduce how much waste was going to landfill.

“Waste is one of the biggest challenges we face as a city, state and nation and Council’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan is all about reducing our waste footprint by encouraging the community to adopt some simple but important practices.”

Information: Search green waste at for a wealth of information on waste, recycling and composting, as well as how to sign up to Council’s green waste bin service.

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Fire a reminder to dispose of waste properly

Redlands Coast residents have been reminded not to dispose of hazardous waste in their wheelie bins following a fire in a waste truck at Capalaba.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the incident last week forced the driver to dump burning waste, with fire and emergency services called to the scene.

“What is believed to have been the improper and thoughtless disposal of hazardous waste forced the driver to take immediate action and may have compromised his and the community’s safety,” Cr Williams said.

“We urge residents to ensure they properly dispose of hazardous waste such as batteries, especially vehicle and lithium batteries, EPIRPBs, flares, hot ash, gas bottles and volatile substances at appropriate facilities.

“Not only is dumping them in wheelie bins dangerous and environmentally damaging, it can also cause extensive damage to the waste collection truck fleet.”

How and where to dispose of hazardous waste:

  • Household and lithium batteries – dispose through community recycling points. Check out B-Cycle ( for over 16 different drop-off points across Redlands Coast.
  • Vehicle batteries, gas bottles and asbestos – dispose through Council’s staffed Recycling and Waste Centres.
  • Flares and EPIRBS – visit Maritime Safety Queensland website ( for drop-off points.
  • Hot ash and heat beads – ensure cool before bagging and disposing, or alternatively bury in garden or compost.
  • Cigarette lighters, aerosol cans containing fluid – empty prior to disposal and place cigarette lighters in your general waste bin or recycle empty aerosol cans in your yellow-lid recycling bin.
  • Coolants, brake fluids, engine oil, chemicals, CFC light bulbs, paint and paint packaging and other hazardous waste – dispose of at Redland Bay Recycling and Waste Centre.

Visit Council’s website or contact Council on 3829 8999 for more information.

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Potential waste recycling opportunity through SEQ City Deal

Three South East Queensland Councils have joined forces to deliver a regional recycling facility that could start construction next year and divert tonnes of waste from landfill.

The $1.8 billion SEQ City Deal announced on Monday will support a raft of waste reform and infrastructure, with the potential for projects to include an innovative plan from Logan, Ipswich and Redland City Councils (SEQ sub-regional waste alliance) to build a regional Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

The proposed facility, which is estimated at around $30 million, could handle up to 60,000 tonnes of recycling annually.

Alliance Steering Committee Chair and Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the signing of the SEQ City Deal showed support at all levels of government for a collaborative approach to waste reduction, providing the alliance added confidence in its recent decision to progress to a formal tender for the regional facility.

Waste Alliance partners, from left, Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding, Redland Mayor Karen Williams and Logan Mayor Darren Power.

“The ink may be barely dry on the SEQ City Deal, but there is no time to ‘waste’, so we are moving ahead with our plans for a regional recycling facility we know will deliver real benefits for our communities,” Cr Harding said.

“This is a positive initiative to give our Councils greater control in recycling. With new technology and improved processes, our communities can play a leading role in diverting more waste away from landfill.

“The community, and in particular our younger residents, will be able to see first-hand how the items in their yellow recycling bins are sorted and processed through the facility’s innovative education room and viewing platform.

“We have been working on this project since 2018 and knowing the City Deal has now been signed, we are keen to partner with the State and Federal governments in the hope of breaking ground on this exciting project next year.

“This regional MRF will support the broader South East Queensland Waste Management Plan, delivering potential benefits for the broader region.”

City of Logan Mayor Darren Power said the MRF facility will create local jobs and potentially save money for ratepayers.

“The project promises plenty of jobs during construction and ongoing once the facility is up and running, which is a great thing for the region, state and nation,” Cr Power said.

“Building our own MRF will mean recyclables can be processed and sorted in Logan. They will then be made available to local businesses in the region and will take us closer to the zero-waste future we all aspire to.

“Not only are there environmental benefits but there will be potential cost savings over the long term which will benefit ratepayers.”

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the finalisation of the City Deal provided the ideal foundation to move to the next phase of this regional collaboration.

“Waste is one of the largest challenges facing our communities, and by working together we know we can deliver for our residents now and in the future,” Cr Williams said.

“The SEQ City Deal includes $105 million for regional waste projects and initiatives, providing the perfect opportunity to deliver this innovative and modern facility.

“We know there is still plenty of work to do and we aim to work with the State and Federal governments to deliver this unique project.

“We would also like to congratulate the State and Federal governments, as well as our Council of Mayors colleagues, for committing to much needed waste reform in the SEQ City Deal, a commitment that will deliver a more sustainable future for our region along with exciting economic and environmental benefits for our communities.”


Currently all three Councils, which represent more than 700,000 residents, are transferring recyclables to a contractor based in Port of Brisbane for sorting.

The regional MRF, to be situated in the Browns Plains Waste and Recycling Facility in the City of Logan, will sort recycled material collected in yellow lid recycling bins.

The Browns Plains site offers environmental and economic benefits. It was chosen because of its size, central location to all Councils, proximity to existing infrastructure, and appropriately zoned land ready to accommodate this type of facility.

The Alliance was formed in 2018 to investigate joint procurement options in response to changes in waste policy, taking into consideration the move to a zero-waste future and reducing landfill, as well as increasing restrictions on exporting kerbside recyclables to overseas markets.

Building a sub-regional MRF would benefit the wider South East Queensland (SEQ) region and complements the Council of Mayors South East Queensland (COMSEQ) SEQ Waste Management Plan.

The tender process is expected to be finalised mid-year.

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Council adopts new plan to reach vision of a zero waste society by 2050

Redland City Council has adopted a new Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan which will put Redlands Coast on the path to becoming a zero waste society by 2050.

Mayor Karen Williams said the key focus of the plan is to encourage residents to ‘lift the right lid’ to ensure the right waste was going in the correct bin to reduce how much waste was going to landfill.

“Waste is one of the biggest challenges we face as a city, state and nation and this plan is all about reducing our waste footprint by encouraging the community to adopt some simple but important practices,” Cr Williams said.

“Currently as a city we are generating too much waste with each Redlands Coast resident producing over 700 kilograms of waste annually, compared to the south-east Queensland average of 540 kilograms per person.

“About half of what currently goes in red-lid bins could be kept out of landfill, either through recycling or organic material that could go in our green lid bins.

“We also know our community is committed to doing the right thing, with the Redlands having high recycling rates, and this plan will support them in continuing to increase our recycling rates.

“The global waste sector has changed significantly in recent years, including changes to the State Government waste levy which will significantly increase the cost to landfill household waste from 2023-24.

“The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games also has a goal of being the first climate positive Summer Games making it more important than ever to ensure we as a city reduce our waste footprint.”

Cr Williams said the plan date had been extended from 2025 to 2030 to align with the Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy and commitments in the South East Queensland Council of Mayors Waste Plan.

Council is committed to the 2030 waste reduction and recycling targets set by the Queensland Government, which aims to reduce the amount of waste generated by residents by 15% and increase the amount of materials recycled to 60% by the end of the decade.

There are four key components outlined in the Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2021-2030 to achieve that target:

  • Reduce recyclables, green waste and food waste lost through the red (general waste) bin
  • Halve recycling contamination in the yellow bin
  • Increase the number of households with a green waste bin
  • Produce an organics transformation plan, building on a roadmap for growing green bins and investigating options and affordability of food waste reduction from landfill.

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2021-2030 was informed by consultation with residents and feedback which was generally strong and supportive of the draft plan.

To learn more about how to reduce food waste, implement a composting system and recycle well, visit Council’s website.

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Get ready to join a Clean Up Australia Day event on Redlands Coast

Redland City Council is encouraging the community to get involved in this year’s Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 6 March.

Mayor Karen Williams said local residents could join an existing Clean Up group or create their own.

“Getting involved will benefit the naturally wonderful Redlands Coast by creating a cleaner environment and protecting our waterways for everyone to enjoy,” Cr Williams said.

“Council is pleased to support Redlands Coast Clean Up participants by providing skip bins or kerbside wheelie bins for waste and recyclable materials collected on the day.

“If you’re planning to join a group, or start your own, now is the time to get ready and request your bin.”

Event organisers can advise if they want bins when they register or can contact Council on 3829 8999 or by emailing, however bin requests must be placed by Monday 21 February.

“Council has a network of about 740 Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices across Redlands Coast which prevent more than 200 cubic metres of waste ending up in Moreton Bay, on average, every year,” Cr Williams said.

“Initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day provide an opportunity for our community to step up and join us in cleaning up our beautiful Redlands Coast.”

All event participants can also drop off their bags of waste for free at any of Council’s Recycling and Waste Centres.

Cr Williams urged all volunteers to follow COVID-safe guidelines as outlined by event organisers and Queensland Health.

“Council also wants to ensure the safety of everyone and encourages participants not to hold clean-ups on the roadside or in other hazardous locations,” she said.

More than 18 Redlands Coast Clean Up events have already been registered, including at the following locations:

  • Scribbly Gums Conservation Area, Cleveland
  • Sel Outridge Park and Torquay Road, Redland Bay
  • Jetty, Coochiemudlo Island
  • Cascade Gardens and Ern Dowling Parklands, Victoria Point
  • Point Lookout and the eastern beach areas, North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah)
  • Wellington Point Recreation Reserve, Wellington Point
  • Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club, Thorneside.

A full list can be found on the Clean Up Australia Day website.

The Clean Up Australia Day campaign also includes a Business Clean Up Day on Tuesday 1 March, a School Clean Up Day on Friday 4 March and a Youth Event on either 4 or 6 March.

To join an existing event or to register your own, visit

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Council holds annual e-waste collection on islands

Redland City Council hopes to collect more than three tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) for recycling during an annual collection drive for the island communities from 12 to 28 February 2022.

Mayor Karen Williams said e-waste was one of the fastest growing types of waste worldwide and most could be recycled.

“Australia generates the highest amount of e-waste per capita in the world, with the average household creating more than 73kg of e-waste each year,” she said.

“It is estimated that, globally, more than 80 per cent of e-waste is sent to landfill or dumped illegally.

“Council offers a full-time e-waste collection service at the mainland recycling and waste centres at Birkdale and Redland Bay and these two centres collect more than 250 tonnes of e-waste each year.

“Our e-waste recyclers are able to recover about 96 per cent of the materials they receive.

“These materials are able to be processed and eventually used in the manufacture of new products, which supports Council’s commitment to a circular economy.”

Cr Williams said Council wanted to give island residents a similar opportunity to thoughtfully dispose of unwanted e-waste items in their homes.

“E-waste collection drives held on the islands in 2020 and 2021 proved it was a popular initiative, with residents dropping off more than two tonnes each year.

“We hope to increase the amount of e-waste collected this year and I encourage our island residents to take advantage of this annual collection drive.”

As an incentive, residents can swap their e-waste for a free native plant on the weekend of 12-13 February at both the island and mainland recycling and waste centres.

This offer is available to the first 25 residents per island site and to the first 75 residents at each of the mainland sites at Birkdale and Redland Bay.

Electronic waste includes:

  • Televisions and sound systems
  • Computer equipment and printers
  • Mobile phones
  • Power drills, fans and vacuums
  • Small kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances

Large whitegoods, such as refrigerators and washing machines, can be delivered to recycling and waste centres as scrap metal at any time during normal opening hours.

Island businesses can deliver household equivalent amounts of e-waste at no charge and are urged to contact council on 3829 8999 (8am-5pm, Monday to Friday) for advice if they have larger amounts to dispose of.

From 12 to 28 February 2022, island residents can drop their e-waste at recycling and waste centres located on North Stradbroke, Coochiemudlo, Macleay and Russell islands. Mainland residents can drop their e-waste at Birkdale or Redland Bay recycling and waste centres year round.

For more information on the e-waste collection drive go to Council’s website.

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Traffic restrictions lifted at Birkdale

Normal traffic arrangements resume today at the entrance to Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre and Judy Holt Recreation Reserve on Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale.

A temporary speed limit reduction and traffic management had been in place during the traditionally busy Christmas holiday period.

Redland City Council would like to thank motorists for their patience and adherence to the directions during this time.


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Council offers recycling tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Redlands Coast residents are encouraged to add recycling to their Christmas lists this year.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said recycling was important all-year round but particularly during the festive season, when people tend to generate extra waste.

“Christmas is of course a special time of year when families and friends come together to celebrate, entertain and to exchange gifts,” she said.

“However it is also a time when people generate a lot of waste with packaging materials, wrapping paper and food scraps, so Council is reminding everyone to continue to recycle right and help to reduce the amount of waste which goes to landfill.

“About 16 per cent of what Council collects from kerbside general waste bins every week consists of items that could be recycled, and even small steps in every household can make a huge difference.”

Cr Williams said recycling could start before Christmas by looking for items which have less packaging, not using single-use wrapping for gifts, or making your own bonbons using cardboard rolls and paper and including consumable items instead of plastic toys.

“Once the gifts are unwrapped, make sure you collect the wrapping paper, cardboard and hard plastic and place them in the yellow recycling bin,” she said.

“Separate out any polystyrene and bubble wrap; and take polystyrene to the recycling and waste centre and bubble wrap to your local supermarket drop-off point, or pop either in your red-lid bin.

“Also ensure no batteries (particularly lithium type) are placed in any kerbside bin.

“The festive season may also be a good opportunity to consider starting a compost bin or worm farm for food scraps.

“It really is quite easy to decide whether to be on the naughty or nice list when it comes to managing waste and recycling, and it can become just another tradition each festive season.”

Tips for Christmas recycling:

  • If you’re running out of space in your recycling bin, upgrade to a 340L bin with no extra annual fee and a small $30 establishment fee, or order an extra bin
  • Wrapping paper can go in the yellow recycling bin, or keep it and reuse next year or for craft activities
  • Put Christmas cards in the recycling bin or cut up to make gift cards for next year
  • Cardboard boxes and hard plastic packaging go in the recycling bin
  • Cellophane and other soft plastics like bubble wrap cannot be recycled kerbside but can be dropped off at your local supermarket with your other soft plastics such as plastic bags
  • Tinsel can be re-used but if it’s no longer usable, it belongs in the general waste kerbside bin
  • Batteries – do not place in kerbside bins; visit to find your nearest location for drop off
  • Empty bottles and cans can go in the recycling bin, or take them to Containers for Change

Download the new Recycle Mate app (from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) for a handy pocket guide on how to recycle right or visit Council’s online A-Z guide of waste and recycling

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Traffic management during busy times at waste centre

Redland City Council is asking residents to slow down in their rush to the Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre this festive season.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council would improve safety by temporarily reducing the speed limit and implementing other safety measures near the popular Birkdale facility, which traditionally experienced an increase in traffic during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

“It’s a great time for a clean-out at home or in the garden, but Council wants to make sure the trip to the local recycling and waste centre is as easy and as safe as possible,” Cr Williams said.

“To do this we will implement some temporary traffic controls during this busy time from 18 December.”

Division 8 Councillor Tracey Huges said the objective was all about safety for customers.

“It is to reduce the risk of incidents occurring, and improve the flow of traffic in and out of the sites,” Cr Hughes said.

Please note the following changes:

Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre

From 18 December 2021 to 9 January 2022:

  • A section of Old Cleveland Road East will be reduced from 60km/h to 40km/h during centre opening hours of 7am to 5.30pm.
  • When leaving the facility and Judy Holt Park, customers will be required to turn left only on to Old Cleveland Road East.
  • Signage will be in place and traffic controllers will be at the site entrance to help manage traffic flow.
  • A green waste bypass lane will be opened to allow residential customers with green waste to enter more quickly.


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Redlands Coast celebrates 20,000 green waste bin milestone

A green milestone has been reached with 20,000 green waste bins now in use across Redlands Coast.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams presented local resident Michelle Sullivan with her new bin, the city’s 20,000th, and thanked her for joining the growing green bin brigade.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams presents Michelle Sullivan, left, with a thankyou hamper from IndigiScapes and her green waste bin, the 20,000th now in use in Redlands Coast.

“People like Michelle are really making a difference because the contents of green bins is turned into new enriching organic products, such as soils, soil enhancers and mulch,” Cr Williams said.

“It helps weed out unnecessary waste going into landfill.

“Currently, about a third of the material put into kerbside general waste bins could be diverted to household green waste bins. So every new green waste bin in service is a step in the right direction towards a zero waste future.”

Cr Williams said approximately 6,300 tonnes (or 6.3 million kgs) of green waste was collected from the kerbside collection service last financial year (2020/2021) from mainland houses across Redlands Coast.

To thank the community for an amazing effort, 50 Redlands Coast residents who had a green waste bin were randomly selected to win an IndigiScapes voucher worth $50 each. The winners were announced during National Recycling Week and have been contacted about their prize.

Green waste bins can be ordered online from Council’s website or by calling 3829 8999.

 What you can put in your green bin:

  • Garden prunings
  • Grass clippings (do not bag if using a green waste bin)
  • Shrubs
  • Weeds and flowers
  • Leaves and loose bark
  • Sawdust
  • Small branches or soft wood (no larger than 75cm in length or 10cm in diameter)

To find out what happens to your green waste, go to Council’s website.

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