Wanted: koala sightings

The annual koala count-a-thon is on again this year, with Redlands residents encouraged to look for droppings under trees or scratch marks on trunks, listen for koala bellows and calls, and check all trees for signs of koalas over the weekend of 31 October and 1 November.

Koala sightings are crucial to help protect local koala populations so take the opportunity to visit our local parks and bushland with the family for a good cause. Koala sightings can be reported using Council’s new citizen science online portal, by phoning 3823 5575 (6am-6pm) or emailing admin@koalagroup.asn.au.

This event is organised by the Koala Action Group and supported by Redland City Council.


Look for scats or droppings at the base of the tree, under the branches or on walkways and pathways. Scratches on tree trunks or shredded bark on the trunk or a the base of a tree.

Listen carefully. During breeding season (August – December), male koalas bellow and females sometimes call out.

Check ALL trees. Most people only look for koalas in eucalypt trees, but koalas have been known to use just about any tree to rest and shelter in, especially in urban areas.

The weather can help. On hot days, koalas may be found high up in the treetops, catching the breeze or in dense shady trees. On cold days, they tend to favour a nice sunny spot.

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