Throw a dog a bone and help our furry friends

Maya is a detection dog

Maya the koala detection dog

Meet Maya the wonder dog, a cute canine who is using her sense of smell to help ailing koala populations. Maya is instrumental in tracking koala numbers by sniffing out their scat (poo), helping us humans with less sensitive noses to find them.

It’s a big job and Maya needs some friends to help, which is where you come in. Detection Dogs for Conservation are crowd-funding $50,000 to train more wonder dogs like Maya.

Last year, Redland City Council provided funding to support Maya, as well as a new vaccine trial to find a cure for chlamydia in koalas and now we are getting behind this new cause. Rescue dogs Billie-Jean, Bear and Billy have been selected as the apprentice pooches so now is the time to dig deep.

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