Parks upgrades under COVID-19 bounce back funding

Three Redlands Coast parks are being upgraded through $1.75 million in program funding.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the works being carried out at the parks – in Victoria Point, Wellington Point and Alexandra Hills – were funded by the second phase of the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) program.

“The stimulus program funding is for $921,934 worth of improvements to Les Moore Park in Victoria Point; $471,000 for the EGW Wood Park at Wellington Point; and a further $357,100 for Alexandra Hill’s Valantine Road Park,” Cr Williams said.

“This was part of more than $5.3 million being invested in Redlands Coast community infrastructure under phase 2 of the LRCI funding. This is over and above Council’s own stimulus spending program, so it is a very welcome windfall.”

The Australian Government’s LRCI program supports local councils to deliver priority projects while supporting jobs and the resilience of local economies to help communities bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett said the LRCI-funded work that was already underway at Les Moore Park covered the replacement of some parks assets and an increase in the number of car parking spaces.

“This will make this popular and beautiful foreshore park even more attractive for local residents and visitors alike – as well as making it easier to find a parking spot,” Cr Hewlett said.

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said the work being carried out at the EGW Wood Park would be welcomed by BMX riders in particular with improvements to the existing pump track.

“It will also include the installation of a sun shelter, table, seating, water bubbler and also improvements to the footpaths servicing the park,” Cr Boglary said.

Division 8 Councillor Tracey Huges welcomed the work being carried out at Valantine Road Park.

“The emphasis of the work there will be on significantly improving the pathway lighting in this well-used greenspace that connects Finucane and Valantine Roads,” Cr Huges said.

Weather permitting, the work at all three parks is expected to be ongoing through to November this year.

The Australian Government has committed $5.3 million to works in Redland City under the LRCI Program Phase 2.



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Olympics Live comes to Redlands Coast

Redlands Coast will be able to cheer on the Australian Olympic team in Tokyo during the Olympics Live free event to be held in Cleveland from 24 July.

Mayor Karen Williams said the Olympics Live Presented by Westpac event was a great opportunity for the city to gather and support our Olympians.

“There will be a large LED screen set up in Bloomfield Street Park broadcasting all of the excitement and achievements from the Tokyo Olympics live,” Cr Williams said.

“Due to the global pandemic, spectators will not be in attendance at the Tokyo Games, so it will be more important than ever for our athletes to know Australians are cheering them on at home.”

Olympics Live Redlands Coast at Bloomfield Street Park, Cleveland, will operate from 10am to 4pm, Saturday 24 July to Friday 30 July. Spectator seating will be available.

The result of the International Olympic Committee’s vote on the host for the 2032 Olympic Games will be announced on Wednesday 21 July, three days ahead of Olympics Live at Redlands Coast.

The IOC’s vote has the potential to be transformational for Queensland and the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Redlands Coast will be home to an Olympic venue for the 2032 Olympic Canoe Slalom events should Brisbane be named as host.

Matt Carroll AM, CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee, said Olympics Live at Redlands Coast presented a great opportunity to re-unite through sport.

“We’re really excited to see Redlands Coast embracing Olympics Live, and I thank Cr Williams for supporting the ongoing development of sport within their community,” Mr Carroll said.

“Olympics Live will present an opportunity to re-connect as a community and embrace the Olympic spirit.”

Olympics Live Redlands Coast will be part of a large network of live sites across the country being set-up next week.


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Stay safe from swooping magpies and other nesting birds

Redlands Coast residents are urged to be aware of nesting magpies and other birds who may swoop to protect their young.

Mayor Karen Williams said July to December was the traditional breeding season for a number of birds and some could become overzealous while protecting their nests.

“Magpies are the most commonly recognised birds for swooping but others, such as plovers and butcherbirds, will also swoop at this time of year,” she said.

“Birds swoop as a defence mechanism to protect their young when people or animals get too close.

“Plovers are under constant threat as they lay their eggs on the ground.

“By understanding the reason behind their defensive behavior, and taking some simple steps when in their vicinity, everyone can stay safe from swooping birds.”

Council’s environmental ambassador Ranger Stacey said there was only a small percentage of magpies that swooped.

“This is usually because they have had a negative experience with humans,” she said.

“Magpies are really intelligent and have great memories, and they can hold a grudge.

“It is only the male magpies that swoop as the females are on the nests. In any one area, the swooping only occurs for about four to six weeks, while there are young in the nest.

“Magpies take the job of parenting very seriously and the dads are sometimes super protective. Our job as humans is to give them the space they need and try to live in harmony.”

Residents are encouraged to be alert and follow these safety tips to avoid being swooped:

  • Find out where birds are nesting and avoid the area if possible
  • Find an alternate route or stay at least 150m from a nest area
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses or hold a bag or umbrella over your head
  • Get off and walk your bicycle around nest areas
  • Or, if riding a bicycle, put spike or flag decorations on your helmet
  • Walk in a group when possible
  • Never approach or try to pick up a young magpie.

For more useful tips on swooping birds, visit Redland City Council’s website.

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Council partners with Griffith University for koala facial recognition project

Redland City Council is working with Griffith University researchers to see if facial recognition technology can be used to identify the movement of koalas and assess their use of wildlife road crossing structures.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council supported the university-led pilot study and had provided input on the proposed research applications near Eprapah Creek and Coolnwynpin Creek.

“This is a really exciting project which aims to see if the kind of facial recognition technology used to identify humans at airports can also be used to identify individual koalas,” Cr Williams said.

“The researchers want to better understand koala road crossing behavior in an effort to reduce the number of koalas being hit by vehicles.”

A previous similar project conducted by Griffith University used traditional technology such as GPS collars and tags to track individual movements through road underpasses.

This new study will use video cameras and sensors to collect images of koalas using road underpasses, then use non-intrusive artificial intelligence software to recognise each individual.

Associate Professor Jun Zhou, who will lead the two-year study, said the collected data would be analysed to provide a greater understanding of koalas’ use of road crossing structures and help to design and optimize the location of fauna mitigation measures on roads.

Cr Williams said Council, through its Koala Conservation Program, had implemented measures to mitigate the impacts of roads and other threats to local koala populations.

“This latest research could help us understand whether road underpasses are used by all members of a koala population, or whether the same individuals use the crossings repeatedly,” she said.

“The aim is to see if crossings enable different koalas to move safely under roads, allowing them to access further resources and to enable the dispersal of young koalas, which is vital to ensure gene flow across the wider population.”

Researchers are currently working with organisations such as the Daisy Hill Koala Centre, Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Centre and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to build a database of individual koala images.

They plan to install about 10 video cameras and sensors in a number of Redland City locations by the end of July.

“This is ground-breaking research,” Cr Williams said.

“It will allow continuous, concurrent monitoring of koala habitat using artificial intelligence, reducing intrusion and the hours required to tag and survey koalas required in the past.”

The research team is encouraging local residents to help build the database of individual koala images by providing photos of koalas and where and when they were spotted. Photographs can be sent to the Griffith University research team via a QR code (below).

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Return of Council’s Community Grants and Sponsorship Program

Get ready for the return of Redland City Council’s Community Grants and Sponsorship Program as it resets for the 2021/22 financial year.

Mayor Karen Williams said she welcomed the return of the regular grants and sponsorship program for 2021-22, following an 18-month redirection of funds to COVID-19 relief and recovery grants.

“We recently announced the recipients of pandemic-related grants, supporting community organisations to recover from disruptions with Organisation Support (Sustainability) and Capital Infrastructure (Maintenance) grants,” Cr Williams said.

“Council has endeavoured to be flexible to help community and sporting organisations navigate the pandemic and has received some very positive feedback from beneficiaries, including Hot Shots Skipping, Rotary Club of Redlands Bayside and Blues Union Netball Club.

“It is now time to return our focus and funding back to Council’s regular Grants and Sponsorship Program.

“I understand many community organisations and event organisers have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the dates for the 2021-2022 funding rounds.

“We will start with Round 1 of Community Grants, with applications for the categories of Project Support, Organisation Support and Conservation being accepted from Monday 19 July until 16 August 2021.

“This will be immediately followed by Round 1 for Sponsorship, from 16 August to 13 September 2021, at which time the single round of the Capital Infrastructure Grants will open until 11 October 2021.

“A second round for both Community Grants and Sponsorship will open in the second half of the financial year.

“I encourage all those interested in applying for funding to visit Council’s webpage for eligibility criteria and guidelines, with applications accepted online via SmartyGrants only.

“Apply for a grant or sponsorship today and help invest in your community tomorrow.”

Key dates and details:

Community Grants Program – Round 1, 2021-2022

Applications are open Monday 19 July Monday 16 August 2021
The Community Grants Program provides funding to support local community organisations and individuals to undertake projects for the benefit of the Redlands Coast community.

Three categories are offered in this round:

  • Project Support (up to $10,000 for one-off projects)
  • Organisation Support (up to $3,000 for projects to become more sustainable and improve capacity to deliver services)
  • Conservation (up to $10,000 to benefit the environment and wildlife)

Sponsorship Program – Round 1, 2021-2022
Applications are open Monday 16 August – Monday 13 September 2021
Council’s Sponsorship Program provides financial and in-kind support to eligible individuals and organisations providing tangible and measurable commercial benefits to Council and the community through community projects, events or activities. Categories are Minor Sponsorship (up to $15,000) and Major Sponsorship (more than $15,000).

Capital Infrastructure Grants 2021-2022

Applications are open Monday 13 September – Monday 11 October 2021

Categories are Small Capital (up to $10,000) and Major Capital (from $10,001 to $50,000)

For more information visit or contact the Community Grants Team at or phone 07 3829 8999.

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Birkdale recreation reserve set for $1.3m boost

Safety and space will be improved under a major upgrade of the car-parking facilities at Judy Holt Recreation Reserve in Birkdale.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the carpark that services a number of sports and events at the site will be expanded and lighting added.

“This project has been funded to the tune of $1.3 million under the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) extension program,” Cr Williams said.

The work is expected to begin in July and continue to December, weather permitting.

Division 8 Cr Tracey Huges said the works at the Old Cleveland Road East site will involve expanding the existing carpark by approximately 50 to 60 more spaces subject to design approvals, as well as renewing the aging pavement in the existing parking area.

“With the addition of new lighting it will result in providing a safer, more formalised parking facility to the area,” she said.

Cr Williams said Council had been successful in securing more than $5.3 million in stimulus funding from the Australian Government to increase infrastructure investment and support the local and regional economy.

“This is over and above Council’s own stimulus spending program, meaning we can now improve community facilities from parks to roads that are additional to what we had planned to undertake using Council’s resources,” she said.

Wherever possible, Council will use local businesses and suppliers on the upgrade to the Judy Holt sports field, Cr Williams said.

“We will continue to support our Redlands Coast economy and employment opportunities,” she said.

The Australian Government has committed $5.3 million to works in Redlands City under the LRCI Program Phase 2.


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Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast tickets on sale now

Tickets are now on sale for the 19th annual Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast to be held in Alexandra Hills on 27 August 2021.

Mayor Karen Williams said the popular annual event was a great way for the Redlands Coast community to support chaplaincy programs that benefit more than 14,500 local students each year.

“Last year’s event raised more than $24,000, even with a reduced gathering due to COVID-safe requirements, bringing the total raised since 2015 to more than $125,000,” she said.

“This money helps the school-based chaplains provide mentoring, role modelling and pastoral care to Redlands Coast students, school staff and families.

“They help students to deal with issues, provide a listening ear for children and young people in crisis, and run programs and activities to foster inclusivity and a positive culture within schools.

“Chaplaincy programs are offered in 83 per cent of Redlands Coast state schools.

“My hope is that, through events such as the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast, all state school students across Redlands Coast can have equal access to these important programs.

“Anyone in the community is welcome to attend this year’s event, but I encourage people to book as soon as possible as numbers are limited, once again, due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

The breakfast will include a guest speaker, entertainment and the announcement of the 2021 recipient of the Pastor Glen Gray Award.

“This award was established last year in honour of Pastor Glen Gray who was a Redlands Coast community champion and the driving force behind the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast. Sadly, he passed away in November 2020.

“The award recognises an outstanding school chaplain who has demonstrated significant social, emotional and spiritual support to students, parents and school employees.”

Nominations for the award are now open and can be made online.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast, and details can be found on the event’s webpage at


Event: Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast

When: Friday 27 August from 7am-8.45am

Venue: Alexandra Hills Hotel and Conference Centre, corner of McDonald Road and Finucane Road

Ticket price (includes GST): $60 each, limit of eight per organisation

Book tickets:

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Capalaba park receives additional lighting and replacement play climbing net

Capalaba Regional Park has received an upgrade with the installation of solar lighting and the replacement of heavily used playground equipment.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the works added significant safety and recreation benefits to one of the city’s key destination recreation parks.

“I know Redlands Coast residents love their parks and these enhancements will ensure Capalaba Regional Park remains a great family location for everyone to enjoy,” she said.

“Council had previously installed 16 solar lights along an existing internal circulation path to facilitate improved and extended use of the park.

“To complete these works, another 36 LED solar lights have been installed, which will not only improve safety on this path but support the events staged in the park.

“Linkages can also be made from this path to other park and path networks within Capalaba in the future.”

Division 9 Councillor Adelia Berridge said the two-mast spacenet on the climbing apparatus had also been replaced.

“The spacenet had been loved to the point of disrepair and could no longer be maintained efficiently,” Cr Berridge said.

“Replacement was required to ensure visitors to this park are able to access the full expected play experience, which includes climbing, for a range of abilities and ages.

“I am pleased the net was replaced for the continued enjoyment of local and visiting children.”

The replacement of the space net was completed on 11 June, with the additional solar lights installed by 25 June.

The Capalaba Regional Park works were funded through two Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program grants from the Australian Government – $374,140 for the lights and $86,136 to replace the play equipment.

They were among 10 Council projects which received a total $1,692,120 funding through Phase 1 of the LRCI Program.

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Council expands security camera program to Victoria Point Reserve

Redland City Council has installed 16 security cameras in Victoria Point Reserve.

Mayor Karen Williams said the project formed part of the Redland City Security Camera Program which aims to improve safety and security.

“The purpose of the program is to encourage appropriate use of public spaces and to increase pride and ownership of them,” she said.

“Of particular benefit to the community is that security cameras can act as a deterrent for unlawful and antisocial behaviour, as they can be used to provide evidence in prosecutions.”

Cr Williams said camera locations were identified based on police crime statistics, need and Council’s ability to obtain external funding.

“Overall, Redlands Coast enjoys lower crime rates than many other areas in south-east Queensland.

“However, when an area that is environmentally susceptible to antisocial behaviour or criminal activity is identified, we work in partnership with other levels of government to address this.

“Victoria Point Reserve has been identified, in partnership with Queensland Police, as a priority location in recent years.

“We encourage all residents witnessing or experiencing crime to report it to police, as these reports help prioritise both police and council resources in the future.”

Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett said the new cameras would cover the car parks and entry points along Masters Avenue and would complement those already installed at the jetty bus terminal and Volunteer Marine Rescue base.

“The community, and especially residents from Coochiemudlo Island, have been calling for improved security at the Victoria Point Reserve,” Cr Hewlett said.

“These new security cameras will be welcomed and I’m sure they will help discourage crime such as damage to, and theft from, vehicles.

“They will also help create a safer environment for both visitors to the reserve and island commuters.”

The Victoria Point Reserve cameras are funded by the Australian Government through a $163,793 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program grant.

Council has also installed security cameras in the Capalaba Bus Station and Library Precinct, Moores Road and Weinam Creek car parks in Redland Bay, and in Wellington Point Reserve.

For more information on the Redland City Security Camera Program, visit Council’s website.

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Infrastructure boost to help COVID recovery

Redland City Council is forging ahead with the city’s COVID recovery, with work underway or upcoming on a raft of projects funded by the second phase of the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) program.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the projects were part of more than $5.3 million to be invested in local community infrastructure under the LRCI extension program this year.

“Council has been successful in securing significant stimulus funding from the Australian Government to increase infrastructure investment and support the local and regional economy as we work to ensure a swift recovery from the impact of the pandemic,” Cr Williams said.

“This is over and above Council’s own stimulus spending program, so it’s a very welcome injection indeed. It means we can now improve community facilities from parks to roads that are additional to what we had planned to undertake using Council’s resources.

“Wherever possible we will be using local businesses and suppliers to continue our support of the local economy and to keep people in jobs and create new employment opportunities.”

Cr Williams said the latest round of projects would include a focus on parks with more than $920,000 of work to be done at Victoria Point’s Les Moore Park; $471,000 for playgrounds and BMX track upgrades at EGW Woods Park in Wellington Point; $357,000 for Valantine Road Park in Alexandra Hills; and $214,000 for Jackson Oval on Russell Island.

“We will also be improving disability access at the Redland Performing Art Centre (RPAC) by installing automatic entry doors to make it easier for less mobile patrons to use this very popular community hub,” Cr Williams said.

“Meanwhile, the Judy Holt Sportsfield in Birkdale will benefit from a significant $1.3 million upgrade which will include renewing and extending the existing carpark while adding lighting.

“Later in the year, two Redlands Coast pedestrian bridges will be replaced under this program – with $500,000 in funding for the Fellmonger Park pedestrian bridge at Ormiston and $800,000 for the Anita Street pedestrian bridge in Redland Bay.

“The program also includes more than $600,000 in funding toward the ongoing green-sealing of roads on Macleay and Russell islands; and also a further $100,000 for facility upgrades at the IndigiScapes centre in Capalaba.

“These are all projects that were outside of our capital program for the year so it is a massive benefit for our community.”

The Australian Government has committed $5.3 million to works in Redlands City under the LRCI Program Phase 2.


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