September Pulse Mayor’s Message- Consultation critical to City’s future

The Draft Redland City Plan 2015 will go out for extended public consultation on Monday, 14 September, offering residents plenty of opportunity to have a say on this important blueprint for the City.

This public consultation phase is critical as it gives residents the opportunity to shape the plan that will help guide the Redlands’ future, so I strongly encourage all residents to have a look at it and make a formal submission if they wish.

It is of such significance that Council has decided to keep public consultation open for 54 business days – nearly twice as long as required – with residents able to make submission until 27 November.

Consultation plans will be widely advertised and include interactive online engagement tools where residents will be able to view details right down to street and lot level. There will also be mail-outs identifying key changes in a resident’s area, website and social media information, open house events at key mainland and island locations, local pop-up sessions and meet-the-planner booking opportunities.

This new plan is a much simpler document than the one it replaces and uses terminology that is consistent across Queensland, as well as up-to-date data on a range of issues from storm tide, flood and fire hazard mapping to bushland habitats.

We expect residents will find it far easier to navigate.

This plan is not a rewrite, however, rather a thorough revision that carries over many of the existing planning scheme’s provisions.

One change which may concern some residents is the State Government’s direction that the Rural Residential Zone be removed from the plan, particularly for those in the area bounded by Taylor Road, Woodlands Drive and Springacre Road in Thornlands. This area, which has experienced a number of changing planning expectations over the years, is now designated as a rural zone and for future urban investigation.

As the government closest to the community, Council believes it should be the one to decide how to manage these expectations in a way that retains our City’s amenity and rural feel. Anyone concerned about these changes need to make their concerns clear by making a formal submission.

Submissions will be able to be made electronically or in hard copy. To view details about the Draft City Plan 2015 and planned consultation activities, visit:

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