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New business advisory services for Redland City

Career Employment Australia Incorporated (CEA Group) is gearing up to extend business support services to Redland small businesses under the auspices of Brisbane Metro Business Enterprise Centre.

Career Employment Australia Incorporated has been announced by the Federal Government as the successful contractor to provide the Commonwealth’s Australian Small Business Advisory Services program across the Brisbane region beginning in March 2015.

The five key areas of the federally funded Australian Small Business Advisory Services include;

  • Funding avenues and financial analysis;
  • Building your business;
  • Making the most of your talent and team;
  • Management capabilities; and
  • Digital engagement implementation.

The new service delivery to the Redlands will work in tandem with business support services already run by Redland City Council.

This includes Council’s one-on-one Open for Business support to help local business connect with the right area of Council and cut through red tape and Council organised business workshops.

Recognised as a stable community service organisation with strong governance, CEA has been operating for 20 years in the Redlands working across a number of areas, including the delivery of employment services such as the National New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

CEA’s Business Development – Projects Manager, Alice Langford grew up in the Redlands and has worked with a range of Redlands business and community groups, including work with North Stradbroke and Bay Island communities and small business projects like the inaugural Redlands Retail awards.