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More land for local sports fields

The future of sport, recreation and conservation in the Redlands has received a boost with 159 hectares of land acquired at Mt Cotton.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said 277-293 Heinemann Road had recently been purchased by Council, with about a third of the area to be used for sports and recreation in the future and the remainder to be preserved as a conservation area.

“Existing sports grounds and facilities are at capacity in the Redlands and this site will provide our residents with more sporting fields and community amenities to enjoy,” she said.

“With its recreational potential and environmental values, this is a unique parcel of land that will support future demand for sporting facilities in the Redlands while also protecting a significant area of natural habitat close to existing Council-owned conservation land.

“Much of this land is heavily vegetated and will be retained as an environmental reserve, while the section already cleared will be used for future sports fields and associated infrastructure, including carparking.”

Cr Williams said Council officers would undertake a detailed planning study over the next 12 months, in consultation with all stakeholders including local sporting groups, to determine the best use of the site and provide recommendations for a future program of works.

“Given the size of this site, a multipurpose approach is most likely, with any number of popular ball sports and specialised recreational activities set to benefit,” she said.

“This precinct will not only be valuable for sporting clubs, but also provide cultural and economic benefits as an event space, cementing our reputation as an events destination.

“We expect to be able to also use the site to host local festivals, national sports events and cultural showcases in the future, like those often held at venues like the Cleveland Showgrounds.”

Division 6 Councillor Julie Talty said the site and Mt Cotton locality was ideally suited as a sports and recreation precinct particularly for residents in the southern part of the city.

“There is scope to connect this area with existing multiuse tracks and trails in nearby conservation areas like the Bayview Conservation Park, which would be welcomed by horse riders, mountain bikers, trail runners and bushwalkers,” Cr Talty said.

“The site would also link surrounding residential communities and expand the list of family-friendly natural attractions at the southern end of our city.”

Blitz on unlawful motorcycle use in conservation reserves

Redland City Council Local Laws officers are planning a crackdown on illegal motorised trail bike use in designated conservation areas across the Redlands.

Working with support of local Police, Council’s city wide crackdown will focus on the Bayside Conservation Area, Redland Track Park, Scribbly Gums Conservation Reserve and the Greater Glider conservation management area.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the use of motorcycles (including quads) was unlawful and clearly signed in the city’s conservation areas.

“The fact that a number of trail bike users are entering the conservation areas through more remote access points or damaging fencing to gain access means they clearly understand this.

“The acronym MTB (Mountain Bikes) signed in our track parks and conservation areas applies to non-motorised mountain bicycles (a legitimate activity in council reserves) and not motorised bikes.

“Motorised trail bike use in conservation areas is damaging to wildlife and plants in sensitive environmental areas and is potentially dangerous to other legitimate users.

“Motorbikes can cause severe erosion, including damage to carefully designed trails that have taken years of efforts to establish and maintain.

“Motorbikes are also a potential hazard to the riders and other users of the trails including walkers, runners and cyclists who have been attracted in increasing numbers to use the Redlands conservation areas by their quality and clear environmental values.

“Council appreciates that motorised trail bike riding is a popular and genuine recreational pursuit and a skilled sport.

“It is for this reason that Council has co-invested in regional trail bike facilities established on 745 hectares of land at Wyaralong, about 25 kilometers west of Beaudesert.

“Councillors and users recently helped celebrate the opening of new trail head facilities at the Redland Track Park in Cleveland.

“These trails are important community and conservation resources that help attract key events and visitors to the city.

“Council has worked hard to invest in facilities for all users including trail bike riders and asks that all users respect these areas and use them appropriately.”

Fines for unlawful use of motorcycles in reserves can range up to a maximum of $6,095 if prosecuted – or $609.00 for an infringement notice, while illegal and unregistered motorcycle use on public roads carry a range of police enforced penalties.