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Mosquito spraying this afternoon – Redlands including the northern end of Russell Island as of Friday 16 December at 2:00pm

Redland City Council is conducting aerial spraying of the Redlands including the northern end of Russell Island this afternoon to manage the potential public health risks from mosquito breeding.

The aerial spraying for mosquitoes will occur in the vicinity of Giants Grave wetland, south of Deenya Parade and Currong Street, at the northern end of Russell Island away from the fire areas and any emergency services personnel.

The fires resulting hotter than usual conditions may cause mosquito larvae to hatch more rapidly, increasing the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Council monitors and controls mosquito breeding all year round using aerial and ground treatments whenever necessary, which are safe for people and the environment. These treatments target the newly hatched larvae of specific mosquito species before they can fly.

Agencies are working together to ensure the safety of residents is the top priority and that the spraying will not interfere with efforts to combat the fire both on the ground and in the air, nor present a safety risk to residents or emergency services personnel.

Keeping mozzies at bay in the Redlands

Redland City Council has stepped up its mosquito program to counter an early start to the breeding season.

Warmer weather, recent rain and two high tides have provided ideal conditions for mosquitoes to flourish.

Acting Mayor Wendy Boglary said Council had already conducted four aerial treatments covering areas from 120ha to 530ha in the past month.

“The warmer weather has contributed to mosquito breeding starting early this year, so we are being pro-active and we are treating breeding sites as they are identified,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“All aerial treatments to date have targeted salt marsh mosquitoes, with ground treatments targeting several species of mosquitoes and different environments.

“Redland City Council only uses products approved for use in the Moreton Bay Marine Park, are safe for you and the environment and only target mosquito larva.’’

Cr Boglary said Council could only reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and it was not possible to eradicate them.

“Mozzies post an ever-present health risk as well as being a nuisance, so everyone needs to play their part in keeping numbers down,’’ she said.

“While Council’s mosquito management crew is ever vigilant, conducting surveys and ground and aerial treatments, you can help manage mosquitoes around your home by emptying water from pot plant bases, boats, unscreened rainwater tanks, un-chlorinated swimming pools, blocked roof gutters or garden features.

“While viruses can be carried by mosquitoes in the Redlands, to date we do not have any mosquito species that carry dengue or zika viruses that we know of – however we still do run surveillance for these species.’’

You can protect yourself against mozzie bites by wearing long, loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing; using personal insect repellent and avoiding outdoor activity at dawn and dusk. Learn more ways to protect yourself from mozzies here.


Snapshot – 7 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Council wishes all residents and visitors a wonderful 2014 in Redland City – the best place to live, play and do business.


Rethink your rubbish

Clearing out after Christmas?

Got lots of cardboard and polystyrene packaging from Christmas presents? Redland residents can recycle a wide range of items for free at Council’s mainland Waste Transfer Stations. Recyclable items include e-waste, cardboard, polystyrene, scrap metal (e.g. old bikes and scooters), whitegoods and gas bottles. For a full list, visit our website.

This is our first Christmas providing free e-waste drop-off. Let’s see how many old TV’s, computers, monitors and other computer equipment we can divert from landfill over the season.

All disposal is free for Redland residents. Remember to have your proof of residency ready at the gate.


Living with mosquitos

It’s breeding season

Take care, cover up and protect yourself from mosquitoes this summer. Follow these simple tips:

  • Wear light-coloured, long, loose-fitting clothing and use insect repellent
  • Reduce mosquito breeding around your home by emptying water from household items such as pot plant bases, boats, unscreened rainwater tanks, unchlorinated swimming pools, blocked roof gutters, bird baths and old tyres
  • Make sure screens are in good condition

Council monitors mosquito activity throughout the Redlands all year round and conducts aerial and ground treatments whenever necessary. Mosquito spraying is safe for you and the environment.

To learn more visit our website.


School holiday activities

Bookings now open

This summer school holidays, Redland Libraries, Redland Art Gallery and Redlands IndigiScapes Centre are all hosting exciting activities to keep youngsters entertained.

From print-making art workshops to craft and wildlife activities, there is a lot happening to keep kids happy in the holidays.

All activities are free or low-cost but many require bookings. For dates, details and booking information, visit our website.


Water meter readings

Time to take down the Christmas lights. We are reading water meters in Birkdale, Thorneside, Alexandra Hills and Southern Moreton Bay, Coochiemudlo and North Stradbroke Islands this week. Please make sure our water meter readers have clear access.


Open meetings

Wednesday 29 January – General Meeting – 9.30am