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State of Fire Emergency partially lifted – Fire ban remains in place

While the State of Fire Emergency Declaration has been removed for Redland City Council, the local fire ban continues.

This means there can be no open fires.

QFES advises fires within a properly constructed barbecue are allowed provided they are not left unattended.

Power tools can be used but must be used with extreme care.

For more information on the Redlands Coast Fire Ban Declaration: redlnd.cc/FireBan

Protect your health from bushfire smoke

While there are no fires burning on Redlands Coast air quality is still being affected by smoke haze from fires around the rest of the state. The community is advised to remain alert to the levels of smoke, especially vulnerable people with asthma or pre-existing lung or heart conditions. What can you do:
• Look after vulnerable persons.
• Switch air conditioners to ‘recycle’ or ‘recirculate’ mode.
• Reduce outside activity.
• Seek medical advice if you experience any adverse reactions and stay up to date with local news reports.

For more information: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/news-events/health-alerts/bushfire-smoke-health-alert

State of Fire Emergency continues – Redland City is part of a total fire ban until further notice

A State of Fire Emergency declared earlier this month continues across 42 Local Government Areas in Queensland, which bans a range of activities that can cause fires to ignite and prohibits the lighting of specified outdoor fires.

What you cannot do during a State of Fire Emergency:
• No fireworks.
• No hangis or pit ovens permitted.
• No grinding/ welding outdoors.
• No grinding/ welding inside a building with a closed door and concrete floor. Look at your environment and check there’s no long grass or dry vegetation that may catch alight.
• If it’s essential that you run a powered pump, make sure you clear around it and take precautions to ensure that the exhaust doesn’t spark a fire.
• Avoid lawn mowing if your property is dry and highly vegetated until conditions have eased. A spark from a stone could start a fire.
• Gas barbeques with a hooded lid can be used if done so safely, in an appropriate area and only used for the purposes of cooking.
• Woodfires, smokers and pizza ovens can be used if they are completely enclosed and only used for the purposes of cooking.

For more information: https://redlnd.cc/ruralfire_stateofemergency

Redlands Coast experiences named among state’s best

An extraordinary 16 Redlands Coast enterprises have been listed on Tourism and Events Queensland’s 2019 Best of Queensland Experiences.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the result was exceptional and underscored the benefits of Council’s tourism strategy and the growing value of the city’s new brand: Redlands Coast – naturally wonderful.

“Being named among the Best of Queensland Experiences is quite a feather in the caps of those businesses which make it on to the list, and to have 16 of them in Redlands Coast is a great achievement,” Cr Williams said.

“These businesses have shown they can deliver exceptional customer experiences up there with the best in the state, which will help attract more visitors to Redlands Coast, boost our economy and ultimately create more local jobs.

“We now have a clear identity which local residents and businesses helped to create and it is paying dividends in a number of ways – more potential visitors now know what we stand for and the naturally wonderful things we have to offer, while businesses are embracing it with enthusiasm to promote themselves and our city.

“To now have such great representation on Tourism and Events Queensland’s Best of Queensland Experiences list, which recognises the high-quality experiences that best bring the Queensland story to life, is icing on the cake.

“With so many little local treasures now getting the exposure they deserve – from the great spots to visit to top-class eco, adventure and culinary experiences – we hope Redlands Coast’s representations on the list will continue to develop.”

Inclusion on the annual Best of Queensland Experiences is based on independent criteria that incorporates online customer reviews, responses to consumer expectations and reflects industry best practice.

The Redlands Coast businesses named are:
• Allure Resort, North Stradbroke Island
• Alexandra Hills Hotel Suites and Conference Centre
• Aria Cruises
• Bacchus Brewing Co
• Cleveland Motor Inn
• Colour My Pot
• Mt Cotton Retreat
• Redland Performing Arts Centre
• Redland Museum
• Redlands IndigiScapes Centre
• Redlands Kayak Tours
• Samarinda Jewel by the Sea, North Stradbroke Island
• Sanctuary by Sirromet
• The Lighthouse Restaurant
• Stradbroke Ferries
• Straddie Adventures

All operators in the program receive a personalised bench-marking report, allowing them to celebrate their successes and continually deliver exceptional experiences.

Straddie park naming honours past plane tragedy

A 1947 plane crash that claimed six lives will be forever part of the Redlands landscape after Councillors today voted to name a North Stradbroke Island reserve NEI Dakota Memorial Park in memory of the tragedy.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said with next year marking the 70th anniversary of the crash, naming the park after the Netherlands East Indies (NEI) Air Force Dakota aircraft that crashed off the Island claiming all six on board was a fitting tribute.

“Netherlands East Indies Air Force Dakota aircraft was a terrible peace-time tragedy and today’s decision ensures a lasting tribute is in place to educate people about this chapter in local history,” Cr Williams said.

“The Royal Australian Air Force Amberley Scuba Club approached us with the initial request to place a memorial in the park near Adder Rock at Point Lookout, and we have consulted with stakeholders including Traditional Owners to gauge community support for the idea.

“Today’s decision formalises our support of the RAAF Amberley Scuba Club’s plans to commemorate the 70th anniversary of this air crash.”

The NEI Dakota plane went down off Point Lookout in February 1947, just 23 minutes into a test flight with three Dutch servicemen and three Australian crew members losing their lives. The wreckage was not recovered.

Division 2 Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Peter Mitchell said many people had not heard the NEI Dakota story.

“The resting place of the plane has been a mystery for almost seven decades,” Cr Mitchell said.

“I’m sure there are many people who are unaware the plane lays at the bottom of the sea somewhere near Point Lookout.

“Even as recently as 2015 scuba divers have found parts of the plane, but there is more wreckage out there.”

Council will install new park signage at the formerly unnamed road reserve at Adder Rock next year in time for the 70th anniversary of the air tragedy.

Quandamooka artwork installed as festival closes

A public art project exploring aboriginal history through cartographic records has been installed at two sites this week as part of the second Quandamooka Festival.

Redland City Acting Mayor Wendy Boglary said the artwork, by acclaimed Quandamooka artist Megan Cope, had been installed on the wall of Council’s main administration building adjacent to the Redland Art Gallery and on the Howard Walker Jetty, North Stradbroke Island.

The artwork displayed on the Council's administration building

The artwork displayed on the Council’s administration building

“Titled Twice Removed – Quandamooka, the artwork has been digitally reproduced as two duplicate prints and installed at two sites – one in the heart of the Cleveland CBD and another at Dunwich, the gateway to the homeland of the Quandamooka people,” she said.

“The installations coincide with the final week of this year’s Quandamooka Festival and will be in full view for visitors travelling to North Stradbroke Island for the festival’s kunjiel (corroboree) on Saturday 17 September.”

The Quandamooka Festival Temporary Art Project is an initiative of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) partnered by Redland City Council.

Howard Walker Jetty, North Stradbroke Island

Howard Walker Jetty, North Stradbroke Island

QYAC CEO Cameron Costello said the design featured military and parish maps of South East Queensland, revisiting significant sites where displacement or relocation had occurred.

“Part of Megan Cope’s 2014 series Twice Removed, this artwork includes water level rises to remind us that this history of survival and hardship exists in living memory today,” he said.

“We hope this initiative paves the way for more public art projects in the Redlands celebrating the culture, country and the people of Quandamooka.”

The banners will be displayed from September 2016 to March 2017 on the wall adjacent to the Redland Art Gallery, Middle Street, Cleveland and on the Harold Walker Jetty at Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island. It is the first of a changing display of temporary banner art at both sites as part of Creative Arts Redlands’ Public Art Program.

Tickets for the Quandamooka Festival kunjiel are available from RPAC or at the gate. Visit the Art Gallery for more information about the gallery and its exhibitions.

Council calls on the community to Sink Tobruk for Straddie!


Redland City Council has launched a community campaign calling on the State Government to select the waters off North Stradbroke Island as Queensland’s choice as the final resting place for the ex-warship HMAS Tobruk.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the campaign would support a formal expression of interest Council will lodge asking Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to scuttle the Tobruk in Moreton Bay to create an artificial reef.

“The waters off Straddie tick all the boxes to be the new home for the Tobruk; it is a short drive from Brisbane and boasts world class tourism and dive locations,” Cr Williams said.

“Point Lookout is known as the best land based whale watching location in the world and creating an artificial reef on Straddie’s doorstep would attract even more marine life, which is a plus for locals, tourists and most importantly the marine environment.

Cr Williams said the opportunity came at a critical time for the future of North Stradbroke Island with sand mining to end by 2019.

“Straddie already has impressive dive sites like the Manta Bommie, which is known as one of Australia’s top 10 dive sites, and creating a new artificial reef by scuttling HMAS Tobruk would attract thousands of divers a year and provide flow-on economic opportunities to the region.”

Cr Williams said the Sink Tobruk for Straddie campaign gave locals and visitors the chance to show the State Government the community support for bringing the ex-warship to Straddie.

“Local businesses and divers from all over Redlands and Brisbane are eager to help in any way they can,” Cr Williams said.

“There is also the backing of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation who represent the island’s Traditional Owners. They are keen to welcome the Tobruk back to Moreton Bay to complement the island’s growing cultural tourism offerings.

Cr Peter Mitchell, who represents North Stradbroke Island, said the HMAS Brisbane which was scuttled off the Sunshine Coast in 2005, now resulted in an average of 5300 scuba divers per year with an economic impact of $1.5 million a year.

“This would be a perfect opportunity for North Stradbroke Island,” he said.

“Council will submit a formal expression of interest to the State Government by the deadline of 16 September”.

Get involved by:

Signing our e-petition
• Liking our Sink Tobruk For Straddie Facebook page

Government faces acid test on Straddie mining transition

The Palaszczuk Government must back its North Stradbroke Island mining decision with funding in its coming Budget to start the transition, says Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.

Cr Williams said while the decision of Parliament to re-commit to ending mining by 2019 ended uncertainty about the cessation date, it also presented enormous challenges.

“This is the Government’s action, their legislation and their silver bullet and they now must take full responsibility and get serious about properly funding the transition,” she said.

“We have already lost three years with the back and forth in State Parliament and we cannot wait until 2019 to put the building blocks for the new economy in place – we need to do that right now. To wait until 2019 would be to invite an economic disaster.

“North Stradbroke Island is an isolated community and the impact of the end of sand mining in 2019 is already being felt.

“The loss of mining jobs on Straddie and the hit on the local economy deserves the same level of commitment that we have seen from the Government in responding to the demise of Queensland Nickel in Townsville.”

Cr Williams said while she welcomed the Government’s promised $20 million for the transition, much more would be needed.

“This is a mere fraction of what is needed to ensure the transition does not spiral into an economic disaster,” she said.

“Redland City expects this political decision to be reflected in the next State Budget to prove the Government is serious about softening the impact and planning for the future.”

Cr Williams said the Government must commit to funding infrastructure if tourism was to become the alternative industry to sustain the island in future years.

“Tourism is touted by the Government as the silver bullet and there is no doubt it will play a vital role in providing jobs and economic opportunity on the island,” she said.

“We need to see something in the budget that adds connectivity of the island and to the island.

“The end of mining decision reinforces the importance of the Toondah Harbour development and the need for a comprehensive transport and infrastructure plan for Dunwich to the island through our city.

“The $1.4 billion Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area project will be a catalyst for Straddie to stake its position as a leading tourism destination.

“Council will stand side by side with the Government, the Traditional Owners and the island community to ensure transition is a success, but the Government now must back its words with dollars.”

Straddie decision reinforces need for Toondah project

The decision to end sand mining on North Stradbroke Island by 2019 reinforces the importance of the Toondah Harbour development, says Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.

Cr Williams said the $1.4 billion Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area project would be a catalyst for Straddie to stake its position as a leading tourism destination.

“But the transition from sand mining to an alternative economy must be properly funded by the Government if we are to prevent a potential economic disaster,” she said.

“While the decision of the Parliament to re-commit to ending mining by 2019 finally put an end to previous uncertainty about the cessation date, it brings with it enormous challenges.

“The Government must acknowledge that this was its decision, and that they are responsible for providing the necessary funding for the transition.

“Council will stand side by side with the Government, the Traditional Owners and the island community to ensure transition is a success, but the Government now has a clear obligation to back its words with dollars.

“There can be no short-changing.  To do so will be to invite an economic disaster.”

Cr Williams said the decision to end sand mining on Straddie provided certainty for the island’s residents, Traditional Owners, business and wider Redlands community.

“We now have a clear date to work to but everyone must realise 2019 is just three years away – and much work and planning must be done before then,” she said.

“We have already lost three years with the back and forth in State Parliament and we cannot wait until 2019 to put the building blocks for the new economy in place – we need to do that right now. To wait until 2019 would be to invite an economic disaster.

“Everyone knew sand mining would end on Straddie at some time, but we need to acknowledge the huge impacts this decision will have on the island and the wider Redlands economy.

“You only have to look at the situation in Townsville with the closure of Queensland Nickel to see how the loss of large operations can affect the local community.”

Cr Williams said while she welcomed the Government’s $20 million transition package, it was a down payment.

“We need a lot more – and we need it now,” she said.

“With a State Budget fast approaching there is no better time for the Government to provide that financial security.”

Iconic Straddie Gorge Walk to get upgrade

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has welcomed an announcement by Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports Mark Bailey that the popular North Stradbroke Island Gorge Walk will receive a $600,000 upgrade.

Cr Williams said the joint Council and State Government funding as part of the Queensland Government’s Scenic Lookout Upgrade Program was great news for local tourism.

“North Stradbroke Island is one of Queensland’s most beautiful natural wonders and the Gorge Walk provides a beautiful vantage point to view the natural wonders of the island and Moreton Bay,” she said.

“People from all over the world visit this popular boardwalk and today’s announcement will mean even more reason for it to be included on tourist’s itineraries.”

Redland City Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said Council would match the State Government’s $300,000 in funding, with the project to include a new viewing deck for whale watching at the beginning of the Gorge Walk.

“Straddie is the best land-based whale watching location in Australia and the new viewing platform to be built as part of this project will ensure it continues to attract people from all over the world to view the local marine life,” he said.

“The project will also include upgraded toilet facilities, information and interpretive signage and seating at the trail head, ensuring the Gorge Walk is as educational and informative as it is enjoyable.”

Cr Williams said projects like the upgrade of the Gorge Walk were critical as Straddie transitioned from sand mining to tourism.

“Tourism is vital to the future of the island and investment from all levels of government through projects such as this is critical to building a strong economy,” she said.

“I congratulate and thank Minister Bailey and the Palaszczuk government for their commitment to the Redlands and I look forward to further initiatives to ensure the Straddie community successfully transitions away from sand mining.”

Cr Williams said the project would complement Council’s recent works to improve public access on North Stradbroke Island.

“The Straddie Gorge Walk is a $2 million project jointly funded by Council and the Federal Government over three stages with the final stage completed last year,” she said.

“Council also completed a $500,000 upgrade of Headland Park last year.  This upgrade is expected to commence next financial year and will add to the existing infrastructure that is already considered a world-class boardwalk.”