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Pandanus disease on North Stradbroke Island

Redland City Council has advised that the island’s pandanus palms are under attack from the lethal sap-sucking bug called Jamella Australiae, which causes the trees to rot to death.

In June, Redland City Council commenced treating more than 150 island trees on Council land with insecticide and has introduced the predatory Aphanomerus pusillus wasp, which preys on the Jamella Australiae bug.

Island property owners are being asked to have their pandanus treated. SEQ Catchments and Austspray (the company undertaking the spraying) will hold a Jamella control information session at Point Lookout Community Hall on Tuesday, August 20 at 5.30pm.

For more information, please visit the Bayside Bulletin website, or read theĀ information booklet on pandanus.