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Wellington Point Australia Day arrangements

Special Australia Day parking and management arrangements will operate at popular Wellington Point Recreation Reserve again this year.

The Redland City Council measures, which are designed to ensure celebrations are enjoyed by all park users, include controlled entry to the reserve from 7am to 6pm on Thursday 26 January.

Deputy Mayor and Councillor for the area Wendy Boglary (Division 1) said Council officers would also be on site to help local families and visitors enjoy one of the Redlands’ best-loved outdoor destinations.

“Wellington Point has long been a popular spot to spend Australia Day but that means it gets  very busy, so these special arrangements help ensure it’s a pleasant day for everyone,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“Council and police officers will be on hand to help and ensure public safety, and once available parking spaces at the reserve are full, you will be directed to the Wellington Point Community Hall carpark on Birkdale Road, where you can catch a free shuttle bus.”

The shuttle will run from 7am to 6pm along Main Road between the reserve and Wellington Point shops.

People would still be allowed to walk dogs on-leash at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on the day. Dogs are also allowed on-leash on the sandbar (that is exposed at low tide) between the reserve and King Island during these times. Between 9am and 4pm dogs are prohibited.

The reserve’s popular boat launching ramp will continue to be available throughout the day but, once the boat trailer parking spaces are full, users will be directed to use legal parking spaces outside the reserve. Cars without trailers are not to park in boat trailer parking spaces.

Mayor Karen Williams urged visitors to the city’s parks on Australia Day to be respectful of others and to use the bins to dispose of rubbish.

“And please remember that facilities such as barbecues are there for everybody, so be considerate of others, patient and enjoy the Redlands’ great open spaces and hospitality,’’ Cr Williams said.

For more information about the Wellington Point Recreation Reserve please visit the Redland City Council website or phone 3829 8999.

Public comment now open on Macleay Island foreshore development

Extensive plans for the development of the Macleay Island foreshore went on public notification today with the public comment period for the long awaited development open from 14 July to 4 August 2016.

Details of the full Macleay Island foreshore application can be viewed online using Council’s website with reference number MCU013484.

Divisional Councillor Mark Edwards expressed absolute delight that after seven years of intensive effort, designs, planning and strenuous representations, the Macleay island foreshore project had at last received approval to proceed to assessment.

“SARA’s approval last month with 25 conditions now allows Council to proceed to application assessment of the integrated plans for the area, rather than deal piecemeal with site issues.

“The plans provide for extended vehicle parking, a new public boat ramp and prescribed tidal works, including entombment of an asbestos site.

“There is no doubt that this project will be a major contribution to SMBI infrastructure,” Cr Edwards said.

“Even more importantly, it will provide urgent relief to what is a totally inadequate and compromised public parking area on one of our City’s most populated islands while at the same time, addressing the long standing issue of how to deal with foreshore contamination.

“The new space will provide better public safety and accessibility, with an improved drop off area, ferry access and parking separation along with substantially increased parking space available for cars, bikes and for recreational boating users of the new public boat ramp.

“After public notification is complete, Council will begin the decision making period and assess the application. The statutory timeframes allows 20 business days with an additional 20 business days if required.

“I hope that Council will act quickly to enable work to begin as soon as possible once the assessment approval has been provided.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that Councillor Edwards had been a tireless champion for these critical improvements for Macleay Island foreshore

“These developments will also hopefully tie in well with future improvements to SMBI pontoon and jetty infrastructure in partnership with the State Government.

“We also recognise the major priority of transport and parking issues across the whole city and Council will be working over the coming year to try to identify opportunities for significant improvements through innovative funding, partnerships and infrastructure solutions.”

Fact sheet guidance on making a submission on planning and development can be found under ‘About Council’ on Council’s website.

Improved parking at Weinam Creek jetty

Parking around the Weinam Creek jetty will be reviewed following a decision by the Redland City Council today to support a request from Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards to improve accessibility for residents.

Cr Edwards said his request to review timed parking zones around the Weinam Creek jetty came after calls from the community for more equitable and accessible parking.

“Finding a car park around the Weinam Creek jetty has long been a problem for residents and the community is asking for immediate improvements to the functionality of existing facilities,” he said.

“Parking in the area is already at critical capacity and the review will assess whether the existing time zones make best use of the available parking and are correctly located for the needs of the community.

“As the number of vehicles using the car park increase, people are being forced to park further afield where there is limited signage noting time zone restrictions, which has led to some users inadvertently parking in prohibited areas and receiving parking fines.

“The Weinam Creek precinct is a Priority Development Area for the State Government and this review is intended to improve parking in the interim until it is redeveloped.”

Cr Edwards said Council had also endorsed changes to parking on Russell Island during today’s meeting.

“From 20 June, parking at Jock Kennedy Park will be limited to a maximum of four days, to prevent vehicles and boat trailers being left there for months on end and restricting the availability of parking for the rest of the community,” he said.

“Council has no intention of introducing timed parking restrictions around the Wahine Drive boat ramp.”

A report on the review of parking at Weinam Creek jetty will be returned to Council in June.

Click here for further information or call 3829 8999 to learn more.

Three hour parking made permanent in Cleveland

Parking in Cleveland CBD will be permanently extended to three hours following the successful completion of a trial by Redland City Council.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had trialled extending the 367 parking spaces from two hours to three hours from November last year.

“The trial showed the extended three hour parking supported Council’s goal of revitalising the CBD by allowing residents longer to shop and visit local restaurants,” she said.

“Council undertook engagement following the successful completion of the trial, showing that residents supported the extended parking periods becoming permanent.

“The extended parking period means residents and visitors can spend longer in the CBD and better support local businesses.”

Cr Williams said the extended parking periods had resulted in fewer parking infringements, showing the new arrangements were benefitting the community.

Council tourism and CBD activation spokesperson Craig Ogilvie said the extended parking timeframes would attract shoppers to the CBD.

“The three-hour parking will make it easier for locals to shop in the local area, which is great news for local businesses,” he said.

Parking trials begin in Cleveland and Wellington Point

Trials have begun for extended three hour parking in Cleveland CBD and 12 shared car and boat parking bays at Wellington Point Reserve.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said 367 two-hour spaces in Cleveland will be extended to three-hours for the six month trial.

“New signage is currently being installed that will bring the available three-hour onstreet parking sites in the Cleveland CBD to 427 from a total of 790 on-street parking sites.

“I am committed to finding the right balance of CBD parking options in response to calls from business and residents for longer CBD parking options.

“We want to revitalise the Cleveland CBD and one way we can help do this, is to encourage people to shop there.

“I hope these changes will be a positive outcome for those visiting Cleveland and help them to spend more time and money in this attractive city centre and provide sufficient time for people to go about their business.

“The important three-month trial at Wellington Point Reserve will allow cars to park in 12 of the cars-with-trailers parking bays between the hours of 1pm-10pm each day.

“The shared parking bays are in the first row of car trailer parking adjacent to the toilet block and will be clearly signed.

“The Wellington Point trial also includes two 15-minute drop-off zones, one located near the western playground, and one near the southern boat ramp.

“I am hoping all users will give these trials a fair go and park within the parking requirements.”

Both trials will be monitored through regular patrols by Council’s local laws officers and through customer feedback and compliance and infringement results.

Council commits to trials to tackle parking issues

Redland City Council resolved to trial new parking arrangements at two of the city’s busiest parking areas today.

The extension of hours for on-street parking in Cleveland Central Business district and limited shared parking at Wellington Point Reserve will both be trialled in coming months.

Redland City Mayor Cr Karen Williams said the trials would begin as soon as the research collection methods and signage had been finalised.

“The Cleveland parking spaces trial will last six months, extending the two hour on-street parking zones to three hours along Bloomfield, Middle and Doig Streets,” Cr Williams said

“The aim of the Cleveland trial was to provide another incentive for people to stop and do their shopping and business in Cleveland.

“Council is committed to supporting business in the Redlands, and we had received feedback that the current two-hour zones were having a negative impact.

“We hope the extended parking hours will encourage people to visit Cleveland and spend more time, and their money, in this central business hub.”

At Wellington Point Reserve there will be a three-month trial, allowing cars to park in 12 of the cars-with-trailers parking bays between the hours of 1pm-10pm each day.

The shared parking bays will be in the first row of car trailer parking adjacent to the toilet block and will be clearly signed.

The Wellington Point trial will also include two 15-minute drop-off zones, one located near the western playground, and one near the southern boat ramp.

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said the Wellington Point shared parking trial was a new approach in the ongoing challenge to meet the competing demands of park users.

“This trial is for a three-month period only, after which the merits of the shared parking arrangement and drop-off zones will be reviewed with further consultation,” Cr Boglary said.

Cr Williams said it was important that people did the right thing, followed parking signage and respected other park users so that everyone could make the most of the wonderful reserve.

Council will also increase its patrols of the Wellington Point Reserve and continue to enforce parking regulations.

Council to consider Wellington Point parking compromise

Redland City Council will at its next general meeting consider a compromise aimed at resolving the Wellington Point parking impasse.

Council’s City Services Committee today supported a recommendation that a three-month trial of shared parking be conducted.

Mayor Karen Williams said the proposed trial may offer a potential resolution of the Point parking issue that has been simmering for months.

“The recommendation is that Council undertake a trial of shared parking (cars and cars with trailers) along the first row of car trailer unit parking adjacent to the toilet block between 1pm and 10pm and that we review this after three months,” the Mayor said.

“I would hope that boaties, local businesspeople and others who have made Wellington Point one of the most visited places in the city will give this a chance to work.

“My hope is that they will see the trial as a potential way forward in what is a difficult situation for council as we juggle the rights of the thousands of visitors to the Point.”

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said she supported more efficient utilisation of a limited number of parking spaces to assist the area to be more user-friendly to the variety of users.

“We are endeavoring to strike a balance between the competing interests,” Cr Boglary said.

“The boaties are entitled to a certain number of car parks per ramp and we must ensure they have access to this number.

“We are hoping that in unfavorable boating weather or the quieter times of the day other users can now access these shared car parks. The wind usually increases after lunch, hence the times.

“The proposed trial of the shared use will allow access to more parks by other visitors such as wind surfers who like more blustery conditions for their activities.

“I am not in favor, however, of this access on public holidays and will strive to get support to have this concession included in the motion at the general meeting.

“I will also ensure that compliance action is continued, especially over the weekends and public holidays.

“Boaties are entitled to their car parks and I hope they will be flexible and support the trial so a fair and accurate picture will be achieved at the end of the trial.

“I also hope the proposed new ramp and car/trailer parking area in Williams Street, Cleveland, which will provide approximately 40 new trailer spots, will be an asset to the boating community and relieve some of the pressure at Wellington Point.”

Council calls for respect and fairness in Wellington Pt parking

Redland City Council says it will continue to reinforce parking regulations at the popular Wellington Point Reserve, calling on all users to be fair and respectful of the needs of all users.

Redland City Council’s General Manager Environment, Planning and Development, Toni Averay said the enormous popularity of coastal boating and picnic destinations like Wellington Point was a particular challenge for Council.

“In Council’s recent discussions with stakeholder groups, it was clear that all users were keen to see fair and equitable treatment and the enforcement of the existing parking regulations,” Toni Averay said.

“Council invested almost $2.8 million in major landscape and parking facility improvements at Wellington Point in 2009-2010 to meet the needs of users, including the addition of another 18 regular car spaces.

“There are now 166 regular car parking spaces at Wellington Point, including eight disabled spaces and 75 car and trailer parking spaces.

“Wellington Point is clearly one of the most popular destinations for families and picnickers as well as a vital and very popular public boat ramp facility for ‘boaties’ wanting to access the bay.

“It is important that we respect the rights of all users of this wonderful location and in particular, that cars not park in the spaces set aside to meet the needs of boat users.”

“These boat trailer spaces have been set aside to meet the requirements of recreational boat users who have no alternative, if these spaces are illegally taken by cars only.

“While Council will receive a further report next month on the parking situation, ultimately it is up to all visitors to Wellington Point to do the right thing so that everyone can safely and happily enjoy this wonderful destination.

“Council officers issued 39 Infringement notices to motorists who were illegally parked at Wellington Point last weekend.

“Council will continue to monitor and enforce the Wellington Point parking regulations.”

Toni Averay said boaties could use ramp and parking facilities at Williams St, Cleveland, Raby Bay and other Redlands access points, if Wellington Point was overcrowded.