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Be part of reducing local food waste

Redland City Council is partnering with Griffith University to develop a unique social marketing campaign to reduce the amount of food waste that goes in local bins.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Waste Not Want Not campaign was designed to show residents how they can reduce the amount of food they waste.

“The average Australian household throws away over $1,000 worth of food every year and locally about a quarter of what goes in our bins is food waste, equating to 9,400 tonnes or about 1,175 waste collection trucks full of food wasted every year,” she said.

“This food waste costs the city money and impacts the wider environment with much of it going to landfill, turning into methane and greenhouse gas emissions.

“This partnership with Griffith University is designed to change local behaviours by showing residents how to reduce and reuse food waste.

Social Marketing @ Griffith’s Director Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele said the pilot social marketing campaign goals are to help the Redlands community make the most of what is already in their fridge.

“The program includes a short online survey for residents to take so we can understand what foods we are working with,” she said.

“Once Griffith University’s survey results are collected and final preparations completed a series of community activities will be rolled out across the city to help reduce food waste, save money and the environment.

“These activities will include a series of events like cooking demonstrations at local shopping centres to show residents how they can use leftover food to make their next meal.

“We are really excited about the pilot campaign. Imagine making spaghetti and meatballs using your leftover pizza. It is ideas such as these that are coming to a Redlands shopping centre in 2017.”

Take the survey and have your say!