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Wellington Point Australia Day arrangements

Special Australia Day parking and management arrangements will operate at popular Wellington Point Recreation Reserve again this year.

The Redland City Council measures, which are designed to ensure celebrations are enjoyed by all park users, include controlled entry to the reserve from 7am to 6pm on Thursday 26 January.

Deputy Mayor and Councillor for the area Wendy Boglary (Division 1) said Council officers would also be on site to help local families and visitors enjoy one of the Redlands’ best-loved outdoor destinations.

“Wellington Point has long been a popular spot to spend Australia Day but that means it gets  very busy, so these special arrangements help ensure it’s a pleasant day for everyone,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“Council and police officers will be on hand to help and ensure public safety, and once available parking spaces at the reserve are full, you will be directed to the Wellington Point Community Hall carpark on Birkdale Road, where you can catch a free shuttle bus.”

The shuttle will run from 7am to 6pm along Main Road between the reserve and Wellington Point shops.

People would still be allowed to walk dogs on-leash at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on the day. Dogs are also allowed on-leash on the sandbar (that is exposed at low tide) between the reserve and King Island during these times. Between 9am and 4pm dogs are prohibited.

The reserve’s popular boat launching ramp will continue to be available throughout the day but, once the boat trailer parking spaces are full, users will be directed to use legal parking spaces outside the reserve. Cars without trailers are not to park in boat trailer parking spaces.

Mayor Karen Williams urged visitors to the city’s parks on Australia Day to be respectful of others and to use the bins to dispose of rubbish.

“And please remember that facilities such as barbecues are there for everybody, so be considerate of others, patient and enjoy the Redlands’ great open spaces and hospitality,’’ Cr Williams said.

For more information about the Wellington Point Recreation Reserve please visit the Redland City Council website or phone 3829 8999.

Red or green substance appearing in waterways

Recently we have had reports from the public of a red or green substance appearing in waterways around the Redlands, notably at Wellington Point.

The substance is Trichodesmium, which is a bright green naturally occurring algae that releases a pink substance.

Trichodesmium at Wellington Point

Trichodesmium at Wellington Point

What is Trichodesmium and how does it occur?

Subtropical climates provide warm and sunny conditions. These conditions can assist Trichodesmium to bloom in our waters.

Trichodesmium are cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that appear naturally in tropical and subtropical ocean waters and are commonly known as sea sawdust, whale sperm, whale food and sea scum.

Trichodesmium is a member of the phytoplankton family, and plays an important role in the aquatic food chain. Normally Trichodesmium are barely visible to the naked eye, but in water that has been calm for long periods it begins to float like sawdust on the surface.

Combinations of calm conditions, northerly currents and warm water temperatures can increase growth and even discolour the water.

What to look for

Blooms are most common between August and December. You may have noticed a bloom washed up on a beach, in an estuary area or in the Broadwater. There may also be an unpleasant ‘fishy’ smell. Wind and current conditions often cause large amounts of Trichodesmium to group together.

Trichodesmium blooms can cause water to appear rust- coloured but traces of grey, green and purple streaks can also be visible. In stagnant conditions, Trichodesmium blooms can release a clear toxin that changes the blooms’ colour from rust brown to green and also releases a pigment that colours the water pink.

The concentration of the toxin in a natural system, like the ocean, is generally not high enough to be harmful to human health. However to be certain it is best to avoid affected areas.

Don’t panic

Blooms generally disappear in a few days. Please remember if you have come in contact
with Trichodesmium it can easily be rinsed off the skin.

For further information on this topic, please contact us on 3829 8999 or view the fact sheet.

Redlands osprey chick’s first flights

The Redlands’ celebrity ospreys have shown off their new chick to the world.

The osprey fledgling took its first tentative flight recently from its nest atop a specialised 20m nesting pole built last year by Redland City Council at Wellington Point.


The osprey pole was erected last year when the tree the birds were nesting in had to be removed because it had become dangerous. Photos courtesy of Trevor Linton

Deputy Mayor and local councilor Wendy Boglary said it was thrilling to see the successful first flight of the newest member of the Wellington Point osprey family.

“We were all waiting expectedly to witness her first flight, which occurred on the first day of spring,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“The newest family member has not been as easy to spot this year, so it was quite exciting when she emerged from the nest.

“The osprey family has become quite an attraction and is very popular with locals.’’

The osprey’s first flight was photographed by Wellington Point resident Trevor Linton, who described it as a special moment.

“The day before, I saw the chick standing on the eastern edge of the nest flapping its wings like crazy. It still had baby fluff on its wings as was presumably trying to clear it and exercise,’’ Mr Linton recalled.

“The next day it did the same thing and then just took off. I am pretty sure it was its first flight. I had my Nikon D4 with a 600mm lens and was able to capture it – it lasted for about four-and-a-half or five minutes.

“Last year’s fledgling was sitting in the nest watching and then it landed back in the nest and just sat. I thought it was brilliant.”

Council’s Senior Advisor of Environmental Planning and Policy Candy Daunt said the family had made itself at home in the new nest.

“Modifications to the nesting cradle earlier this year have provided a safe and stable nest for our popular osprey family,’’ she said.

“Observers should view the osprey family from the seat across the road and not disturb them – so as long as they are not disturbed in any way they should call it home for years,’’ she said.

The ospreys are part of a citizen science project centred on three of the Redlands’ most
magnificent raptors which Redlanders have been encouraged to join.

“The aim is to identify and map the nests of eastern ospreys, white-bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites,’’ Ms Daunt said.
“Awareness of our raptors has increased thanks to the Wellington Point osprey family and the success of the nest pole project.’’

An initiative of Redland City Council, Birdlife Southern Queensland, the Birds in Backyards Program and the Atlas of Living Australia, the data collected will help the management of areas where the birds nest. It will also help to fill gaps in information about the birds and their nesting behaviour.

Get involved in the project and register today.


Help needed to solve mangrove vandalism

An investigation has been launched into the destruction of marine vegetation at Wellington Point, with mangroves at the Wellington Point Reserve vandalised and a number of trees and plants showing signs of deliberate poisoning in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands.

Damaged marine vegetation in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands, Wellington Point

Damaged marine vegetation in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands, Wellington Point

Redland City Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Wellington Point Wendy Boglary has urged the public to come forward with any information about the destruction of plants in the protected marine habitat.

“Last week, a number of mangroves in the Wellington Point Reserve were cut down to the waterline, the third time this year that mangroves in this area have been deliberately damaged,” she said.

“In the Geoff Skinner Wetlands, mangroves, casuarinas and salt water couch near O’Connell Parade appear to have been deliberately poisoned.

“These senseless acts of vandalism are illegal and attract huge fines.

“Council and the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) need assistance from the public to determine what happened to the marine vegetation and who is responsible.”

QBFP District Officer, Mathew Davidson, said all marine plants including mangroves, seagrass and saltmarsh species were protected by the Queensland Fisheries Act 1994.

“Mangroves and other marine plants are vital natural resources providing shelter, food and nursery areas for fish species in Moreton Bay,” he said.

“They are also important to coastal ecosystems, support community activities such as fishing and help protect the coastline from erosion.

“As a protected habitat, prior approval is required for any works or activities that could disturb, destroy or damage them.

“This protection applies to all marine plants on private, leasehold and public land, regardless of whether the plants are deemed to be dead or alive.

“Fines of up to $365,700 can be imposed for the destruction of marine plants.”

Investigations are continuing and anyone with information about the destruction at Geoff Skinner Wetlands is urged to contact the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116.

Follow Fisheries Queensland on Facebook and Twitter.

Retro markets coming to Wellington Point

Community meeting – Wed 29 July 2015

Dust off the flares and break out the Safari Suits for the inaugural Wellington Point Retro Markets Friday 28 August.

A community meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 July to provide more details on the markets, including a partial road closure of Main Road for the event. The Wellington Point Retro Markets community meeting [PDF 774KB] is at the Wellington Point Community Hall, 347-371 Birkdale Road, Wellington Point, from 5pm to 6.30pm. It follows an earlier meeting with traders in May 2015.

The markets are set to bring a sense of excitement along with economic benefits for local traders.

Council is proactive in attracting events to the Redlands to inject money into the local economy and the markets are an example of this.

This is sure to be an exciting event not only for Wellington Point but the wider Redlands’ community.

In addition to the market stalls offering collectibles, recycled fashion, records and cassettes, retro craft, memorabilia and art, there will also be gourmet food trucks to complement the existing variety of quality restaurants, live neo-swing and rockabilly entertainment and jitterbug dancing.

The markets are called the Redland Retro Cruise Night in recognition of the more than 100 classic cars that will be on display as part of the markets.

These classic cars complete with Rockabilly attired drivers are sure to be a real attraction for local car enthusiasts and those who love a trip down memory lane.

More than 2,500 people expected to attend the markets will deliver important economic benefits to Wellington Point and the wider Redlands.

The people who attend these markets don’t just shop at the market stalls; they fill up their cars at the local service station and buy dinner at the local restaurants, providing important economic benefits to local businesses.

With Wellington Point being an iconic tourism destination in the Redlands visitors will also be sure to spread the word, bringing more visitors to the city.

These benefits are set to be permanent with the markets to be held on the fourth Friday evening of each month from 5:00pm – 9:00pm along a section of Main Rd and the Village Green carpark at Wellington Point.

Event organisers hope to include classic 50s and 60s movies at the conclusion of the markets in future months.

Snapshot – Wednesday 6 May 2015

Minor home modifications

Redland Home Assist Secure can help improve your safety and access at home.

  •  Are you under 65 years of age?
  • Do you own or rent your home?
  • Do you have a disability or need assistance with daily living activities?

You may be eligible for financial assistance for minor home modifications that improve your safety and access in and around your home. Extra funding is available but only until the end of June 2015 so phone now 3383 3030.

Redland Home Assist Secure closed for one day on Wednesday 27 May.

To help improve our services to you, all Home Assist staff will be off-site on mandatory training on this day and will be unable to take or return calls. We apologise for any inconvenience and will respond to your enquiries when we re-open the following day on Thursday 28 May.


Council is in the ‘hearing’ loop!

Council is leading the way with amplification systems installed at its main community facilities to make it easier for hearing-impaired people to pick up the speaker’s voice and other important audio.

Facilities with an amplification system include Council Chambers, Customer Service Centres, mainland libraries, Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC), the Donald Simpson Centre and community halls at Capalaba, Thorneside, Redland Bay, Point Lookout (North Stradbroke Island), Macleay Island and Russell Island.

Please let our staff know you’d like to use the amplification system and they will be happy to assist.


Are you wild for wallabies, crazy for koalas or excited about echidnas?

Volunteer for the Redlands Afterhours Wildlife Ambulance (RAWA) and put your passion of wildlife to good use!

We are urgently seeking volunteers to provide emergency rescue and transport for sick and injured wildlife in the Redlands and adjoining areas of the Koala Coast. You need to live in the Redlands, be 18 years or older and hold an open or probationary driver’s licence.

Hours are from 5pm to 8am daily, with volunteers rostered on for one week in every five to six weeks. Training is provided, with the next full day induction session set for this Saturday 9 May.

For more information or to book in for induction training, phone IndigiScapes on 3824 8611 or email


Planned hazard reduction burns

Weather permitting, Council is undertaking planned vegetation burns for hazard reduction and ecological purposes at the following locations in Mount Cotton this month:

  • Sandy Creek Conservation Area, 2-80 Warren Street – Thursday 7 May (7am-4pm)
  • Orchid Drive – Tuesday 26 May (7pm-12am)


Water meter readings

We are reading water meters in Wellington Point and North Stradbroke Island this week. Please make sure our meter readers have clear access to to water meter.


Open meetings

General meeting: Wednesday 6 May 9.30am
General meeting: Wednesday 20 May, 9.30am

Wellington Point Australia Day arrangements

Special Australia Day parking and management arrangements will operate at popular Wellington Point Recreation Reserve to help ensure celebrations are enjoyed by all park users.

The Redland City Council arrangements include controlled entry to the reserve from 7am to 6pm on Sunday 26 January.

Councillor for the area Wendy Boglary (Division 1) said the assistance of Council officers would make it easier for local families and visitors to enjoy one of the Redlands’ best-loved outdoors destinations.

“Wellington Point is a wonderful spot to spend Australia Day but its popularity means it gets very busy, so special measures are needed to ensure everyone gets to appreciate it,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“Council officers and police will be there to assist and once available parking spaces are full, drivers will be directed to parking spots outside the reserve.

“A free shuttle bus will run from 7am to 6pm along Main Road between the reserve and Wellington Point shops. It will also pick-up from the Wellington Point Community Hall car park on Birkdale Road.’’

Cr Boglary said people would still be allowed to walk dogs on-leash at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on the day.

Dogs are also allowed on-leash on the sandbar (that is exposed at low tide) between the reserve and King Island during these times. Between 9am and 4pm dogs are prohibited.

The reserve’s popular boat launching ramp will continue to be available throughout the day but, once the boat trailer parking spaces are full, users will be directed to use legal parking spaces outside the reserve. Cars without trailers are not to park in boat trailer parking spaces.

Police officers will be on patrol to ensure public safety.

Council’s Open Space, Sport and Recreation spokesman Councillor Lance Hewlett said additional Council staff would be on duty across the city’s major parks on Australia Day, including the Raby Bay Foreshore, to ensure grounds and facilities remain clean and tidy.

“For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we urge you to be respectful of other people in our public areas and to use the bins to dispose of rubbish,’’ Cr Hewlett said.

“And please remember that facilities such as barbecues are there for everybody, so be considerate of others and patient.’’

Council decision protects 130 year-old tree

A 130 year piece of local history will be protected after Redland City Council today voted not to revoke a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) on a Wellington Point Cook Island Pine.

Division 1 Councillor for Wellington Point Cr Wendy Boglary said Council’s decision was in response to feedback from the community.

“This Vegetation Protection Order was put in place following nomination by a third party and while Council is opposed to third party VPOs, the fact is there are a number of them that were previously put in place that we must now manage,“ she said.

“In relation to this particular tree Council received more than 70 submissions from the community opposed to the VPO being removed and so Council has responded by voting to retain the protection.

“Council will also look at ways to support the property owner’s to manage the health of the tree, including developing a tree management plan.

Deputy Mayor Cr Alan Beard said trees of this nature reflected the environmental character of the Redlands and were a big part of the reason many residents chose to live here.

“This tree is a widely recognised landmark, clearly visible from vantage points as far away as Manly, so this decision will enable future generations to enjoy this magnificent tree,” he said.

“At 40 metres in height this magnificent tree has become a focal symbol for the Redlands community, towering above surrounding trees and houses.

“The decision means that this tree will continue to be an example of Redland City’s environment and connection with its past for generations to come.

“A Council arborist report showed that the tree is not only healthy, but it continues to provide a unique contribution to the local landscape and is home to bird life including the Eastern Osprey.”

Roads key focus in Redland City Budget

Redland City Council will spend $20 million on capital road projects throughout 2013-14 – including an increased focus on resurfacing local roads.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the roads program announced in today’s (June 27) 2013-14 Redland City Council Budget, would lay the foundations for the future of the city.

“An extra 45,000 residents are expected to call the Redlands home over the next 20 years, so it is important our local road network is able to safely and effectively transport people throughout the city,” she said.


“The 2013-14 Budget significantly increases expenditure for roads resealing and surfacing as well as several safety upgrades to key local roads and intersections.
“Residents have told us roads and road safety are key concerns to them. We have listened, and we have responded, as a good Council should.”

Infrastructure spokesman Cr Murray Elliott, (Division 7), said many of the city’s roads had been built 30-40 years ago and were now nearing the end of their useful lives.
“Council has developed a 10-year program to upgrade roads across the city,” he said.

Cr Elliott said an 82 per cent increase for resurfacing works to $7.5 million and $2 million for pavement rehabilitation were significant, particularly given the external economic challenges the Council faced in framing its Budget.

“Everyone hates potholes,” he said. “Our Budget looks after the assets we have and will keep them in good working order. It delivers a program that will ensure we have a safe, efficient and effective road network and that our city continues to develop.”
The key road projects include a $1.4 million roundabout at the Nelson and Main Road intersection, Wellington Point and a $1.5 million project on King Street, Thornlands.

The island communities will also benefit from the upgrades, particularly given Council’s $2 million commitment to roads on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.
Coochiemudlo Islanders will benefit from a $400,000 upgrade of Merindah Street.

Key capital road projects for 2013-14:

  • $7.5 million – Resurfacing works across the City
  • $2 million – Pavement rehabilitation across the City
  • $1.5 million – Roundabout at intersection of King Street and Baythorn Drive (Thornlands)
  • $1.4 million – Roundabout at intersection of Nelson and Main roads (Wellington Point)
  • $2 million – Southern Moreton Bay Islands roads upgrades
  • $600,000 – Salisbury Street (Redland Bay) kerb and channel
  • $600,000 – Fitzroy Street (Cleveland) kerb and channel
  • $550,000 – Queen/Wellington streets (Cleveland) road upgrade
  • $400,000 – Merindah Street (Coochiemudlo Island) road upgrade
  • $389,000 – Wellington/McCartney streets (Ormiston) kerb and channel
  • $312,000 – Four safe school travel (SafeST) initiatives at Birkdale State School, Bayview State School (Thornlands), Redland Bay State School and Star of the Sea School (Cleveland)
  • $60,000 – Weippin Street (Cleveland) pedestrian refuge
  • $50,000 – Bloomfield Street (Cleveland) pedestrian improvements
  • $35,000 – Rosewood Street (Birkdale) intersection upgrade

It’s a dog’s day: changes to animal management laws adopted

After a period of public consultation, Redland City Council has adopted changes to its animal management local law, that include relaxing dog restrictions in two of the city’s parks.

Dog owners are now permitted to walk their dogs on-leash at W.H. Yeo Park, Victoria Point and at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

At Wellington Point Reserve, dogs are also allowed on-leash on the sandbar (that is exposed at low tide) between the reserve and King Island during the extended times. However they are still prohibited on the beach area adjacent to W.H Yeo Park (Thompson’s Beach).


Redland City Council spokesperson for animal management Cr Wendy Boglary said that dogs were previously prohibited at all times at W.H. Yeo Park and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at Wellington Point Reserve.

“This extension of time will be great for busy working people. However being a dog owner comes with responsibility,” Cr Boglary said.

“Dog owners must pick up after their dogs and place their doggie bags in bins. No dogs are to be off- leash and are totally banned from the playground area.

“If all dog owners are responsible, these changes will have little impact on the broader community.”

Cr Boglary said the vast majority of public submissions were in favour of the law change, but quite a number of calls were received from people who mistakenly thought the areas would become dog off-leash areas.

“This is absolutely not so – Council will promote the new arrangements and our compliance officers will use their regular patrols to clarify any confusion with park and reserve users,” Cr Boglary said.

“Of course, signage will be updated and dog faeces bag dispensers will be installed.”

Dog owners across the city are still required to keep their animals on-leash (unless within a designated dog off-leash area), to pick up after their dogs and ensure they are not a nuisance to others.