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Snapshot – 11 February

Redlands Wildlife Rescue

A wild way to volunteer
Redlands Wildlife Rescue (RWR) needs volunteers to help sick, injured and orphaned native animals in the Redlands. There are two different services in RWR:

  • The Redlands Wildlife Care Network (RWCN): needs phone roster volunteers to provide advice to callers. You work from home 8am – 5pm one week every six to eight weeks.
  • The Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance (RAWA): needs volunteers to provide emergency rescue and transport for wildlife. Volunteers work in teams of three 5pm – 8am one week every six weeks.

New volunteers are given training, with the next round of inductions being held in March 2014. To join RWR, call Redlands IndigiScapes Centre on 3824 8611.


Council Grants and Sponsorships

Grants Round 2 now open
Council’s latest round of community grants funding is now open. We will be accepting
applications until Friday 28 February 2014.

Grant categories include Organisation Support, Project Support, Conservation Grants and the
Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). The RADF is an Arts Queensland and Redland City
Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

For more information or to obtain an application form visit our website or call 3829 8911.


Wheelie bin placement

Cul-de-sacs and narrow streets
Residents who live in a cul-de-sac or a narrow street should position their waste, recycling and greenwaste bins to allow good access and a safe turnaround area for collection trucks. When placing bins out on the kerbside for collection ensure:

  • vehicles, boats and trailers are not parked in front of your bins
  • no objects are blocking access to your bins
  • your bins are visible to the collection truck operator and accessible for emptying.

For more information, call RedWaste on 3829 8999.


Coochiemudlo Island

Water mains flushing
Council will be conducting water mains flushing on Coochiemudlo Island from today. Works will take several days, operating from 8am – 3.30pm (weather permitting). This is essential maintenance work to ensure the continued high quality of water supply.

Residents may see pipes connected to street fire hydrants flushing water. While every effort
is taken to minimise water loss, this water is unable to be captured or redirected safely due
to the high velocity of water required to effectively flush the mains.


Water meter readings

Time to trim back those thorns! We are reading water meters in Sheldon and Thornlands this
week. Please make sure meter readers have clear access to your water meter.


Open meetings

Wednesday 12 February – General Meeting, 9.30am

Wildlife service needs volunteer rescue

Redlands 24 hr Wildlife Rescue is calling for volunteers to help run this important local service.

The service provides rescue to our sick, injured and orphaned wildlife as well as comfort and advice to distressed people who find unwell native animals.

Volunteers are desperately needed for the two programs running under this service. The Redland Wildlife Care Network provides wildlife advice, links to wildlife carers and operates from 8am to 5pm each day, and the Redlands Afterhours Wildlife Ambulance operates from 5pm to 8am and rescues animals overnight.

Volunteering some hours one week in every 5-6 weeks could make a huge difference to the welfare of local native wildlife.

Volunteers ensure injured animals receive the best chance to make it back to their homes in the Redlands bush and urban areas – and the only pre-requisites to helping are living in the Redlands and caring about native wildlife.

A great success story for the Redlands 24 hr Wildlife Rescue Service is the recent saving of three koala lives in a single rescue.

Redlands Afterhours Wildlife Ambulance volunteers, Steph Ridley and David Dumsday received a call to rescue a koala with cystitis and conjunctivitis.

After catching the sick Koala, Steph and David realised she also had milk in her pouch, which meant herbaby was close by.

The baby was found at the top of a nearby tree, rescued with the help of some tree climbers, and reunited with its mum at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

In a surprise twist, an ultrasound also revealed the mother koala was pregnant with her next joey.
After treatment, mum, baby and new baby were released back into their original home range, healthy and well.

By joining the Redlands 24hr Wildlife Rescue you will learn more about wildlife care, save the lives of many iconic native animals and make many new friendships.

If you’d like to join this fantastic local wildlife service, please call IndigiScapes on 38248611 or email lisa.bailey@redland.qld.gov.au